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Sinking Sand

Sneak Preview
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Sinking Sand

Film Description:

The film looks at what can happen when we selfishly attempt to handle issues in our life by means other than doing what God would have us do. At the film’s core is the truth when we resist that which is the correct action, it in turn affects our relationships, our health and even the eventual outcomes.

The film follows the life of Brooke McHenry, a woman driven to have a normal, calm and secure life. After a tragic overdose kills her college roommate she sets her eyes on that life goal. She cleans herself up and eventually marries a man she believes can give her the life she so desperately wants. Her feelings begin to sour when his ambition makes her feel neglected by keeping him working late and away from home. Her attitude makes her sympathetic to the charms of another man. This is when the situation begins to go wrong and she makes one bad decision after another.

Going out with that man was only the start, when she decides to break it off she discovers the man’s real intention was to blackmail her husband. To protect him she makes a fatal decision and murders the fake suitor.

Release Date: (Theaters) Summer, 2015

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Sinking Sand

Sinking Sand 1

Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Kevin Sizemore Josh Jenn Gotzon Brooke McHenry
Sandra Elise Williams Mrs. Connors Jim E. Chandler Tyler Griffin
Holly Morris Evie Page Tom Clark Daniel McHenry

Film Contact Details

Company: True Exposure Representative: Brian Yarbrough
Phone: 404-783-6848 Fax: Not Available
Email: Contact
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