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Streets of Harvest

Sneak Preview
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Streets of Harvest

Film Description:

Streets of Harvest – Apathy is in the air. Crime rates have reached an all-time high. And two detectives are on the trail of a killer. Police officers Matt Harrison and Joseph Brown have been partners for the past 3 years.

While investigating a murder case at a Dallas nightclub, their search leads them to one of the most dangerous drug kingpins in America. Their faith will be put to the test and will have to rely on a higher authority to make it out alive.

Release Date: (Theaters) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Streets of Harvest - Christian Movie/Film, Fred Keel - Poster

Streets of Harvest - Christian Movie/Film, Fred Keel - ScreenShot

Streets of Harvest - Christian Movie/Film, Fred Keel - ScreenShot 2

Streets of Harvest - Christian Movie/Film, Fred Keel - ScreenShot 3

Film Cast

  • Rebecca Chulew … Bar Patron
  • Carl Bailey … Officer Jim Moore
  • Jency Allison Weeks … Jennifer Vaughn
  • Michael W. Green … B-Smooth
  • Ty Tornes … Street Thug
  • Ada Perez … Cindy Monroe
  • Sheril Rodgers … Ms. Richardson
  • James Larabee … Bartender
  • Ryan Brogdon … Officer Williams
  • Fred Keel … Drug Kingpin
  • Elizabeth Turner … Nightclub Attendee #2
  • Lindsay Spencer … Nightclub Attendee #3
  • Richard Houghton … Captain Johnson
  • Glenn Bert Coe Jr. … Police Officer
  • Joshua Briscoe … Det. Matt Harrison
  • Tonya Hill … Handcuffed Suspect
  • Paul Jairus … Det. Joseph Brown
  • Karen Roberge … Radio Dispatcher
  • Alan Gunter … Jeffrey The Coroner
  • Eryn Nicole Smith … Katie
  • Anna Latta … Church Background
  • Scott Rumsey … Nightclub Drug User
  • Fabian Lopez … Scott Patterson
  • Gerrilee Danielle … Jessica Davis
  • Jimmy Lee Kelley … Patrol Officer #1
  • Cheyenne Simpson … Samantha Harrison
  • AJ Latta … Church Background

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Film Details

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