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Something in the Woods

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Something in the Woods

Film Description:

Something in the Woods – An independent feature film inspired by true events. The story follows the Hartman family and their dealings with a legendary creature when it begins coming around their farm house deep in the woods in the late 1960s.

This film also shows a family with morals, praying to Christ over the food and going to church. We plant seeds of the Gospel within this family / thriller.

Film Cast

  • David Ford … John
  • Angela Harger … Mary
  • Kayden Grisham … Jacob
  • Mike L. Hall … Dale
  • Jon Bonzor … Sheriff
  • Terry Milam … Owen Green
  • Stuart Miller … Tattle-Tale Logger
  • Ray Watters … Older Chuck

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Saving Oscar Productions Representative:
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Film Details

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  1. Johnny Praize Hernandez says
    19 July 16, 4:16am

    God is Awesome

  2. David Ford says
    24 August 17, 10:18pm

    We made this as our first feature film. It is a PG film the whole family can watch and still enjoy being creeped out with the lights out and popcorn. Not many Christian films offer this….so we wanted to make something which showed Christian values like a family praying over their dinner and going to church. It’s not perfect we know….but the bigfoot community loved it.

  3. BlackerThanMidnight says
    30 April 18, 5:03pm

    I thought the incest was a bit much. 2 1/2 stars.

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