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Station Lake Tahoe: The Series

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Station Lake Tahoe: The Series

Film Description:

Excitement, drama and intrigue fill the lives of an unusual group of weekend warriors and heroes that have chosen to make a difference in the world for God. The characters in this action drama are united together as members of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in Lake Tahoe.

The bond between these warriors is strengthened by their unified desire to serve Christ as they face challenges that stretch and mold their faith as they call upon God’s intervention, guidance and help. This television series will bring drama and real life situations to the forefront as the team faces and overcomes insurmountable obstacles while rescuing others from traumatic, life threatening situations. Spiritual encounters and miraculous intrigue abound as these heroes risk their lives to save others from peril. From human trafficking to terrorism, troubled warriors home from the battlefield, abortion & religious persecution, this series addresses a range of controversial issues from personal family relations to national public policy that effect our day to day lives.

Follow these warriors through dangerous trials and the intimate interaction of seeking Gods guidance and coming together as brothers and sisters in Christ to make sense of God’s miraculous intervention in their lives. Each episode offers insight and understanding of the biblical basis for the story. Bible study materials will be made available so that viewers can dig deeper into the scriptures associated with the various topics of the show. These materials will also provide viewers the opportunity to create Bible study groups that focus on the Biblical topics of the show and provide an interactive discussion of the scriptures within these groups.

The vision is cast and the dream is set by the Dream Giver. This show will be committed to proclaiming God’s Word with truth and love. Our desire is to make this dream a reality with your prayerful help and support.

Release Date: (Episode 1: Human Trafficking) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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