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Secrets in the Snow

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Rating: 3.5/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

This movie really brings out how we know very little about each other and how we judge each other without knowing each other. I wonder how many more true friends we might have if we took the time to get to know more people.

Secrets in the Snow

Film Description:

Secrets in the Snow – On this particular Friday morning the students of Eastbrook High are arriving at school to complete their final exams before the Christmas Holiday. But what began as a December snowfall quickly becomes a threatening winter storm, and school is dismissed for the day.

The students who are unable to arrange transportation before the storm grows are forced to remain in the school gym. The six familiar strangers are the only students remaining as the outdoor conditions worsen and the doors are locked. Wills are tested, friendships are created, and secrets are revealed as they realize they must rely on each other to make it through the night.

Secrets in the Snow deals with issues facing today’s teens and families like body image, military parents, identity crisis, family bankruptcy, and finding answers to life’s upsets through Christianity. But the film is so much more than a life lesson. Secrets features six high school students trapped together during a threatening snow storm and follows them throughout their day. These teens will do anything they can to survive the elements while conquering the biggest obstacle of all- getting along. The lurking danger and the personal conflicts are intermixed with the excitement and endless possibilities of having the entire school to themselves. What would you do? An Impromptu talent show and culinary class feast ensue, and a frozen knock from outside the school brings a whole new element to the evening!

Original Song by Danny Jones.

Check out the Sequel – “Secrets in the Fall

  • Hollie Shay … MaryJake Harper
  • Vincent Seidle … Grayson Thompson
  • Aaron Johnson … Brant Journigan
  • Katie McCaffrey … Camille Sanders
  • Ashley Murray … Anthony Goodwin
  • Elizabeth Potthast … Lynn Bolton
  • Karen Boles … Cynthia Burgess
  • Greg Wait … Chad Thompson
Company: Every New Day Pictures
Contact Person: Brittany Goodwin
Email: Email Contact
Secrets in the Snow, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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