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Taken By Grace

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CFDb Review:

Don’t miss this great film on forgiveness.  Full of suspense!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Taken By Grace


Film Description:

Taken By Grace – On the night that he is released from prison, Lucas Blackstone (Angus Macfadyen from Braveheart) sets out for the town of Trinity to find the man who murdered his son. Armed with a pistol and a past full of mistakes, Lucas kidnaps Shawn Everett (Bradley Dorsey) and his wife, Carrie (Haylie Duff) and holds them hostage. As the trio travels to Trinity, Lucas learns of Shawn and Carrie’s troubled marriage and questions their ability to reconcile their love through their faith in God. But Lucas has no interest in their faith, that is until he discovers the horrible truth about his son’s killer.

Taken By Grace - Christian Movie/Film on DVD from Pure Flix - Photo

Taken By Grace

  • Angus Macfadyen    …     Lucas Blackstone
  • Haylie Duff    …     Carrie Everett
  • Bradley Dorsey    …     Shawn Everett
  • Kevin Downes    …     Detective Gunderson
  • Danielle Hoetmer    …     Patty Blackstone
  • Jaiden Kaine    …     Detective Al Nelson
  • Torry Martin    …     Marvin
  • Nancy Daly    …     Truck Driver’s Wife
  • Timothy E. Goodwin    …     Truck Driver
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Taken By Grace, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. 15 September 13, 5:56pm

    Taken By Grace is great movie. At the end, they update you on the characters as if it is a true story – though I could not confirm that through an internet search. You can read the synopsis above for the story, and the official CFDb review gives some background about Bradley Dorsey who plays Shawn Everett, one of the story’s main characters.

    What I really liked about this movie was that the young Christian couple portrayed in the movie were believable. Their marriage wasn’t perfect, and they were struggling over the infidelity of the husband. For that reason, the faith of both husband and wife was being challenged.

    And then they are kidnapped by this guy who is seriously hurting inside and seriously questioning the reality of not only God but of anything in life that could answer the tough questions of why innocent people suffer or die and how do you go on living when you are the one responsible for hurting an innocent one you love.

    The kidnapper, Lucas Blackstone, hears the couple talk about God and church but then he also learns of the husband’s infidelity and the couple’s struggle to save their marriage. He begins to try to debunk their faith by challenging it with his own angry logic. In doing so, he becomes an agent of God in couple’s life as they come to realize the truth about themselves and the importance of giving everything to God and of forgiving each other. In the mean time, the couple becomes God’s minister to the kidnapper, leading him to be able to forgive himself and – according to the update at the end – eventually come to know Christ as savior.

    The characters were very believable, so I hope it was a true story. If it wasn’t, it very well could be. It made me take a good hard look at myself. Do I hold back parts of my life from God when their is a lot of emotion or hurt involved? Jesus died and rose again that we might live and be free. But so often Christians themselves live out their lives experiencing pain and uncertainty. But we don’t have to because He can give us rest if we will submit to Him. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30).

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