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Switching Lanes

Sneak Preview
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Switching Lanes

Film Description:

Switching Lanes – Will Kaneesha and Sarah be able to keep their friendship a secret? What will happen to them once people find out? What other secrets does Summerston hold?

Imagine a small southern town where unspoken racism is the norm….in 2014. This is the reality for the citizens of Summerston, GA but little does the town know, a serious change is on the way.

Kaneesha, an African American teen raised on the ‘black side’ of Summerston, has goals of becoming a track star. On the other side of town, Sarah, an energetic white teen has the same passion for a track career. Even though the girls have competed against each other, they’ve maintained their separate but equal lifestyles on opposite sides of town until both are awards spot in the highly coveted Track and Field Ambassador Retreat.

Away from their disapproving families and friends, the girls quickly begin to bond as they begin to discover many shared mutual interests. Once the retreat ends, their friendship is immediately put to the test as they receive pushback from friends, parents and even their church pastors. To Kaneesha and Sarah, their friendship is the biggest secret in Summerston but they soon discover their tiny town holds a deeper secret that threatens to change life as they know it.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Switching Lanes Screen shot

Film Cast

  • Ashley LeConte Campbell … Elizabeth James
  • Walter Hendrix III … Track Parent
  • Sir Brodie … Policeman #1
  • Adam Harris … News Reporter
  • Harley Shellhammer … Reporter
  • Jus Riddick … Joel Rainer – PA Announcer
  • Wanda Morganstern … Reporter
  • Garrick Parks … Bob
  • Brennen Harper … Boy At Paty
  • Markina Brown … Anchor
  • Shelton Foreman … Teacher
  • Dave Simmons … Reporter
  • Walter J. Hendrix IV … Track Fan
  • Patricia McRae … Reporter
  • Rosalind Woods … Shopper
  • Sade Shearer … Student
  • Gary Modlish … Chase Jefferson
  • Moneca S. Reid … Mother Ethel (rumored)
  • Terry Burchett … Policeman #2
  • ShaCayne Jackson … Student
  • Ashlyn R. Hendrix … Track Runner
  • Maria Paula Bagnati … Constance
  • Danissia Ransaw … Track Runner
  • Sheena House … Social Worker
  • Kelsey Mitchum … Track Runner
  • Alison Prescott … Madison
  • Monica Edelhoff … Student
  • Greg Schreffler … Mayor
  • Sparling Wilson … Jill
  • Chelsi C. Hendrix … Gold Runner
  • Mark Anthony Brooks … Reporter #1
  • Robyn P. Hendrix … Track Runner

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