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Superkid Academy: The Mission (SKA: Superkids)

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Superkid Academy: The Mission (SKA: Superkids)

Film Description:

Superkid Academy: The Mission – When a Handheld Hologram Receiver (HHR) is stolen from Lieutenant Anwar’s home in Uzbekistan, Commander Kellie and the Superkids know that there’s no time to waste getting it back. They immediately embark on an intense journey to rescue Lieutenant Anwar from an Uzbekistanian prison, and recover the stolen HHR.

Can the Superkids unite and find the HHR? Can they rescue the Lieutenant before it’s too late? Watch Superkid Academy: The Mission today to find out!

Get ready for futuristic action and adventure kids will love with Commander Kellie (Kellie Copeland Swisher), Daniel Lyon (Kenneth Copeland), Lt. Valerie (Jenny Richards), Lt. Alex (Joel Davis), and a whole new group of Superkids filled with faith!

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Topic: Youth

Superkid Academy: The Mission - Christian Movie/Film DVD - Banner 2

Superkid Academy: The Mission - Christian Movie/Film DVD - Back Cover

Superkid Academy: The Mission - Christian Movie/Film DVD - Banner

Film Cast

  • Caine Anderson … Lead Medic
  • Kalin Bates … Micah
  • Gabriel Castro … Collin
  • Kellie Copeland … Commander Kellie
  • Kenneth Copeland … Daniel Lyon
  • Joel Davis … Lt. Alex
  • Drayton Felts … Gabe
  • Larkin Felts … Georgie
  • Vincent Harrill … Billy
  • Kelley Hemphill … Techno (voice)
  • Joy Lee … Commander Alexandra
  • Caleb Mayer … Lt. Jared
  • Trinity Mendez … Gracie
  • Trey Moffat … Jason
  • Nichole Nixon … Lanie
  • Avery Parrot … Jesse
  • Konstantin Pavlov … Boots 1
  • Nadia Pavlov … Boots 2
  • Nikolai Pavlov … Tashkent Officer
  • Jenny Richard … Lt. Valerie
  • Grace Rizzo … April
  • Josiah Rizzo … Sgt. Joel
  • Callie Sanders … Trudy
  • Daione Sanders … Shayna
  • Nick Seidel … Lt. Anwar / Robot
  • Zechariah Spencer … Charlie
  • Kiley Stephenson … Sgt. Kiley
  • Keely Sturm … Keely
  • Micah Sturm … Kyle
  • Marcos Vasquez … Chris
  • Moriah Waddell … Maryanne
  • David Weikel … Cody
  • Jasmine Werthwein … Molly
  • Kassidy Wright … Suzi

Film Company Contact Details

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Phone: 1-800-606-4190 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

Superkid Academy: The Mission (SKA: Superkids), 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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