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Scaly Adventures: The Series

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Scaly Adventures: The Series


Film Description:

Scaly Adventures – Join Pierce, Tanya & Rick Curren, the Scaly Adventures Crew, as seen through the eyes of a kid! Follow along as they take you on awesome journeys into the exciting world of God’s amazing animals! From mountaintops to under the sea, you will get an up close and personal look at many different unique animals and you will learn how people interact with, care for and protect them. This show takes you on a fun and exciting adventure with a positive message that you and your family don’t want to miss!

About Pierce Curren: Meet Pierce, the amazing young star of Scaly Adventures! He leads viewers on super fun, cool and educational journeys shown through the eyes of a kid. Pierce’s favorite part of Scaly Adventures is sharing his immense passion for some of the most amazing and exotic animals in the world. When he’s not filming Scaly Adventures, you can find Pierce researching on the computer or reading books getting ready to share more unique animals with Scaly Adventures fans all over the world!

About Tanya Curren: Meet Pierce’s mom, Tanya, the Scaly Mom! She specializes in all things soft, furry, fuzzy and cute. As co-creator and director of education for the Scaly Adventures crew, she makes sure every adventure is super cool, fun and very educational for viewers around the world to experience and enjoy. Tanya’s favorite part about the Scaly Adventures television series is having the opportunity to show how a loving family can have an incredible time together doing something they love while teaching others to overcome their fears, follow their dreams and pursue their passions!

About Rick Curren: Meet Pierce’s dad, Rick, the Scaly Dad! As the creator and executive producer of Scaly Adventures, he specializes in all things big, tough and scaly. He is also the underwater expert and loves to lead the Scaly Adventures crew on incredible journeys to show viewers places and animals they might not ever get to see. Rick’s favorite part of filming Scaly Adventures is using the latest technology to get Scaly fans as close to the animals and action as possible, so viewers feel like they are experiencing the adventure firsthand!

Release Date: (DVD) January, 2014

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  • Pierce R. Curren – as himself
  • Tanya M. Curren- as herself
  • Richard (Rick) R. Curren – as himself
Company: Boundless Limits International Inc.
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Scaly Adventures: The Series, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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