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Streams in the Desert: Words of Life

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Streams in the Desert: Words of Life

Film Description:

Streams in the Desert: Words of Life – Lettie and Charles are fully involved in missions work in the Orient with big goals to reach every person in Japan when Charles becomes ill and the two return home. During the Decline of her husbands health Lettie begins writing a journal as the Lord gives her encouragements from the Bible and the library of books they had collected through there Missions work.

As a final missions work the journal becomes Charles and Lettie Cowman’s last work together. Lettie Cowman went to Heaven in 1960 at the age of 90 on Easter Sunday. The outreach to many nations that was started by two young independent missionaries from Ohio continues today in over fifty countries on six continents.

Release Date: (DVD) October 26, 2015

Streams in the Desert: The Series!
Vol. 1: Streams in the Desert: Discovering God’s Call
Vol. 2: Streams in the Desert: Words of Life

Lettie Coman (Author of Streams in the Desert) is born in Ohio 1870 (great Western film time frame) and grows up in the little town where she meets her future husband. Once married (1889) they then move to Chicago (5 years later) and respond to God’s call to be missionaries to the orient. (SITD Part 1 will focus on the small town life and transition to marriage and then follow with the journey to Chicago toward the end of the film.)

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