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Secrets in the Fall

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Secrets in the Fall

Film Description:

Secrets in the Fall – The fab five from Secrets in the Snow are BACK and they are headed to Camp Pinnacle!

Brant, Grayson, Anthony, Mary Jake and Camille are acting as counselors for a church wilderness retreat, and joined by a whole new group of characters.

A beautiful mountain campground promises excitement as they enjoy campfire stories, mess hall fun, and other sleepover camp surprises. But what starts as an exciting wilderness adventure turns into trouble when a young camper goes missing and the rest of the group must set out to find him. Hundreds of wooded acres and a lake stretching miles are only half the trouble! The campers, young and old, are forced to overcome their differences and band together so they may re-claim their weekend and make it out of the woods before dark!

This all new adventure in the Secrets series not only features new characters, but new ‘secrets’. Important topics focused on in this film include bullying, terminal illness, abstinence, self worth for teens, and learning how to become a Christian.

Check out the Prequel – “Secrets in the Snow

Secrets in the Fall DVD Christian Movie

Film Cast

  • Kyle Kupecky … Tyler Jackson
  • Vincent Seidle … Grayson Thompson
  • Hollie Shay … MaryJake Harper
  • Audrey Easton … Sydney Graham
  • Aaron Michael Johnson … Brant Journigan
  • Katie McCaffrey … Camille Saunders
  • Ashley Murray … Anthony Goodwin
  • Luke Ptacek … Cameron Atkins
  • David Topp … Jason Barkley
  • Hakeem Stevens … Bobby Cothern
  • Kelsey Marie Kingsbury … Sloane Barkley
  • Voltaire Colin Council … Drew Williams
  • Catherine Allen … Anna Journigan
  • Daniel Bostic … Troy
  • Andrew Wilson Williams … Jessie
  • Ryan Patrick Williams … Ryan
  • Josiah Blount … Wallace
  • Taylor Slay … Lizzie
  • Celina Tolbert … Carrie
  • Sydney Rowlette … Journigan Child
  • Greg Wait … Chad Thompson
  • Joseph Cox … Jeremy
  • Desiree Ross … Katie
  • Andrew Walters … Mikey
  • Hosanna Gourley … Madelynn
  • Ariana Wendell … Audrey
  • Kim Carr … Grace Journigan
  • Madelyn Branca … Ashlee
  • Savannah Rowlette … Journigan Child
  • Benjamin Goldman … Mason

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Every New Day Pictures Representative: Brittany Goodwin
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Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


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