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Sunday School Musical

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Film Synopsis:

Wholesome family entertainment that both parents and children can enjoy! This original production currently being filmed in Los Angeles joins the library of successful family oriented musicals such as Grease, and the High School Musical films.

The inspirational storyline centers around a group of teens who when faced with the news of their local church being torn down enter into a song and dance competition with the hopes of raising the money to save the building. The production is complete with 21 songs, featuring 7 originals, which are composed by Don Raymond.

  • Chris Chatman ~~~ Zachary
  • Candise Lakota ~~~ Savannah
  • Krystle Connor ~~~ Aundrea
  • Robert Acinapura ~~~ Miles
  • Amy Ganser ~~~ Margaret
  • Millena Gay ~~~ Anita
  • Dustin Fitzsimons ~~~ Charlie
  • Hitcliff Leigh Tan ~~~ Trevor
  • Mark Hengst ~~~ Pastor Joe
  • Rae Silva ~~~ Aunt Janet
  • Kesha Ealy ~~~ Mrs. Howell
  • Shane Carther Thomas ~~~ Jake
  • Debra Lynn Hull ~~~ Mrs. Stewart
  • Justin Spanko ~~~ Dad – Robert Ryan
  • Daniel J. Roberts ~~~ Mr. Crane
Name/Company: Faith Films
Contact Person:
Phone: 877-377-8707
Fax: 818-260-9811
Website: Film Website
Email: Email Contact
Sunday School Musical, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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