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The Accidental Missionary

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Film Synopsis:

When Hollywood Big Wig DJ Miller heads out on a luxury vacation in Spain, his plans “Accidentally” go terribly awry. He ultimately ends up on the other end of the earth and out of his element, but he ends up learning that sometimes, there are no accidents. This “fish out of water” Faith Based romantic comedy is sure to touch every emotion.

Release Date: (DVD) May 19, 2015


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  1. 07 March 13, 9:20am

    Gotta love the title. I was fascinated in pondering how someone could become an accidental missionary. It did not take long to figure out how a person, who had no regard for the Lord or the people living without knowing His love, could be placed in a position where he could minister to people and contribute to their lives of faith. $*#& does happen, but when God is involved, bad things can turn out good. The next question that had to be answered dealt with the factors that could motivate such a selfish man, who kept telling everybody he was D.J. Miller, the Hollywood star, to think and care about others. Usually a woman is involved in turning a man’s head away from emptiness to substance, and this movie didn’t disappoint in that arena. It contained the romantic interest that many of us crave as part of our movie experience—even more than popcorn.

    This full-of-himself Tinseltown star was played nicely by Seth Adair. His romantic interest was handled capably by Jilanne Klaus Barnes. Two character actors, Ed Caylor and Markus Porter, added spice to the recipe. Jason London, the star of The Lamp, played Seth’s agent with energy and panache, contributing to the contrast in the Hollywood hype versus missionary substance.

    This was an enjoyable flick. I totally loved the plot. Some comedic moments added to the enjoyment. The occasional showing of a wild beast along with some shots of interesting flora helped give the illusion of the story taking place in Africa (even though it was shot in Indiana and St. Louis). When the background music started playing as Hollywood was getting off the plane, I blurted aloud, “Call me Bwana” (a reference to a Bob Hope movie made about Africa). From that point forward, I surmised most of what would happen. I think this movie would hold its own against any competitor shot for only $35,000. The acid proof test of a movie for me is whether I would watch it again. This one passed the test, so my belief is that it’s worth your time and money to watch it at least once.

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