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The Attachment

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CFDb Review:

I LOVED the lack of Hollywood exaggeration that is typically found in modern horror films. A very well made Amateur Film, certainly worthy of their recognition!  Read the CFDb Movie Review.

The Attachment

Film Description:

The Attachment is a British supernatural film.

For those who love an intelligent spooky mystery, without the commonplace gore, nudity and profanity, the Attachment is a story which draws the audience into a mystery that intertwines five lives across 30 years.  Initially focusing on the life of two characters, the story begins in the fall of 1989, within the leafy suburbs of London, United Kingdom.

A young girl becomes the focus for paranormal entities which she calls “night people.” These entities continue their intrusions, causing her great distress. The film picks up the story, as Abigail’s parents in desperation, call on the aid of a peculiar religious sect known as the “Keppers De Masura” to help rid the girl of the intrusions. Things end horribly of course, and an orphaned girl is left to deal with the ramifications of that fateful decision.

Amazon instant video

Release Date: VOD 2016

“With enough requests, we will release a DVD / Blue-Ray item. As this was a low budget film, we do not have the funds to do this as of yet. But if you are interested, please REGISTER your contact details at the bottom our website. Once we have enough numbers, we will make this Fantastic Film available in this medium.”

Awards & Nominations

Won “Best Horror Feature Film” at The Down East Flick Fest (DEFF) in Greenville, NC, 2016

Nominated “Best Feature” Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016

Nominated “Best Scare” Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016




Film Cast

  • Laura Davis … Leah Cooper (Adult)
  • Callum Bradshaw … Duncan Malcolm
  • Michelle Coverley … Entity
  • Tony Honickberg … Father John Malachi
  • Carl Leroy … Matthew Treacy
  • Camelia Borg … Jane Marshall
  • Natalie Layla … Carol Fuller
  • Stuart Hayden … Colin Carmichael
  • Rudy Valentino Grant … Shop Keeper
  • James T Scott … Boyce
  • Ben Ofoedu … Phil Green
  • Shane Lynch … Chris Mills
  • Amy Lucas … Laura Davis (Teen)
  • Natalia Wojcik … Abigail Morozov (Teen)
  • Yasmine Maya … Rebecca Morgan
  • Martin Bailey … Paul Moss
  • Angela Carter … Ella
  • Nadiene Oladokun … Brenda
  • Emily Dyer … Holly
  • Victoria McEvoy … Karen Swinson
  • Daniel Alan … Garry
  • Mary Hyacinth Reguindin-Tondo … Mary
  • Evie Sultman … Laura Davis (Junior)
  • Libby Sultman … Abigail Morozov (Junior)
  • Noel Moore … Callum Bradshaw (Junior)
  • Philippe De Paris … Alexandru Morozov
  • Annika Alofti … Augustina Morozov
  • Anne Mills … Laura’s Nan
  • Mike Crim … Bryan Davis
  • Anthony Ford … John Ford
  • Cliff Brown … Mike Ellis
  • Laura Jane Sandiford … Lucy Gibson
  • Mel Suppiah … Sukih Jade Fisher
  • Debra-Leigh-Taylor … Beth
  • Maria Baglier … Iona
  • Veronica Sevegrand … Rodica
  • Jennifer Jane Hooker … Wendy Mitchell
  • Graham Vanas … Charles Latham Q.C

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Black Eagle Films Representative: Clement Ofoedu
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 36 York Close, Beckton, London, E6 5QN

Film Details

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