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Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding

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Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding


Film Description:

This is the story of Jay Harding, a husband and father who is on the brink of losing everything he loves in an attempt to be the man he thinks his family needs. Even though Jay views himself as a generous, loving and selfless man, he soon discovers everyone around him sees him as greedy, manipulative and selfish. His wife knows their marriage is down for the count; his children are mischievous and distant; and his friends are desperately trying to help him overcome his struggles.

With Christmas quickly approaching and in a sweeping attempt to redeem himself, Jay launches out on a quest to purchase a dream home as a present for his family. With this ultimate gift as his sole focus, he pushes himself to make it happen no matter the cost to himself and to those around him. But with the tragic loss of his daughter, the pain of a broken marriage and the devastation of financial ruin, Jay is forced to make the biggest decision of his life…..the choice to surrender.

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Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding

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Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. GreatHeart says
    20 January 14, 10:57pm

    This movie is really poorly written and has some embarrasing acting. The leading man and woman are as good as they can be with the awfully written and directed story line that ends about where the middle of it should be. The dialogue is a joke. Sometimes it seems as though they must have been pulling words out of a grab bag, they just don’t make much sense.
    I am glad there are those who want to make movies with such a theme, but I wish they would take a lot more time with the dialogue.

  2. Annelie says
    21 January 14, 8:53am

    What’s interesting about this film is that God used it to bring some strong conviction to me about arguing so for that reason I really loved it. We also received a phone call from someone looking to purchase it one day who also was really touched by the film. God can work where we don’t expect it.


  3. laura says
    12 February 14, 7:25pm

    Movie started slow but stay with it. This is an awesome story of how God works in us and how he uses us to get our attention. God is so Good. So it’s this movie

  4. John says
    02 March 14, 12:40pm

    My wife and I were very concerned about the hypocrisy in the movie; we weren’t sure if that was intended or somehow it was condoned. Jay definitely had multiple issues that were very visible; however, his wife (Kim) and all of the individuals in the movie had major issues/sin that were just not as loud/prominent, all while seeming to make a claim they were saved. Kim’s family was name calling Jay and were very materialistic. The grandmother, grandfather, Manny, and Jay’s white friend were about the only solid ones in the movie. Albeit, it seems like the grandmother was the outspoken one and the grandfather couldn’t even open his mouth and be this spiritual leader that Kim talked about? Jay’s white friend’s wife was encouraging Kim to get divorced for unbiblical reasons; which was ridiculous. The movie ended good with Jay’s conversion but with no indication if Jay and Kim reconciled. It would leave unsaved friends and family we know just calling Christians a bunch of hypocrites; we would never recommend this movie to them. However, just take more time writing the script and doing the movie and getting godly input/critique.

  5. Jemell Says says
    18 October 14, 4:15am

    I realize that some people may feel that these actors may have not be the idle people to play this movie but this movie was not at all Hypocritical the truth is many believers in Christ Jesus struggle with imperfections in our lives we are not exempt to character flaws and bad choices. That’s why we have a Savior and risen King of all Kings that died for each of us regardless of our faults, no person can change on their own we will always be a work in progress. I don’t believe the world need to see so many Christian families with everything together in their lives that is a false message of what living a Christian life is all about. We will all ways have to go through some struggles in our lives rather through our onwn short comings or inadequacies or problems with our children, families, friends, church, co-workers you name it. The whole purpose is that we realize we can’t fix ourselves and that we must all come to the place of total surrender to God, we must all come to a place in each of our own lives that we realize and acknowledge that we can’t fix our lives, Jesus has to do that and each person must see the person they really are. What I liked about the movie that it was real honest about how our lives can go in such a tail spin by bad decisions and our refusal to allow Christ to change us inside out. Salvation is one thing but total surrender is the step that is necessary for us all in order for God to deal with the many broken places within us so that we really can be the best God called us to be. And I believe it was well written it made me remember how awesome the Grace and Love of God is and there is nothing too hard for God. We did see that at the end of the story his Daughter lived, but we all know it takes time to heal a broken marriage and relationship. And as we recall He said all He needed was Jesus and to fix him and clean him up he acknowledge his own faults didn’t focus on what his wife did and His continence had changed and peace He received. This was real to me because it’s not all about they lived happily ever after endings, it’s about each person owning up to their own mistakes and flaws. I especially loved how it showed many of the family members and his best friend praying for the child and their family. It showed when a terrible crisis came, each person was able to take their eyes off each other and seek the face of God. I thought this was well written. Surrendered was the message for every person, this in itself is a recipe to victorious living.
    It’s not about how right and perfect we are it’s about the Grace of God that is extended to mankind, The Great Love and Mercy of the Heavenly Father. This movie was very humbling and real because at the end of the day no family is perfect doesn’t matter if it’s a Christian home or not, every family has imperfections in their lives. What an awesome movie. The ending was very compelling! Maybe we will see a Surrendered 2, like a lot of other movies we go out to see. Keep up the good work everyone, may God bless many families through this movie and help to restore broken marriages and families, and be a great soul winning tool for Christ Jesus> Amen

  6. Anita Hoover says
    24 January 15, 1:30am

    Can anyone tell me what the words to the letter that the man was writing at the begining od the sene. I really need to know. I loved the letter. Tried to record what he was saying but missed most of it. Thank you Anita H.

  7. Deb says
    25 January 15, 11:51am

    I found this movie to be really thought provoking.. If you haven’t messed up your life, been a hypocrite, etc., then you aren’t human. This movie has so many wonderful messages in it and brought me to tears near the end. It’s a great example of how we need to truly love one another and realize the struggles each individual encounters without judgement. We aren’t the ones to judge. We are meant to be the ones to help. We are human. Our anger, hurt, selfishness, etc. gets in the way,but we need to get past that and help one another. Sometimes peoples actions are a HUGE cry out for us to help them. Jay wasn’t a horrible person. He was a lost person. Those around him didn’t help, which is typical of many people, even Christian people. We are only human. Those with the best intentions whom are Christians aren’t always the best because as a person we are flawed. We have our own ideas, opinions, ideas, code of conduct…… I found this movie to be so completely real of how things are with families and the challenges we deal with individually and with our family.

  8. Annelie says
    25 January 15, 12:24pm

    We agree – we watched this again a couple of weeks ago. It was real.


  9. Daniel Rivera says
    21 October 15, 2:23am

    The movie was great and moving. It was realistic. I love this movie, I was emotional watching it. The movie couldn’t be any better. I was curious of what happened to their marriage, but the end of the movie speaks for itself. Not all marriages are reconciled, and just because there are marriages that aren’t or can’t be reconciled doesn’t mean that people can’t be forgiven and saved. Were living in the end times and many marriages are falling and majority divorced. But God doesn’t condemn a repented heart. That’s why Jesus died for us. Jesus knee that as imperfect humans we were gonna be messy and difficult etc… And there’s where his grace comes in. Everlasting Love. Many people desires watered down lies, to be told what they want to hear for their own satisfaction but reality is reality and the movie didn’t sugar coat the modern day truth. Times are worse now then it was 15-20 years ago. Great Job Brett Divine. Thank you for the script, I thank the actors, they did a good job. I hope that there will be many more movies similar to this one, as far as the reality of modern day life of the majority. Thank you Jesus for the cross………..

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