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Seasons of Gray: A Modern Day Joseph Story

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Seasons of Gray: A Modern Day Joseph Story


Film Description:

Loved by his father, hated by his brothers, and gifted in ways most couldn’t understand…Brady Gray was destined to live a life far beyond the ordinary. Resented to the point of unthinkable betrayal, he is forced off their New Mexico ranch by brothers no longer able to bear the weight of his shadow, let alone his presence.

The unwilling exodus relocates Brady to Dallas, where an unlikely friend, a good job and a promising romance seem to light the road to better days. But the road ends when he is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, sentenced to serve time in a hell he doesn’t deserve and isolated to the lowest point in his life.

But in the unspeakable darkness, light slowly dawns; and Brady begins the process once again of finding hope in the pain and order in the chaos. He is befriended, mentored, and, in a series of events strange enough to be anything except coincidence, he is reconnected with his former employer, released to a life of freedom and re-hired to a position of power.

Winning back the woman he loves seems to be the final step in the twisted maze until the most unexpected twist of all leaves him face to face with the brothers who rejected him… whose world now hangs in his hands. Having overcome more than most could dream of, he stands now before the only enemy left for him to face… his own pain. Is it possible to rise above it?

(Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence)

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Seasons of Gray - Christian Movie Film DVD Echolight Studios - Screenshot 3

Seasons of Gray - Christian Movie Film DVD Echolight Studios - Screenshot 2

  • Andrew Cheney … Brady Gray
  • Megan Parker … Kate Welling
  • Akron Watson … Chris
  • Mark Walters … Jake Gray
  • Jonathan Brooks … Ryan Gray
  • Spencer Harlan … Logan Gray
  • Sean Brison … Sean Gray
  • Kirk Sisco … David Benson
  • Todd Terry … Bill Tanner
  • April Hartman … Julia Tanner
  • Al Garrett … Jamison
  • Roderick Lang … Bigs
  • Marcus Estell … Whitmore
  • R.J. Gloria … Ricky
  • Doug Goodrich … Stevie
  • Arianne Martin … Jessica
  • Joel Lane Hudgins … John Leary
  • Dell Johnson … Marcus
  • Melissa Odom … Tessa
  • Jason Carroll … Bartender
  • Dawn Ezelle … Summertime Party Girl
  • Brett Hardin … Club dancer
  • Kurt Krakowian … Inmate
  • Cannon Wise … Teenager
Company: Echolight Studios
Contact Person: Denver Smith
Email: Email Contact
Seasons of Gray: A Modern Day Joseph Story, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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