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Swift Family Robinson Adventures

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

We could really use your help to finish this documentary: “Swift Family Robinson Adventures”. We believe our story will minister to many people and families who are going through financial difficulties in these dark economic times and it will also help us financially to better provide for our family. The majority of the film is already shot, but needs to be edited together and to be narrated by our older daughter, Tamar (age 12) and older son, Joshua (age 10).

The Adventure

I’ve been struggling for years as a filmmaker to provide for my wife, Angela, and four children. And so we sold our house and moved into an RV in hopes to find better opportunity. But things went from bad to worse as we found ourselves struggling to survive the biggest financial crisis of our lives. We’ve had to learn to survive with things like no income, no job, losing food assistance, rising fuel prices, weathering storms, asking for money, and borrowing money. We’ve experience times of rejection and abandonment by some around us. It is only our faith in God and staying together as a family that has kept us going for this past 9 months.

All along, we’ve been getting video footage and still pictures as we traveled on this grand adventure from North Carolina to Texas, which ended with an ice storm in the desert. We then changed course and headed to Florida where we are currently waiting on God for deliverance.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  1. 08 June 11, 7:07pm

    Hello Swift Family,

    I can’t help finically at this time but I can offer to edit the film for you. I live in Orlando and can be reached at 321-295-9610.

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