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Steadfast the Movie

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CFDb Review:

There are many very good points made in this film for a teenager struggling in their faith with peer pressure and temptations. This film brings about the meaning of being “steadfast” in God. Read the CFDb Movie Review.

Steadfast the Movie

Film Description:

Steadfast the Movie – is a coming of age film that confronts issues so rampant in our culture today: bullying, purity, cutting, substance abuse, and more; and highlights how we can run with endurance through life’s trials and temptations. A touching movie with interconnecting stories, fast-paced action, and inspirational music, Steadfast appeals to teens and parents alike.

Since grade school, two teenage girls’ lives have been intertwined whether they like it or not. And mostly they don’t. Claire and Moriah share everything from teachers to a passion for dance, but there is one thing that Moriah won’t share─Nick Huntley.

As a group of classmates train for upcoming championships in track, swimming, gymnastics, and dance, the competition is fierce in the sport and their personal lives. These are ordinary teens with real life struggles. Family, school…the pressure to be someone when others tell them that they’re no one.

While Claire tries to win Nick from Moriah at all costs as Moriah struggles to remain pure, the others are fighting their own battles. In the wake of his mother’s death, Jesse is bullied relentlessly, while Lydia suffers her own share of taunts. Nick must meet his father’s high expectations, and Abby has her own dark secret that she desperately tries to hide from the others.

An unexpected tragedy changes the playing field, and tests their endurance. Who will be steadfast?

Release Date: (DVD) October 26th, 2016

Film Cast

  • Ashley King … Moriah Goodwin
  • Kaci Shoner … Claire Brewster
  • James-Thomas Frank … Nick Huntley
  • Tayla Brennan … Abby Pierce
  • Natalie Carroll … Lydia Goodwin
  • Jacob Shoner … Jesse Stillman
  • Jensen Lescarbeau … Paige
  • Kathryn Haren … Brooke
  • Jacob Cummings … Brady
  • Joshua Matienzo … Hayden
  • Francie Phillips … Mrs. Goodwin
  • Tony Lather … Mr. Brewster
  • Stephanie Gonter … Mr. Brewster
  • Stephen Lescarbeau … Mr. Huntley
  • Cindy Lescarbeau … Mrs. Huntley
  • Stacy Simpson … Mr. Pierce
  • Angela Simpson … Mrs. Pierce
  • Robert Rodriguez … Mr. Stillman
  • Cord Bear … Pastor
  • Mickie Greenhalgh … Moriah’s Math Teacher
  • Charles Dolich … Abby’s Math Teacher

Film Company Contact Details

Company: ROCK Missions Media Representative: Barbara Shoner
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Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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