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Solomon: The Bible Collection Series

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Film Synopsis:

Miniseries based on the Biblical first book of Kings, retelling the story of King Solomon: his succession to his father David and his 40-year reign over the kingdom of Israel, a reign of justice and prosperity. Solomon accomplished a momentous feat: building the Temple in Jerusalem, where the ancient Ark of the Covenant between God and His people would be kept.

The story examines his relationship with Abishag, an extremely beautiful young girl who had been brought to the court to tend King David in his old age, and the Queen of Sheba, who wished to experience Solomon’s wisdom in person, found herself falling in love with him and then bore his child. At the end of his life, Solomon’s wisdom and knowledge caused him anguish and suffering.

The Bible Collection Series:

The Bible Collection Series


  • Ben Cross … Solomon
  • Anouk Aimée … Bathsheba
  • Vivica A. Fox … Queen of Sheba
  • Max von Sydow … David
  • Maria Grazia Cucinotta … Abishag
  • Umberto Orsini … Nathan
  • Stefania Rocca … Hannah
  • Richard Dillane … Jeroboam
  • Marta Zoffoli … Basemah
  • Ivan Kaye … Adonijah
  • G.W. Bailey … Azarel
  • Dexter Fletcher … Rehoboam
  • Roger Hammond … Zadok
  • Michael Culkin … Hiram of Naphtali
  • Stefan Gubser … Abiathar
  • Pete Lee-Wilson … Ahlijah
  • Ahmed Boulane … Farmir Sidon
  • Thom Hoffman … General Brealah
  • Abderrahim Bargache … Stafholder
  • Vadim Glowna … King Hiram
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Solomon: The Bible Collection Series, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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