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Spirit of Love: The Mike Glenn Story

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See what the youth learn from their time at the basketball camp.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

Retired NBA player Mike Glenn plays himself in this film inspired by his real life basketball camps for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. A group of misfit teens arrive at the 33rd annual basketball camp, which is the first time girls will attend the camp. Some come with hopes of hoop dreams and others are just trying to survive tumultuous teen angst. Not only do they learn life lessons through the game of basketball, but they soon learn what it means to soar like an Eagle, Win or Lose.

Release Date: (Premiere Texas Christian Film Festival) February 16, 2013

Release Date: (Theaters/DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!

mike glenn

  • Mike “Stinger” Glenn-Coach as himself
  • Darla Rae-Coach Robyn
  • Louie Feher Peiker-Coach Phil
  • Jay Pope-Coach Reggie
  • Roger Davis-Coach Rick
  • Lisa Eberlein-Coach Emma
  • Maddie Burkholder-Maddie
  • Hunter Schultz-Hunter
  • Ford Eberlein-Ford
  • Alexi Taylor-Alexi
  • Brad Hughes-Brad
  • Kevin Sean Ryan-opposing coach 1960’s
  • Ketrick Copeland-Coach Glenn 19060’s
  • Kirk Montgomery-Principal Mr. Stanley 1960’s
  • Andrae Chapman-young Mike Glenn
  • Josh Perkins-Teen Mike Glenn
  • Randy Perkins-as himself
Company: Film It Productions
Contact Person:
Phone: 720-620-0536
Email: Email Contact

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