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Film Description:

Steadfast – A friend of Christ, is a friend for life.

This film is about a teenager named Marcus, and his friend Jack, who is up to no good stealing and getting into trouble. They think all they’re doing is having fun and playing games, but in turn it is much worse. They both need help and they don’t know it. As the story progresses Marcus’s meets a christian classmate who introduces himself, and they become friends. He finds out that his job is to bring him to God, and have him repent for what he has done. Marcus starts to change, and when everything is about to turn around, things get bad real quick when Jack is in trouble. Marcus finds himself in the biggest predicament of his life, and must turn to God to decide what is right.

The trailer we put together took three days and a lot of planning, we we’re able to shoot six Chapter of the film and they all turned out great. Although, shooting the trailer proved to be harder then when we actually start to shoot the movie. We had to cram ten minutes of film in three days, which may not seem like a lot, but it was. Each day consisted of getting up at either five or six in the morning, loading up equipment, traveling to our location, shooting for 10 hours, then going home. It was both tiresome and fun at the same time.

In order to finish the film we need at least $20,000 but our goal is $25,000. Most of the funds will go to equipment, actors, food for the actors, props, gas, and renting vehicles. This project will include a lot of stunts and action, including, fights scenes, car chases, parkour, and police! The plan is to show this film to churches and film festivals all across the globe, making this a very big an important project.

My team and my church are very confident in this project and can’t wait to see the final outcome! All we need is your support!

This Film Needs Your Help Before April 6, 2016.  KICKSTARTER

Release Date: (DVD) Summer, 2016

This Film Needs Your Support Before January 29, 2016.  Kickstarter Campaign

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