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Stand Strong

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CFDb Review!

Enjoyable family film that shows a real need for God in every area of our lives, especially our finances. This film brings out strong contrasts between a family that lives for God and a family that needs God.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

Stand Strong – If you lose it all, will you stand or fall?

Matt Webster measures his success by his possessions. Though he appears to have it all, pride of ownership does little to fill the void of a purposeless life. Broken relationships, isolation and pain for himself and his family, are the result of his pride and selfishness.

Through a series of financial and family crises, Matt and his family are stripped of all they own and are humbled enough to learn what success is really all about.

  • Bryce Bishop … Andrew Turner
  • Nathan Dobbin … Cameron Webster
  • Ricky Egan … Rick Evans
  • Alex Gilson … Jacob Webster
  • Stephanie Goodman … Ashley Williams
  • Aura Kenney … Megan Webster
  • Jon McKenzie … Josh Webster
  • Bryan Moss … Brad Williams
  • John Muench … CEO
  • Zach Platt … Brendan Webster
  • Barbara Resendes … Barbara Meyers
  • Charlotte Sheffield … Mary Webster
  • Devynee Smith … Sarah Webster
  • Shelby D. Smith … Rachel Webster
  • Chris Steele … Matt Webster
  • Alison Trouse … Tara Webster
  • Stacey Ann Turner … Lori Turner
  • Dave Young … Randy Meyers
Company: Illumin8ed Productions
Contact Person: Shawn Kenney
Phone: (801) 381-3352
Stand Strong, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. TAN says
    29 December 12, 8:46pm

    I was disturbed when I bought “Stand Strong”, a movie highly recommended by The Dove Foundation and the Christian bookstores that turned out to be a Mormon film. I did some research on Google and the production company. Definitely LDS. I also watched the “Behind the Scenes” looking for keywords to confirm my suspicion and on 2-3 occasions they said something like they are making films that would be good for different “faiths”.

  2. Annelie says
    30 December 12, 8:42am

    Although this was made by a Mormon Company, this is not a Mormon film. It’s a regular Christian film with a great message.


  3. Joanna says
    03 June 14, 4:04pm

    The article describing Illumin8ed Productions can be found at The couple says “it is not an issue with our friends of other religions because we share core values of hope, faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Savior.”. The problem is that the LDS (Mormon) religion does not share the same knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior.

  4. Annelie says
    04 June 14, 10:19am

    If you ask an LDS they will say they do believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and therein lies the dilemma. There are many professed Christians now, as there were in Jesus’ day and Jesus said there would be many that called Him Lord but wouldn’t be allowed into the Kingdom. It’s definitely about relationship. He said He would say, I never knew you. I believe we will all be surprised who is and who isn’t in the Kingdom when we get there.


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