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the Singing Priest aka Fr.Rob Galea

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the Singing Priest aka Fr.Rob Galea

Film Description:

A boy without a purpose in life is able to overcome his shady past and find his true calling in the priesthood.

The story of a poor boy from Malta who would become a globally recognized Roman Catholic Priest through the writing and singing of his songs

This is a Vision of an Epic Musical Film based on the Mediterranean isle and in Bendigo styles. Creating an enchanting movement of dancing and singing. The vision encompassing the beautiful countries of Malta and Australia. Exceptional Cinematography covering show-stop dancing and singing. Musical numbers, Melbourne Australia youth come alive!. Done in the same vain as great movies from the past like West Side Story. Spectacular Choreography and movement Like seen in Glee. Creating the same sort excitement and amazing as Italy’s Voice contestant Sister Christina Locations: With Enriching locations and back drop to allow heady concerts and philharmonic orchestras bring challenging dancing sequences and choreography and movement like never seen before to interpret Sister Cristina and the Bey-once of the Sister Act movies bringing the best talent of the World Youth Day entertainment

Release Date: January 2019

Film Cast

  • Manuel Marina … TBA
  • Fr. Rob Galea (FRM) … TBA
  • Andrea Boccelli … TBA

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Clapstick Pictures Representative: john Tsambazis
Phone: +61 48188934 OR +61 7 55541370 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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