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Searching for Life

Sneak Preview
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Searching for Life

Film Description:

Searching for Life – Sometimes you have to lose things and loved ones to find your purpose.

Searching for Life is an inspirational drama about a self-centered man who is a successful stockbroker who gets fired from his job who then hits rock bottom jeopardizing his promise to his deceased mother to care for a precious 8 year-old adopted Orphan Girls whom he has no relationship with.

He then finds his purpose after a spiritual awakening to champion the less fortunate which leads him into a fight to open a homeless shelter.

Film Cast

  • Carl Windom … Sean McCoy
  • Miracle Aaliyah Reigns … Rose McCoy
  • Michael Monteiro … Robert McCoy
  • Paige Annette … Tonya
  • Alex Mervin … Ralph Smith
  • James Sjurson … Bobby the Cowboy
  • Lynn Tynan … Miriam Kaplansky
  • Alfred Ordunez … Tom
  • Justin Foster … Charlie Winters
  • Stu Chaiken … Joe
  • David Hart … Mr. Bey
  • Delayne Miller … Philanthropist
  • Danny Latham … Commissioner
  • Sergio Garcia … Jack Raynor
  • Lorenzo Gabaldon … Emilio
  • Joyce Thomas … Betty McCoy
  • Mark Anthony Justice … Foreclosure Man
  • Joey Bell … Kirk

Film Company Contact Details

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Film Details

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  1. malcolm brooks says
    07 November 14, 12:00pm

    Thanks for adding. Run time: 1h 40mins, Contact Info: Malcolm Brooks email: Company MB Films

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