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The Apocalypse

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The Apocalypse

Film Description:

The Apocalypse – Today, Heaven and Earth Collide!

As a giant asteroid speeds toward Earth, a mother and father search desperately for their only child.

The arrival of the deadly space rock triggers a series of catastrophic events that threaten to end the world in this sci-fi religious thriller written by David Michael Latt.

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Topic: End Time Events

The Apocalypse - Christian Movie/Film on DVD

Film Cast

  • Rhett Giles ~~~ Jason
  • Jill Stapley ~~~ Ashley
  • Kristen Quintrall ~~~ Lindsay
  • Tom Nagel ~~~ Andrew
  • David Shick ~~~ Don
  • Amol Shah ~~~ Khalil
  • Shaley Scott ~~~ Amanda
  • Kelsey Higgs ~~~ Lucia
  • Kim Little ~~~ Lynn
  • Carissa Bodner ~~~ Audrey
  • Dean Arevelo ~~~ Tony
  • Sarah Lieving ~~~ Janis
  • Erica Roby ~~~ Laura
  • Leigh Slawner ~~~ Nick
  • Jason S. Gray ~~~ Banker

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Faith Films Representative:
Phone: 877.377.8707 Fax: 323.850.1218
Email: Contact Address: 72 E. Palm Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502

Film Details

The Apocalypse, 2.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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