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Film Description:

Jason and Sharon began to pick the fragments of their lives back after the disastrous loss of their only asthmatic daughter due to an insane and reckless carelessness. Their sun had set too early and it appeared it will never rise again. All their effort to regain restoration and fulfillment plunged them further into dark oblivion until they understood and followed the landmarks to restoration. Not only did they recover a hundredfold of what they have lost, they also experienced another SUNRISE in their lives and marriage.

Release Date: (DVD, VOD) June 30, 2017!

Film Cast

  • Victor Adeniran … TBA
  • Atinuke Domingo …. TBA
  • Charles Chiedozie … TBA
  • Loveth Orjiato … TBA
  • Amanda Afadapa … TBA
  • Aniekan Attang … TBA
  • Celeste Puati … TBA
  • Simon Edgal … TBA
  • Rex Nwakamma … TBA
  • Loretta Ejakpomewhe … TBA
  • Peter Adetunji … TBA
  • Funso Omoloju …TBA
  • Julia Irorere … TBA
  • Dola Omonira … TBA
  • Lola Rex-Nwakamma … TBA
  • Aanisa Chiedozie … TBA
  • David Rex-Nwakamma … TBA

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Oracle Films Representative: Rex Nwakamma
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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