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So In Love

Sneak Preview
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So In Love

Film Description:

This is a story of Sara. She is sixteen years old and is attending a local High School.  She comes from an upper middle class family.  Sara never lacked essentials yet, sometime even though love was there, it was not always evident.

Love began to blossom between Sara and David. Sara was a tomboy of sorts, while David was sort of preppy, you know what I mean.

It had been nearly a year now and one day Sara began to feel different somehow.  She wasn’t at sure what was happening to her body, but in a few weeks it was evident that she was carrying David’s child.She told David she was pregnant and he said “Get an abortion”. It was obvious he was scared and immature, and certainly not ready for fatherhood. David ran and now Sara was left to go it alone.

What would she do? Abortion?, Adoption?, or would she try to raise a child while going to school and only working part time?. Her love for David would make her choice more difficult, but she knew the future of her baby rested solely with her.
Her family offered no financial assistance or advice but assured her that they would abide by any decision she would make.

Janelle and Jennifer offered advice, but in reality there was nothing they could do except stand by her.They had been friends since high school.

Sara did make a choice. Life will go on for her, but will she ever be the same?  That’s for you to decide?

They Raised All the Funds Needed, Yea! – Indiegogo

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Interview ‘So in Love’ with Rising Young Starlet Ashley Jermaine

10 Questions with Actress Eastynn Chadwick

  • Eastynn Chadwick … Sara
  • Ashley Jermaine … Janelle
  • Joe Ford … Sara’s Father
  • Bridget Jeske … Younger Sara
  • Libby West … Sara’s Mother
  • Nicole Chauvet … Nurse Ann
  • Michael Monteiro … Dr. Nathan Thomas
Company: Hollywood Sunset Pictures Inc.
Contact Person: Christopher Nation
Email: Email Contact
So In Love, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. cnation says
    28 March 13, 9:01am

    HI did change how I Log in just wondering anyway add a some cast for me Mike Mitchell As “Sara’s Father”.

    other one too

    Dawna Lee Heising As “Andrea”.

  2. Annelie says
    29 March 13, 11:49am

    Just e-mail us at or click on the add/update film button at the top of the website and give us the changes or updates.


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