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Somebody’s Child

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CFDb Review!

Another great Christian movie by GMC. This is a MUST SEE! Great for the family but especially for those that may have been in prison at some point too. Check out the CFDb Movie Review!

Film Synopsis:

A divine twist of fate causes Constance Rivers (Lynn Whitfield) and her son Douglas (Michael Jai White) to open their hearts to ex-convict, Benjamin Sparks (Byron Minns). While on the brink of losing her battle with kidney disease, Constance’s near death confession causes her past and present to instantly collide. Somebody’s Child is a heartwarming story about a son losing hope, a mother gaining faith, and God’s divine and perfect plan

Release Date: (DVD) May 7, 2013

Somebody's Child 1


  • Elizabeth Becka … Linda
  • Addison Black … Bully
  • Tavia Brightwell … Wake Attendant
  • Lunden De’Leon … Therapist
  • Danielle Eastman … Riverside pedestrian
  • Nadine Ellis … Hope
  • Kent Fields … Jonas
  • Nick Lewis … Johnny
  • Manny F. Lopez … George
  • Toni Henderson Mayers … Funeral Attendant
  • Brian McClure Mayers … Funeral Attendant
  • Devin McGee … Luke
  • Byron Minns … Benjamin
  • J.D. Morgan Jr. … Doctor (as Donald Morgan Jr.)
  • Rachelle Neal … Young Constance
  • Kimberly Parker … Adoptive Mother
  • Kevie Penny … Male Nurse
  • Clifton Powell … Dr. Sperry
  • Beatrice Strobl … Spa Attendent
  • Millie Wannamaker … Wake Visitor
  • Michael Jai White … Douglas
  • Lynn Whitfield … Constance
  • Gregory Alan Williams … Petey
Company: The Gospel Music Channel – gmc
Contact Person:
Phone: 1-877-446-7735
Somebody's Child, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Ernestina Martinez says
    16 February 14, 7:26pm

    Great movie I love the music

  2. Samone Rik says
    29 June 14, 6:01pm

    Great movie! I watched it twice and will watch it again, and again.

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