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Shake Off the World

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Shake Off the World

Film Description:

Shake Off the World – Austin, a rising high school football star, who has his life all mapped out, until his coach makes a decision that forces Austin to change the course of his life. Austin finds himself in a new home, a new school, with a new set of friends and a whole bunch of problems. Just when it seems the world has Austin down for the count, he gets up, shakes off the world, and forever changes his destiny…

“Shake Off the World is an action packed Football movie in the spirit of Blind Side & Remember the Titans”

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) November 12, 2015

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Topic: Sports

Shake Off the World Christian Movie/Film Chuck Williams - Banner

Shake Off the World Christian Movie/Film Chuck Williams

Film Cast

  • Doug Jones – Mr. Waldermar
  • Chuck Williams – Police Chief Jack Kerrington
  • Timothy E. Goodwin – Maintenance Mike
  • Johna Edmonds – Rylie
  • Jessica Lynch – Kelly

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Company: Avondale Pictures Representative: Chuck Williams
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Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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