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Squad 77

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Squad 77


Film Description:

Squad 77 – Is Squad 77 just a story or is there more to it than that? Who is Squad 77 and do they really exist? What do they do? The mystery surrounding this legendary Squad comes to life as Allen Davis (Jeff Howard) an ex-military man trains the elite Squad, along with Byron (Scott Robinson).

They will be forced to train a group of misfits for a highly dangerous and secretive mission. Can they be prepared to lead such a charge on short notice? Will they be able to pull together when reality sinks in?

To survive they must learn to trust each other and rely on God. This fast paced action movie will have your heart pumping to the very end.

  • Jason M. Bailey … Zach
  • Mindy Byram … Paige
  • Michael Taylor Donovan … Turkish Prison Guard
  • Mandy Garrett … Danielle
  • Aaron Groben … Tig Wright
  • Jeff D. Howard … Allen Davis
  • George Moss … Jamison
  • Paul Proios … Dancing Turkish Soldier
  • Scott Robinson … Byron Collins
  • Nicole Lee Smith … Jenny (as Nicole Smith)
  • John Soren … Alex (as John Symonds)
  • Josh Truax … Zeb
Company: Dust Storm Productions
Contact Person:
Squad 77, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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