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Stop the Pounding Heart

Sneak Preview
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Stop the Pounding Heart

Film Description:

A teenage girl deals with a crisis of conscience in gun-toting rural Texas.

Stop the Pounding Heart – Delivering a nonjudgmental ethnographic portrait of what many Americans might dismiss as “trailer trash,” Italian director Roberto Minervini’s “Stop the Pounding Heart” depicts a segment of Texas society where guns, livestock and the Holy Bible rank as the most important priorities in life. Likely to prove most interesting to foreign auds, this rural, documentary-like portrait reunites two faces familiar from Minervini’s previous films: Sara Carlson, teen daughter of the goat-farming family seen in “The Passage,” and bull-riding Colby Trichell, who appeared in “Low Tide.”

After The Passage and Low Tide, Italian filmmaker Roberto Minervini continues to focus his gaze on the people of rural Texas. Avoiding the large urban areas, Minervini investigates the lives of small-town dwellers set apart from mainstream American life. Stop the Pounding Heart completes this trilogy.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Stop the Pounding Heart - Christian Movie on DVD - CFDb 2

Stop the Pounding Heart - Christian Movie on DVD - CFDb

  • Sara Carlson … Sara
  • Colby Trichell … Colby
  • Tim Carlson … Himself
  • LeeAnne Carlson … Herself
  • Katarina Carlson … Herself
  • Christin Carlson … Herself
  • Grace Carlson … Herself
  • Linnea Carlson … Herself
  • Emma Carlson … Herself
  • Timothy Carlson … Himself
  • Liberty Carlson … Herself
  • Noah Carlson … Himself
  • Judah Carlson … Himself
  • Seth Carlson … Himself
  • Dixie Carlson … Herself
  • Todd Trichell … Himself
  • Linda Trichell … Herself
  • Curtis Trichell … Himself
  • Tanya Trichell … Herself
  • C.T. Trichell … Himself
  • Miranda Trichell … Herself
  • Ryder Trichell … Himself
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