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The Basketball Family

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The Basketball Family

Film Description:

Lightning Digital Entertainment is proud to present our first feature length documentary, “The Basketball Family”. The film chronicles the playing career of retired NBA player and former Purdue University standout Doug Lee, as he makes the transition from professional basketball to coaching the Calvary Chapel Christian School Lions Boys Varisty Basketball team in Las Vegas, Nevada. We follow Coach Lee as he utilizes a faith based approach to coaching and mentoring the young men on the team as they negotiate the obstacles of the 2015-2016 high school basketball season.

Release Date: (DVD, VOD) 2017!

Film Cast

  • Kilian Diers … Himself
  • Matthew Urbanski … Himself
  • James Gentile … Himself
  • Matthew Harney … Himself
  • Emma Harney … Herself
  • Jules Fuentebella … Himself
  • Dylan Sims … Himself
  • Doug Lee … Himself
  • D.J. Golden … Himself
  • Steven Abbott … Himself
  • Alan Underwood … Himself
  • A.J. Underwood … Himself
  • Carlton Sims … Himself
  • Cameron Varela … Himself
  • Ken Frizzell … Himself
  • Jon Sacco … Himself
  • Dawson Thomas … Himself
  • Quentin Hank … Himself
  • Rick Martin … Himself
  • Alec Neider … Himself
  • Christian O’Kelley … Himself
  • Reggie Nelson … Himself
  • Bill Sittman … Himself

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Lightning Digital Entertainment Representative: Jason Harney
Phone: 702-506-3138 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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