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El Arca (The Ark) (Noah’s Ark)

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El Arca (The Ark) (Noah’s Ark)


Film Description:

(Noah’s Ark) has now been Released in the U.S. in English!

Noah’s Ark, El Arca (“The Ark”) in the original Spanish version, is a 2007 Argentine film directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini and based on Noah’s Ark.

All hands, paws, and hooves on deck for an adventure on the most famous boat of all time! Award-winning filmmaker Juan Pablo Buscarini’s Noah’s Ark presents the classic story as a fresh and funny animated retelling that the entire family will love.

Noah is building a whale of a boat in order to save two of every species from a flood that will cover the entire world. Pretty soon, animals are lining up to board the Ark two by two. But as the rain begins to fall outside, it soon becomes clear that living together on a very cramped ship isn’t going to be easy!

Trouble begins to brew when the animals begin to get hungry, a pair of stowaways plot to take over the ship, Dagnino the Tiger wants to replace the irresponsible Lion, Xiro, as king of the beasts and Noah’s own family begins to squabble! One thing’s for sure – it won’t be smooth sailing on this trip. But with a little luck and a little faith, Noah will be able to deliver his floating zoo to safety!

Strong Parental Warning

(Please see comments below the film!)

The 1st DVD Listed is Not a U.S. Edition!

The Ark (El Arca) (l'arca di noe) - Christian Movie,Film DVD

  • Juan Carlos Mesa – Noé (voice)
  • Jorge Guinzburg – Farfan (voice)
  • Mariana Fabbiani – Miriam (voice)
  • Alejandro Fantino – Jafet (voice)
  • Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazú – Reina Leona Oriana (voice)
  • Lalo Mir – Pity (voice)
  • Alejandro Dolina – Puma Cachito (voice)
  • Diego Topa – Palomo Pepe (voice)
  • Carolina Ibarra – Leona Bruma (voice)
  • David Rotemberg – Chancho Álvaro (voice)
  • Rolo Villar – Rey León Sabu (voice)
  • Mariano Chiesa – Xiro (voice)
  • Lucila Gómez – Kairel (voice)
  • Enrique Porcellana – Dios (voice)
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  1. Alejandro says
    18 February 14, 12:01pm

    This movie is horrible!!! It shows God as an insecure and selfish figure to say the least, it has big plot-holes, most of the main characters outside of Noah are unlikeable and it includes way more adult humour than what is tolerable (I`m talking explicit things).
    There is nothing wrong with using humour when making a biblical movie, but this should have been more like The Prince of Egypt and less like South Park.
    Avoid it if you are a true Christian, unless if you want to prevent others from watching it.

  2. Chad says
    17 March 14, 9:49pm

    Thank you Alejandro. I purchased this for my neice, brought it home and saw on the back that it had mild language. What Christian children’s movie even needs bad language in it at all? I also saw that the female characters were, unfortunately sexily drawn. Is this how the artist shows us what he would want in a cat if he could date a cat? Very creepy! Chills went down my spine. Kung fu pandas characters are drawn in this manner as well. Which by the way, I refuse to allow my niece to watch. A second look at the characters and you can tell that most of them look like they have an attitude problem. Third, read the description. Stow aways? GOD, would NEVER allow stow aways when he was purifying the earth from all sinners. Fourth, squabble? Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives TRUSTED GOD!!! They had nothing to squabble about. They knew HE would provide food and shelter and watch out for them. The food may have ran a little low right before the ark landed on the mountain, but they still TRUSTED GOD!!!

    This isn’t a Christian Movie and certainly NOT FOR KIDS OF ANY AGE!!! Avoid this one like the plague!!!

    I don’t know what message they are trying to send. But I do know by trashing one of the greatest stories in the BIBLE, they are sinning which isn’t a good christians way.

    Sins They Have Violated By Making This Movie.
    1. Lust – How the Females are drawn. It shows what they lust for.
    2. Greed – The fight for the food.
    3. Taking God’s Name in vain by portraying Him as unable to provide for His children.
    4. Love thy neighbor. The animals squabble.
    5. Hate. Again The squabbling.
    6. Thou shalt not covet. The stow aways access to the ship for their own personal greedy gain.
    7. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. They figure you will watch this on a Sunday. This movie is definitely NOT Holy!!!

    I haven’t even watched the movie, and I am taking it back to Wal-mart. It is a strike on Christians worldwide!!!!

  3. Annelie says
    18 March 14, 9:08am

    Thank you for letting us know – we appreciate you sharing this with us.


  4. Gladwyn says
    30 April 14, 8:23am

    Well said by both the reviewers above. I was going to write a review, but I think it has been covered above.
    Note that i have lodged a formal complaint with the christian bookstore that I purchased this from over this movie as well.

    As stated above, this is NOT a Christian movie.

  5. Annelie says
    30 April 14, 8:48am

    I am so glad that you said something to the Christian Bookstore. I think a lot of times they buy something not realizing it’s not Christian.


  6. yasmin scott says
    27 February 15, 4:56pm

    couldn’t you put it in english i dont understand what they are saying

  7. Annelie says
    01 March 15, 8:25am

    It has English Subtitles

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