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Seven Deadly Words

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CFDb Review:

This is a film that really makes you take a look at yourself. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Seven Deadly Words

Film Description:

With Egypt Valley Church out of funds and out of touch with the community, pastor Evan Bennett sets out to change things for the better. But there’s a problem… One family doesn’t like change, and is willing to do ANYTHING to stop him.

How far will they go to preserve the Status quo ?

Release Date: (DVD) June 3, 2014

(Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence)

Seven Deadly Words screen-shot

Seven Deadly Words

Seven Deadly Words screenshot 2

  • Roy Lynam … Pastor Evan Bennett
  • Guisela Moro … Elena Bennett
  • Mark A. Ginther … Vincent Haman
  • Shane Willimon … Brax McCoy
  • Luke Asher … Marcus Stone
  • Linda Ward … Bertha Haman
  • Kendra LaSalle … Officer Coogan
  • Wayne Greeson … Walt Tannin
  • Ronnie Wylie Jr. … Tommie
  • Christopher Hunt … Stewart
  • Katia Fernandez … Gloria Stone
  • Kimberly J. Richardson – Church Member
  • Stephanie Harness – Rose
  • Miles Benson – Trevor
Company: Culdee Productions
Contact Person:
Phone: 304-628-4100
Email: Email Contact
Seven Deadly Words, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Susan Frasur says
    28 October 13, 10:27am

    The UMW’s group from Edwards Memorial United Methodist Church in Liberty, Indiana, May be interested in showing Seven Deadly Words during a ladies nite out. How do we go about getting a CD? Any help you can gives us will be appreciated.
    Thank you, Susan Frasur

  2. Annelie says
    28 October 13, 5:03pm

    Contact the film company – – there is a contact button on their website.


  3. Doc Benson says
    26 May 14, 2:45pm

    Susan, shoot me an email via our website and I will get in touch with you about a church showing. Thanks and Blessings, Doc Benson

  4. Ebony says
    24 June 14, 11:51am

    Is there anyway I could watch the full version of this movie online without having to buy a DVD? I’m only going to watch it once. I’m trying to find a website to watch full version but it’s hard to find a Christian movie site to can stream the full version of this free of charge and without login.

  5. Annelie says
    25 June 14, 6:18am

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