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Seventy Times Seven

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Seventy Times Seven

Film Description:

Seventy Times Seven – Seventy Times Seven – Love is the greatest commandment of all.

Especially when you are asked to love your enemy. Seventy Times Seven puts this scripture to the extreme test when David Anderson marries the love of his life and she is murdered. When the police come up empty handed, will David be charged with the murder of his own wife? When he goes on a mission to find her murderer, will there be more killing? How can love be found in shattered dreams? It can. Seventy times seven.

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Topic: Strong Foundation Films

Seventy Times Seven - Christian Movie/Film DVD - Banner

Seventy Times Seven - Christian Movie

Film Cast

  • Seth Barber … Henry
  • Jazz Copeland … Hitman
  • Mindy Faulkner … Leslie
  • Lisa Foster … Karen
  • Mike Frisbee … Officer Shaun
  • Rafael Hernandez … Officer John
  • Lindsey Hutcheon … Tasha
  • Peter Hutcheon … Young Brayden
  • Megan Kestner … Leah
  • Daniel Kindregan … Paul
  • Erica Lloyd … Jenny
  • Tim McGrath … Brayden
  • Rick McMann … Bob
  • Zachary Michael … Peter
  • Michael Miller … Pastor Matthew
  • Josiah David Warren … David Anderson

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Strong Foundation Films Representative: Desera Price
Phone: 303-349-6177 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


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