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Special Needs

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CFDb Review!

Special Needs – A special film with some really great inspirational, as well as humorous moments throughout!

Please do NOT miss the real message of the film, the explanation of why Special Needs people are here in this world.

Film Synopsis:

Bobby Spencer, a young, handsome car mechanic dreams of becoming a country singer, song writer, but a lifestyle fueled by alcohol and fraught with bad choices, an ugly divorce and legal problems, has Bobby desperately pulling himself together and searching for his lot in life.

Ella Wilson, a pretty, vibrant High School teacher, through no fault of her own, is sadly left with the realization that her life is going to change forever. At twenty eight years old, Ella fears that her life, as she knows it, is over. She accepts the fact that her wants and needs will have to wait, in order for her to care for Kenny’s special ones.

Join Bobby and Ella for an emotional journey of pain, sorrow, joy, laughter and a romance that will captivate your heart. Experience the changes in their lives, as along the way, they are touched by loving, caring, friends and family, steeped in kindness and faith, guiding them through their hard times. What they felt in the beginning would tear them down, they come to realize, will only make them stronger.

Life is a tapestry of many different people and many different souls. For Bobby and Ella, they are blessed to have crossed the paths of those around them and to have found out that we all have needs; some are just more special than others.

  • Alexandra Ciccarelli – Ella Wilson
  • Chris Garner – Bobby Spencer
  • Kelly Sowers – Kelly Sikes
  • Jim Basile – Frank Wilson
  • Sam Gildiner – Kenny Wilson
  • Joyce Mayer Lipe – Betty Spencer
  • Wes Kennemore – Don
  • Larry Braswell – Officer Tom Goddard
  • Roger Lenwood – Brad
  • Gloria Kathleen Sowers – Gloria Sikes
  • Sharon Sowers – Sharon Sikes
  • Scott Bryan Sowers – Coach Sikes
  • Dennis Kelly – Dr. Ben Moore
  • Saxon Garner – Marley
Company: Gloworm Productions
Contact Person: Scott Bryan Sowers
Phone: 404-452-0750
Email: Email Contact
Special Needs, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. 12 February 12, 1:25pm

    “Thank you so much for listing Special Needs. We really hope that our story of faith, hope and love will touch those that choose to watch it. One out of every one hundred and five children is born with some form of Autism and even more become ill or disabled every year. Special Needs is a story about them and those that care for them. We truly believe our small film has a big message that should be seen by the thousands of people dealing with these social issues and educate those bystanders that, through no fault of their own, do not understand and touch their hearts.

  2. john says
    15 February 12, 8:51am

    cfdb, loved the movie….it’s a great story that will make you think about a lot of different things in a persons life…..special or not…..enjoy

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