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The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

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CFDb Review:

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries – From the portion of this series that we were able to view, FANTASTIC! Looking forward to the series and will do a regular CFDb review closer to the release date. Check out the CFDb Blog about the screening. Check out the CFDb Movie Review Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5. And Don’t Miss the Son of God too.

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

Film Description:

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries – Retelling stories from the Scriptures!

The story of God’s creation of the Earth and the landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Bible: Miniseries – From Executive Producers Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) comes “The Bible: Miniseries” — an epic 10-hour miniseries debuting on The History Channel and on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Featuring hours of never before seen behind-the-scenes footage and making-of featurettes in a stunning high bit rate HD transfer and immersive 5.1 audio, The Bible: Miniseries is the must-own Blu-ray and DVD event of the year. The Blu-ray and DVD exclusively feature an all-new cut of the miniseries featuring more of the stories you know in ways you’ve never seen.

Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible: Miniseries features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation. This historic television event is sure to entertain and inspire millions across the globe.

Narrated by Emmy winning actor Keith David, The Bible: Miniseries features a stunning international cast including Portuguese actor, Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ and beloved actress, Roma Downey as Mother Mary. And for the first time since their award winning collaboration on Gladiator, Oscar and Grammy winning composer Hans Zimmer reunites with acclaimed vocalist Lisa Gerrard to create the majestic musical backdrop for this epic production.

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Topic: Biblical Drama

TV/Cable Episode Guide!

Episode 1 The Beginning – Noah, Abraham thru Jacob, Israel begins
Episode 2 The Exodus – Pharaoh, Moses, Red Sea and Ten Commandments
Episode 3 The Homeland – Joshua, Samson, Judges, David & Goliath
Episode 4 The Kingdom – David, Saul, Solomon
Episode 5 The Survival – Zedekiah, Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, Jews return to Jerusalem
Episode 6 The Revolution – Roman, birth of Christ, John the Baptist, Jesus and Peter
Episode 7 The Mission – Pharisees, Jesus, miracles, Disciples
Episode 8 The Betrayal – Last supper, Judas, Peter’s Denial
Episode 9 The Passion – Nicodemus, Caiaphas, Pilate, Crucifixion, Resurrection
Episode 10 The Courage – Jesus returns, Holy Spirit comes, Disciples die, John survives death, exiled to Patmos, Revelation

The Bible: Miniseries i Christian Movie on DVD Blu-ray

New Christmas Edition!

The Bible: Miniseries - Christian Movie Film DVD Mark Burnett - Christmas

The Bible: Miniseries - The Ten Commandments and Moses

The Bible: Miniseries - Abraham and Isaac

The Bible: Miniseries - Samson and Delilah

The Bible: Miniseries - Pharaoh and the Red Sea Crossing with Moses

The Bible: Miniseries - The Angels of Death

The Bible: Miniseries - Jesus Walks the Streets

The Bible: Miniseries - Jesus Christ Dies on the Cross - Good Friday/Easter Sunday

The Bible: Miniseries - Jesus Christ Dies on the Cross - Good Friday/Easter Sunday (Roma Downey portrays Mary)

Film Cast

  • Diogo Morgado … Jesus Christ
  • Darwin Shaw … Peter
  • Paul Brightwell … Malchus
  • Roma Downey … Mother Mary
  • Greg Hicks … Pilate
  • Sebastian Knapp … John
  • Amber Rose Revah … Mary Magdalene
  • Adrian Schiller … Caiaphas
  • Andrew Brooke … Antonius
  • Louise Delamere … Claudia
  • Matthew Gravelle … Thomas
  • Peter Guinness … Nebuchadnezzar
  • Simon Kunz … Nicodemus
  • Joe Wredden … Judas
  • Andrew Scarborough … Joshua
  • Fraser Ayres … Barabbas
  • Khalid Ben Chegra … Phicol
  • Paul Marc Davis … Simon
  • Paul Freeman … Samuel
  • Francis Magee … Saul
  • Fintan McKeown … Abimelech
  • Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni … Satan
  • Soraya Radford … Hagar
  • Paul Marc Davis

Film Company Contact Details

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Film Details

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries (2013)


Duration: | Release Date:March 3, 2013 | MPAA Rating: PG |
Watch Trailer | Cover Image

The story of God’s creation of the Earth and the landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. “The Bible: Miniseries” is a epic 10-hour miniseries debuting on The History Channel from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.


Christopher Spencer, Crispin Reece, Tony Mitchell


Christopher Spencer, Alexander Marengo, Colin Swash, Nic Young, Richard Bedser


Diogo Morgado, Greg Hicks, Roma Downey, Joe Coen, Leila Mimmack, Amber Rose Revah, Darwin Shaw

Drama, Biblical, True Films

Production Companys:

LightWorkers Media, The History Channel
The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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Add a Comment
  1. C Richardson says
    04 April 12, 5:12am

    Good Morning Mr. Barnett:

    I understand that you are producing a mini-series for the History Channel about The Bible. According to reports, your company produces over 800 hours of television images (7 hrs weekly.) In 2004 “Time Magazine” named you as one of the Top 100 Influential People in the World Today.

    Genesis 1:27, the New International Version states: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

    Galatians 3:28, the New Living Translation proclaims: There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    My concern is: will the take-home message by viewers of “The Bible” will be that White people are good, holy and the image of God and non-White people are NOT good, NOT holy and NOT the image of God.

    Please consider using the two above quoted Bible verses at the opening of EACH episode and show an image of God in the various ethnicities of your viewing audience. (Have you seen the video of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White?”) Maybe you can scroll images depicting the varied ethnicities of faces above a robed person to show viewers that even though White actors are the majority in the movie, God actually created ALL ethnicities in His image.

    Now THAT would be a powerful and positive influence!

  2. Annelie says
    04 April 12, 9:25am

    Thankfully most people realize that Jesus was NOT white. This usually ends any discussion as to what race is superior. If anyone honestly looks at Jesus being a Jew, then they understand that God made ALL people and no color and no person is any better than the next one. We are all sinners and if we accept Christ, then we are saved by grace. An amazing thought. I personally LOVE God’s variety in humans and in nature. What a boring world this would be if we all looked alike.


  3. CFDb says
    28 July 12, 4:12pm

    A Portuguese actor, Diogo Morgado, will play Jesus and Roma Downey will play Mary.

  4. D Elliot says
    28 November 12, 8:43pm

    Amazing film. I was privileged to preview parts of the film today at Willow Creek Community Church and was astounded at the quality and accuracy of the film. As a Christ follower I so appreciate the heart and passion behind this film and the pains that have been taken to preserve the accuracy of the Bible stories. It is very obvious that Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have taken on a challenging project that is sure to touch the lives of many around the world and my respect and prayers are with them. And by the way, regardless of your your world view, it is a film worth watching. It is a celestial love story that has, and will continue to change the world.

  5. Christian Commentator says
    21 January 13, 6:11pm

    I will withhold my judgement on the handling of this sacred book until I see it. It is my fervent hope that this film is accurate and not just a lavish Hollywood style slap at Christians and Christianity.

    In the past the History Channel has used their channel to expound on our Lord as possibly being an alien, and offered other speculations about Christ’s life that are not Biblically sound.

    In God’s name I pray that this film portrays the Bible and Christ as it is written in our Bibles and with the respect that is required.

  6. Bonzanelli says
    24 January 13, 5:59pm

    I saw the trailer for this show and it looks like this TV series is going to be very interesting. The only concern I have is that all the leading roles or actors seen in the trailor, are played by white (non-people of color) actors & actresses. Not sure what the idea was in the casting, considering this is supposed to take place in northern Africa and the Middle East.

  7. Sidekick says
    30 January 13, 10:45am

    The History Channel is just the station that picked up the miniseries – they did not produce it. Emmy Award winning producer Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice), and actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) created and produced the miniseries.

  8. Annelie says
    30 January 13, 10:52am

    That is true, The History Channel is the Distribution Company at this point.


  9. jerry says
    30 January 13, 12:07pm

    hello i want be same king jame version it best 100% how look not easy Genises to Revelation!!

  10. B-Bunch says
    30 January 13, 1:10pm

    I am so excited! God bless all of you! All the hard work! Thank-you for hearing Gods stirrings and following thru. Jesus is amazing. Our church is going to particapate in the movie and the study helps that go along with it. Roma you were asked yesterday on 100 Huntly street what as Christians what we could do to help get the word out about “The Bible”Movie, your answer was to make alot of noise. Well my family and I are making ALOT of noise, we are telling everyone we know and do not know. This Sunday we are going to tell our floak at our church about it. We are also making up pamphlets to hand out. Roma you are such a blessing to all of us, I have always seen Christ in you. Touched by an Angel is exactly how I feel when ever I watch it. I could always see and feel the love pouring out of you. Thank-you! God is doing amazing things thru you and your husband, Keep your heads high and your eyes upon The Lord.

  11. 04 February 13, 9:23am

    Please, the ethnicity is not what is important. The message is. Everyone should know Jesus was Jewish. So were His disciples. I have seen clips and there are actors of other races. God loves all people. Be thankful that such a series is being produced with a message that all need to hear. Racism is not God’s main concern. Salvation is. The Word of God is what is the important thing. God loves all races with no exception. Please, let’s be thankful that these producers and actors were moved by the Lord to make the movie. Complaining is not going to change things.
    God Bless

  12. D' Vine Distributors says
    17 February 13, 11:56pm

    To ALL Who Will:

    Agree to give THANKS, for a movie of this caliber that will lift up the name ‘Jesus’, NOT the Easter Bunny or Harry Potter this Easter?

    Agree to PRAY, that our Heavenly Father, will watch over this labor of love, to ‘perfect’ that which is not and ‘protect’, where man can not – just as He did when He inspire men to be His ready penman and write the Holy Scriptures?

    Agree to TRUST, that Gods’ will – be the ultimate result from the impact of this movie and to those who have labored to produce it, as well as all whom God will Himself, draw to receive of it.

    Not my will Lord, but Yours be fulfilled concerning this movie. In Jesus name, Amen, Amen, Amen

  13. John says
    18 February 13, 8:22am

    I checked your endorsements and it seems to me that some are questionable. I also noticed that no major endorsements exist such as Billy Graham,Charles Stanley,John MacCarthur,Moody or any conservative theological source. Why is that?

  14. Annelie says
    18 February 13, 9:50am

    I’m not sure why they didn’t get any other endorsements. All I know is it was obvious how much Roma and Mark really want this work to bring glory to God and for lives to be changed by it. With that kind of love behind it, even if it isn’t doesn’t end up being as accurate as we would like, God can still bring people to Him through it.


  15. Annelie says
    18 February 13, 9:52am

    AMEN – in complete agreement


  16. Romeo says
    18 February 13, 10:52pm

    @Michael Henderson

    Ethnicity is extremely important because it carries a message as well. How are people suppose to receive the message if it is presented so offensively. This will definately ruffle some feathers in the african american community. You say racism is not important but how did Jesus say we recieve salvation, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself’” Although it does not change this movie, voicing critism is the only way things will change in the future. The whitewashing(however unintenionally) of history especially biblical history is not something that can simply be shrugged off.

  17. Annelie says
    19 February 13, 5:52am

    Hi Michael,

    It’s really hard to say anything because no one has seen the series yet so we’ll have to wait and see. Am I the only one that doesn’t even see color in Bible movies? When we went to the preview I was praying so much for people to be reached for Jesus that I didn’t notice. We’ve seen a lot of Bible movies in the past and I really look for scenes and acting that bring emotion to the screen for people to think about God and giving their lives to Him. We all need to pray that the Holy Spirit will be so powerful over this series that hearts are melted and won to Christ. Then people won’t notice as much if there is error or perhaps the wrong casting.


  18. Ron says
    19 February 13, 8:34am

    When Martin Luther was moved to print the Bible, the church at that time was against it because of Scripture being in “layman’s” hands who would not be able to interpret it ‘correctly’ (forgetting obviously the work of the Holy Spirit). The church said that in making the Bible available to layity, the church would fracture into many different sects (denominations) – which it has done. However, Luther argued that if only the simplicity of the Gospel message could be understood – which is the power of God unto salvation – then it would be worth it. If this film provides viewers the opportunity to hear God’s truth of salvation, which is through His Son’s (Jesus Christ) perfect life, death and resurrection, then… it will be well worth it.

  19. Annelie says
    19 February 13, 9:17am

    Yes, that is true – that makes sense Ron.


  20. jerry says
    22 February 13, 12:38am

    i has see test bible moive look same king james version?? not other bible niv nkjv other make errors on danger GOD WORD ! 100% kjv

  21. Chip says
    22 February 13, 7:16am

    In regards to Nick Taliaferro’s comments:

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jerimiah Wright are all ordained clergy also…In addition they are all proven to be made quite wealthy from the business of race baiting. we need to be careful to not let love for “color” supercedes the love for our Lord and Saviour.

  22. Gail Drake says
    22 February 13, 1:07pm

    I was ambivalent about the movie thinking the History Channel produced it. They have always treated Christianity and religion with a subtle contempt. But now I learn that people with some modicum of spirituality produced it I am looking forward to viewing it. The History Channel has good points but with religion; not so much.

  23. Jenny says
    23 February 13, 8:47am

    I am excited about this new series and hopeful that the Gospel will be spread and change lives. But as a person of African descent I was saddened (in the trailer) to see us and other ethnicities left out of the main roles. The major society still ignores and chooses to leave us out of history, which supports the untrue belief of our non-importance and their superiority. Egyptians were and are Black people, yet the kings and queens are portrayed as White. Jesus was Jewish yet he is blond and clearly non-Middle Eastern. If God created all in His image, none should be left out. Casting was intentional although I’m not professing to know the actual intentions of the creators.

    Those who haven’t faced systemic racism all their lives can ignore this fact and dismiss it, but understand it is hurtful to those it attacks, and that’s not Christian, that’s not showing the love of God. We can do better!

  24. Robin Stark says
    23 February 13, 1:29pm

    Robin, I read an article about this mini-series recently and it sounds like it will be interesting. I know you record a lot, so thought you might be interested, if you don’t already know about it. The first airing on the History Channel (comcast) is 3/3 from 5-7 PM and then it’s repeated later in the evening. Karen Petersen

  25. Tres says
    24 February 13, 12:01am

    God created everyone equal. Therefore I don’t think he sees in black or white. Just God’s children. Remember the song children used to sing…”red & yellow, black & white they are precious in his site Jesus love all the children of the world” Why is everyone making such an issue about race. This movie is about God’s love for us and his life. Grow up people.

  26. Annelie says
    24 February 13, 5:30am

    Great comment – I LOVE that song.


  27. Deb says
    24 February 13, 7:38am

    When will the DVD be released?D

  28. Annelie says
    24 February 13, 12:19pm

    You can pre-purchase the series here: There is no official date release date yet though.


  29. Jim says
    24 February 13, 12:56pm

    I have been looking for this programme on the history channel in the UK but it does not seem to be. Showing. Could you tell me is it only showing on American TV?

  30. Annelie says
    24 February 13, 1:46pm

    I don’t think so, at least not yet – you can try this site: – and contact them and see for sure.


  31. terrie says
    26 February 13, 10:38am

    I do not get the History channel on my cable TV. Just wondering if I will be able to watch it online?

  32. Annelie says
    26 February 13, 10:42am

    Probably not for viewing it online – you may have to purchase the DVD.


  33. Melissa says
    26 February 13, 2:33pm

    I too am wondering about online viewing. Is there anyone who can answer this question? Our Church is doing this through our Small Groups and some are not able to meet at the airring time and others do not have access to the History Channel via cable. SO an answer soon would be VERY helpful!! Thank You!!!

  34. Annelie says
    26 February 13, 2:38pm

    Try this page:

    It talks about viewing parties and gives more options.


  35. Natalie says
    01 March 13, 7:08am

    To everyone who had the privilege to be involved in this epic series that portrays the true character of our Mighty God and Lord Jesus Christ. Finally a movie Christian can be proud of that shows strength, grace and love.

    To Diogo you must feel so overwhelmed and honoured that God himself chose you to play His son and to show the world who Jesus really is.
    I can’t get the image of Jesus out of my mind and just feel so close to him it’s like I now have a true face to put to His name and to see who I am doing life with. The love that reflect His spirit is beyond perfect.

    Thank you for everyone involved for creating a series that will transcend the generations.

  36. Sal Azar says
    01 March 13, 11:04am

    Where can I sent Mark

    An important book and Scrip ?

  37. Annelie says
    01 March 13, 11:09am

    You would probably have to go through one of the companies that he’s using to promote the Bible: Miniseries. You can try Motive Entertainment –


  38. Linda Bachert Conarty says
    02 March 13, 5:26pm

    I can’t wait to see the series in its entirety. All of the disciples are beloved and amazing and have died a martyrs death with the exception of John. The person who really speaks to my heart is Saul, who was renamed Paul, the apostle, who met Jesus Christ on the Damascus Road, on a mission, to hunt down and murder Christians. The story is so amazing for so many reasons. Have you ever read Conqueror in Chains? Have you ever thought about what a powerful, amazing, and beautiful story that would be regarding Paul’s life and his multiple missions journey that covered thousands of miles, and how he preached for the Lord, while being beaten, whipped, and imprisoned multiple times. He was a killer and a murderer, and one of the most religious jews of his day, following all the rules to “perfection” . . . until he met the risen Christ on the Damascus Road. What a story that would be! Please consider telling his story. Paul was on of the most influential men that preached the Gospel throughout history. His journey would be a remarkable story to tell and to show it on the big screen. People’s lives would be changed.

  39. Gretchen says
    03 March 13, 1:38pm

    I will have to see the production before commenting on it. I am always skeptical, especially with the History Channel, when it comes to true and honest depictions of the Christian faith. I pray that Burnett and Downey have not replaced scripture with theatrical license. As for the comments regarding race, I have always had a difficult time with inaccurate physical and linguistic representations, and since they are easy to depict, and I don’t understand the reasons for altering the facts. Unless every version of the Bible I have read is inaccurate, none of them have led me to believe that Christ was black or white. Caucasians in the Near Eastern and Middle Eastern regions, now represented by Jews and Arabs, originally included the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians, etc. Caucasian, as we know it, is unrelated to the Indo-European, Semitic, and Hamitic families. But more important than the actors that are chosen, is that the movie doesn’t misquote the Word of God.

  40. Jan says
    03 March 13, 9:31pm

    I am white and many of the actors don’t look anything like me and I’m not offended. I wish others could take the same view. This is a message of salvation to ALL PEOPLE. Take a look at the people in the Bible land area today. Turkey, Iraq, the fertile cresent – most of the people there look like the people in the movie. Why is that offensive?

  41. Darin says
    04 March 13, 12:26am

    GOD is an all-knowing, omnipotent GOD. For all of you concerned with race in this production, just as GOD said to Job: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.” If you are a true believer in GOD’S word, you must believe that his hand was on this production, just as he personally influence every aspect of scripture. I ask that you do not act as if you know GOD’S plan or his opinion. Just as JESUS said, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” The producers of this series, as BELIEVERS themselves, chose to use a wide variety of races for all characters so viewers focus on the message and not the race of the actors. I ask as you watch this series to focus on the eternal message of salvation and not the worldly view and opinions on how it should have been done differently.

    I understand that some of the stories in this production may not be completely accurate, but the LORD may be using it as stimulation for a lost soul to ask a question or to go to church for the first time to find out more. And if it saves one soul, if it leads one lost person to the salvation of CHRIST, then it was all worth it. Whether “mistakes” were made or not.

  42. Annelie says
    04 March 13, 10:42am

    I haven’t read all the comments thoroughly but I know there was a lot of theatrical license being used for sure and a lot left out and I’m not sure why the Bible has to be changed in film as it’s exciting enough with the truth as it is, but there must be a reason that they change things for the movies. God can still use this to bring others to Him or to lead them back to their Bibles to check for truth and that is a good thing!


  43. Nancy Harrell Ludrick says
    04 March 13, 1:15pm

    I could watch only a portion of it last evening as I could not abide the distortions of scripture! There are too many to count and those who made this will be held accountable as God has said there is to be nothing added, nothing taken away! I just hope people use discretion and see all the flaws present in the series which twists and distorts the truth of God’s word!

  44. Michael says
    04 March 13, 2:10pm

    While I applaud the creators for such an awesome undertaking it would have been a much better movie if they had stuck to the script. I am amazed at how many people responding on the internet about this series don’t realize that there are so many inaccuracies. Starting off with Noah quoting Genesis when most Biblical scholars believe that Genesis was written by Moses given to him directly from God. Also at the age of 75 Abram was told to leave his country and kindred. It is later on that he changes Abram’s name to Abraham. A ram not a lamb was provided for Abraham to offer up for sacrifice instead of isaac and I could go on.

  45. Lisa C says
    05 March 13, 3:45pm

    I thank God for inspiring Roma Downey and her husband to become involved in this life changing project. I see that there maybe some slight inaccuracies. However, I think that we should focus on what this film is meant to accomplish. I believe that it was God inspired so that the unsaved would come to accept Christ as their saviour. We live in a flawed world so how can we cannot expect perfection.
    I know that our Heavenly Father understands the purpose for this film and he will forgive the small indiscresion. Isn’t it irony, that we are so easy to judge and the purpose of the movie is to free us from sin and judgement. The movie demonstrate God’s Love, Grace and the forgivness of sins
    I hope everyone has the opportunity to view. Well done to all!
    God Bless your efforts

  46. Shawn says
    06 March 13, 5:10am

    The continued perpetuation of the depiction of Jesus as a brown eyed-blond messiah in the movie (and throughout history) may be for some a way to digest the teachings of the bible. Considering the dominant culture in the United States is traditionally Western, it may have been difficult for producers of the movie to pitch their idea if Jesus was portrayed as a Middle Easterner of that time, for example, a dark skinned, short curly hair, broad face etc. Some say focusing on the facial features of Jesus is not important, his teachings are, and I would agree. However, in the context of the complex history of “White superiority “ and “Black and Brown inferiority ” viewing this heroic story through a racial and cultural prism is difficult to ignore.

  47. Robin says
    06 March 13, 8:37pm

    I watched “The Beginning” and although the “story” kept my interest with the amazing special affects, I found there to be many instances where the show was not true to Scripture. So what are we saying here, that it’s okay to “drama up” the Bible? I’m truly disappointed. And I’m sad to say, I am also not surprised.

  48. Annelie says
    07 March 13, 12:44pm

    Great article from Entertainment Weekly about miracles on the set while making the movie –

    Pretty interesting!


  49. Sandra Kerstetter says
    08 March 13, 3:02pm

    I did not like Abraham’s hair cut. He looked like he just got out of the Barber shop!
    Was Samson Black with dreadlocks? Samson was a Jew, not an African! Dreadlocks and Barber shop haircuts were done in the Bible!!!!! Thjese 2 things were :Poorly Done!!!!!

  50. Gina says
    11 March 13, 7:17am

    Truly a God inspired movie/series. Thank you for presenting this world with God’s Word and for bringing the Word to life.

    It has a way of showing what happens to a life when man does things his way and when a man does things God’s way. Life can truly be a blessing or a curse.

    The pages of God’s word is more alive today than it has ever been. His return is drawing nigh, the veil is being lifted from man’s eyes and His word is changing lives.

    Thank you for following His call and for giving this series to this world. Truly your crown in heaven will be full.

  51. Sherry says
    11 March 13, 3:48pm

    Sadly I am unable to watch The Bible…I don’t have the history channel. Saw trailers and I know it is an awesome movie, but guess I have to wait…can’t afford $40 to reserve DVD either…glad it was made and so many people have been able to watch this awesome story.

  52. Bob Barker says
    11 March 13, 4:00pm

    I’ve been a Christian minister for nearly 40 years with thousands of hours of Bible study and research under my belt. I was eager and excited to learn the History Channel was releasing a series to depict the words of the Bible. My eagerness, however, was destroyed by the introductory segment because of the gross distortions and complete errors in the production. It is clearly not delivering the Bible or even a paraphrase of the Bible. It is inaccurate and untrue to the Biblical text. It is not The Bible. It is a distorted something else.

  53. Karen says
    11 March 13, 9:38pm

    I was excited to watch the program, but honestly I found it much too violent thus far. It seems the stories they chose to depict so far were mainly of the different biblical wars/battles. I was somewhat disappointed in there being so much bloodshed.

  54. Patrick says
    11 March 13, 10:41pm

    I haven’t seen this yet, but did they remember to include the part where Lot offers his own virgin daughters up to the men of Sodom, to “do ye to them as is good in your eyes”? Or the part after they flee Sodom where Lot’s own daughters lie with him? “Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.”

  55. Martha says
    12 March 13, 6:21am

    As I watched my husband kept coming in and out of the room, finally he stopped, watched and started asking questions. I was able to open the bible, read and share. This movie brought to life the stories and life lessons he never knew or understood. it brought an opportunity for dialogue and study. I am loving the series and look forward to more. It saddens me that there could be negative posts on here. Any opportunity to bring someone to Christ should be welcomed, are we not supposed to build up instead of breaking down. Very sad to see those who are supposed to teach be negative instead of turning it into an opportunity.

  56. Annelie says
    12 March 13, 9:04am

    That is AWESOME Martha – thank you so much for sharing that great news!


  57. Annelie says
    12 March 13, 9:05am

    No, they didn’t address that part – they move REALLY quickly through the Bible so they don’t have time to go through all of it.


  58. dotty says
    12 March 13, 6:42pm

    The movie has been great! I got my Bible out and found each story told, it amazingly accurate. Well worth watching.

  59. DC says
    12 March 13, 8:11pm

    I am grateful that that someone has decided to put a movie out about the Bible. But when there are so many things added into the movie that are not in the Bible and others that should be, it is very upsetting. I understand time and trying to get people to connected to Christ but watching the movie was very upsetting to me. The story of Samson was so altered that I’m wondering what will happen in the movie when Jesus comes in. I am in love with my Bible but this movie should have another name because it is not true to the Bible I or anyone one I know reads.

    I pray though that if there are lost souls out there that do see this movie. They have a tug on their heart from Christ and they open up the REAL, TRUE, AND LIVING BIBLE so that they are able to read the TRUTH.

  60. Iz says
    13 March 13, 10:35am

    It was a real disappointment to watch the 2nd part of the Bible mini series. There were so many inaccuracies that it was difficult to recognize the biblical accounts. The movie actually rewrote the accounts and twisted them to such a degree that I would say they are not the biblical account at all. They certainly miss the whole biblical message. I think people could better use this 2 hours to read the real accounts in the Bible and to turn off the History Channel

  61. Megan says
    13 March 13, 8:28pm

    I agree with IZ. It truly is disappointing that a show that professed Biblical truth would take the Bible and shame it in such a way that twists God’s Word. The little details DO matter…and they really messed up on the little details.

  62. Joe says
    13 March 13, 9:25pm

    You do not have to be a Bible scholar to see the gross injustice to the meaning of the scriptures found in this series “The Bible” on the history channel. The obedience of God’s servants are totally neglected in each and every one of the stories. If someone wants to create a Biblical movie based on the Word of God, then just use the Word of God. In the story of Abraham and Issac, Abraham was told by God to travel three days journey to a place where God would show him for the sacrifice to be made, not close enough for Sarah to go running after them, however one of the greatest prophetic scriptures was skipped. Issac said to Abraham look the fire and the wood but where is the lamb for the burnt offering… it is…..Abraham said my son God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering. This was a prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ going to the cross, God providing Himself a sacrifice for the sins of the world.
    I am totally disappointed with Roma Downey and her husband on the creation of this series on the Bible, I do not know what Bible they got there information from, but I do know where they got their influence to mis-represent God’s Holy Word and message to a lost and dying world, and that is from the same enemy as it has always been, the devil.

  63. Ted says
    16 March 13, 3:45am

    Great show, it must took years to do this. My hat off to you, and god bless you. I know this just outline the Bible, we pray many will get the desire to study the King James Bible

  64. Doug says
    17 March 13, 6:02am

    I have only seen the first 2 parts and am looking for an online connection for the second 2 parts. The Bible is full of real stories of real people with all their faults and imperfections. I think that is what makes it so real for me. It lets me know that only one perfect person has ever walked this earth and his name is Jesus Christ. All the remaining characters are just people who have either chosen to follow Him or or disobey Him and He has taken our punishment for our sins on the cross about 2000 years ago. Based on my read and understanding of the Bible, so far I am very impressed with the presentation. Hopefully this series will cause people to open the Bible and read it. Through prayer and thoughtful study, I am sure God will guide all who take then next step. I pray this series ignites a spark to change lives and increase His Kingdom. Amen.

  65. Christian says
    17 March 13, 7:27pm

    I will have to agree with many of the individuals posting in regards to accuracy of this series. With my Bible open I watch and find find multiple important points missed, things added for what must be dramatic effect, and some complete historical inaccuracies. In several texts, the Bible clearly states NOT add or remove from Gods word. Start in Deuteronomy 4:2. Do a search and you will find several more. The Word of God aka The Bible is inspired. This entertaining television show was not. Too bad.

  66. J. Seda says
    17 March 13, 7:51pm

    Worse than lies are the half truths this distortion of the Bible is presenting. This movie has misquoted and misrepresented the scriptures on every episode. I don’t think God takes that very lightly.

  67. Kristie says
    17 March 13, 7:59pm

    The Bible is like any other movie!!! READ THE BOOK TO FILL IN THE REST OF THE STORY!! This movie does move fast but so far very good!! we need something to get the minds of non believers moving!! These are the stories we have all heard when we were little and hopefully will help someone who isn’t a believer……want to believe!!! I’m so glad that this movie was made!! Thank you

  68. Michelle says
    17 March 13, 8:22pm

    Like the series overall but disappointed with gore and close ups of children getting killed. I can appreciate the historical and visual details, but we are watching this as a family and I am surprised at the time dedicated to the drawn out killing scenes. the blood and gore is a bit much.

    A bit more discretion on part of the editing would have been appreciated.

  69. Casey says
    17 March 13, 8:49pm

    I must admit I have been looking forward to watchin this series since the first time i saw the commercial. It has inspired me to read more of my bible, but I must admit I am quite dissapointed. It is focusing primarily on the old testament and with only 2 episodes left it is leaving out SO much. The New Testament they are skipping SO much and arent even going to be showing anything about Paul who wrote most of it. I really hope they make the last episode amazing and recover from the disapointing week 3.

  70. Romie says
    17 March 13, 10:47pm

    “The Bible Movie does leave out key parts of scripture but it provides an opportunity to witness to people who don’t know Jesus. It also reminds me to pray and give thanks to The Lord daily for what He did for me.

  71. Crystal says
    17 March 13, 11:57pm

    Samson was not Jewish. His lineage can be traced back to the tribe of Dan. Judges 13:2 establishes that. Interestingly, the first occurrence of the word “Jew” does not appear in Scripture until Esther 2:5 and in the plural case not until II Kings 16:6.

    Also, Yahshua, that is to say, Jesus was a descendant of David’s bloodline. I Samuel 17:42 describes David as “ruddy.” “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible” defines “ruddy” as the following:

    אדמוני אדמני
    ‘admônı̂y ‘admônı̂y
    ad-mo-nee’, ad-mo-nee’
    From H119; reddish (of the hair or the complexion): – red, ruddy.

    To show blood (in the face), that is, flush or turn rosy: – be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

    Additionally, there are historical descriptions of Yahshua:

  72. JackB says
    18 March 13, 11:49am

    For a more in-depth analysis of each episode in the days following the airing dates, please visit my Facebook page ‘Jack Burton Sr.’
    Let us pray together that, despite the gross inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and omissions of the faith and obedience of God’s servants, that the Lord may still use this production to draw many who are lost before His Throne of Grace!!!

  73. Mikael says
    18 March 13, 2:25pm

    I live in the central part of Israel and am unable to view this series. However, as soon as I learned it had Rick Warren’s fingerprints all over it I immediately became skeptical. I’m hearing from all directions about the inaccuracies infested in this production. No thanks.

  74. Msluigi says
    18 March 13, 9:18pm

    Like to know what bible Nic used or read totally inaccurate in some stories, deceiving those who have never read the bible.Totally added to or took away from what is actually written. Would be accused of perjury in a court of law. Write the facts not assumptions. Poorly, Poorly done.

    19 March 13, 12:35pm


  76. Vickie Shaw says
    19 March 13, 1:25pm

    Children of God, read the Word, we must be students of the Word to know the truth, sad to say this is not truth.

  77. Barbara says
    19 March 13, 6:50pm

    Before they decided to do movie, they should read it first!
    I found many untrue stories and errors in the production.
    It is not delivering the Bible at all.
    It is inaccurate and untrue to the Biblical text.
    I got angry watching many movie scenes like scenes with Angles or birth of Jesus.
    Bungling and ignorance can describe it the best.

  78. Katie says
    20 March 13, 6:00pm

    Still don’t know what to think about The Bible Mini-series??
    Read my review here:

  79. Gene says
    24 March 13, 2:07pm

    I haven’t taken the time to sit down and watch the miniseries as of yet ,but I am amazed at some of the comments on here… What gets me is there are those who are defenders of the faith, who take every passage of scripture very serious.. There are those who tend to be a little less liberal, and just like the fact that they have a visual of what they may have read at maybe some point of their life…
    Anyone who thinks that any piece of literature can be accurately portrayed in film, is being just a little bit naive…
    One thing I recall from when I was a teenager watching bible programs of that day, was it motivated me to not only read the passage, but it also helped me to come to repentance, and trust in Jesus Christ, and at the same time realizing you can’t always trust someone else version of a story…

  80. AJ says
    24 March 13, 6:41pm

    Is not religion just ones interpretation of belief? Shame on you NAY Sayers…. Especially the preachers and acclaimed practitioners. It is refreshing, no matter how it is portrayed. I am a Jew, still my children and I compared the stories. (inaccuracies and all). What a great opportunity to, read, watch and research together. It’s about faith and ratings my peers, not criticism and denomination….. Just enjoy it.

  81. Lenniece Orji says
    24 March 13, 7:07pm

    I was so disappointed after viewing the episodes. The inaccurate details of scripture to me is insulting, but in these last days the Word of God speaks

    2 Timothy 4:3-4

    New International Version (NIV)

    3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

  82. Mary says
    24 March 13, 7:20pm

    I cannot watch any more of this series because it pains me that very little attempt was made to keep accurate with the text – the inspired Word of God. I am glad if it makes people become interested in the Bible – but what an opportunity lost to reach out with the truth – what the Bible actually does say! God says each word of His is important, so to change things like the raising of Lazarus – not to even have Jesus say in a loud voice “Lazarus, come forth!” (which is just one example of many inaccuracies) is to lesson the impact that God designed it to have. Once we feel free to change the Words of God “only a little” it opens the door to change it however we want – which leaves us with no Word of God left – only men’s opinions. The Word is light and truth, and where we find not only the way to salvation. Jesus said man lives by “every” word of God.

  83. Richard says
    24 March 13, 7:24pm

    Bob Barker says he has taught the bible for years. His comment was “It is clearly not delivering the Bible or even a paraphrase of the Bible. It is inaccurate and untrue to the Biblical text. It is not The Bible. It is a distorted something else.”

    So instead of embarcing this mini-series which has people running to their bible and once again talking about religion around the water cooler at work….including some that I work with that surprised me by talking about it you use your “type” to blast the movie.

    As a man of the cloth why not say something positive instead of putting down a mini-series that is allowing American’s to once again talk about Christian beliefs.

  84. Annelie says
    25 March 13, 6:52am

    Thank you AJ for your comments.


  85. Jessica says
    25 March 13, 8:17am

    It is slighty bothersome to have things “dramatized” and “changed” in this miniseries, but first of all, it is television. I am not sure what else to expect from television. Also, I think that it is misleading on a small scope in some regards, but if this miniseries can lead a person to prayer and asking questions about the Bible and the Love of God, I pray that they find Jesus through that. The world is changing; people want to forget that a God has ever performed miracles and loved us so much that he died for our sins. If people can find that love and fulfillment in their lives by exposure from this series, then I am glad that it was aired and I pray that they truly do find salvation through Jesus Messiah.

  86. Darren says
    25 March 13, 9:23am

    I too am shocked at the hypocracy of so many comments. You naysayers, you know who you are, are no better than the pharasees that Jesus condemned. You pick and chose and speak nothing of love but of disdain for what you consider an inaccurate story line.

    Wake up. What message has been lost? So they portrayed a compassionate Jesus that went into the tomb instead of standing on the outside and demanding Lazaruz to come out.

    You see, by focusing on the ‘letter’ of the law (as you chose to see it) you fail to see the true message that Jesus had from the beginning and that was to change the world. To give those who had no chance of ever being ‘learned’ or scholars, comfort and promised the likes of these clear passage to the Kingdom of God. Did Jesus not say in this very episode, that the meek and the lowly shall inhereit Gods Kingdom.

    Get off you priestly petastools all of you and beg God for forgiveness and a softened, more loving and appreciative heart. The History Channel have the whole world talking of Christ and the Holy Scriptures are being read all over the world. This is a good thing, and like the Pharasees all you high and mighty types can think of nothing but how wrong it is.

    Just like the main theme of the story last night. Take a very long and sincere look inside your hearts my friends and pray as I will pray for each of you.

  87. GUEST says
    25 March 13, 12:12pm

    If you are going to make a movie called the bible the least you can do is stick to accurate and not take create license to change details. Too many bible illiterates will take every scene as a fact. The Visual Bible Co. stayed true to scripture but too bad they went out of business. Little wonder the secular world and much of Christendom will support entertainment over real substance and reality. Read the real Bible folks, cause this was not it. Anyone who has read their whole bible from Genesis to Revelation does not want it disrespected by changing any part of it. Wish all Christians commenting how great this movie is had a revelation on how important every word of the bible really is.

  88. GUEST says
    25 March 13, 12:18pm

    Darren people who respect every word in that bible do not want it misquoted. If you bought a history book on our Founding Fathers do you want it filled with fallacies? This movie was called THE BIBLE, it should have been based on the bible or inspired by the bible but since it was promoted as the Bible they should have stuck to accurate events down to the smallest detail. If you are going to tell the story correctly why cut corners or change it? This was disrespectful to the genuine bible whom research said 90 percent of Christians have not read cover to cover Genesis to Revelation! That is what is outrageous, bible illiteracy. That is how cult religions start with revising the bible or recreating it into their own theories. No wonder Jesus said many would be deceived in this last day. Read the bible verse about why a little leaven is not good for the whole bunch.

  89. Darren says
    25 March 13, 4:01pm

    Guest, the exact same things that the pharasees said about Jesus. You see, Jesus knows hearts, and could care less about the dribble that comes out of mouths. You see action is always better than intent, as is praise is better than ridicule. I don’t think Jesus cared to much about the details, should we? Of course not. Jesus said why worry, let God take care of things.

    I would be and am way more concerned with my own heart, to be too worried about what people may or may not think of Mark and Roma’s effort. The simple question is, whom do you think Jesus is going to think more of: those who belittle good intent and publicly say so, or those of a lovely heart who see something in this series that causes them to pray for the first time, even perhaps reaching out to a church. How can you or anyone know that Mark and Roma were not lead by Spirit to create the series as it is. If in fact the answer to this is, that you do not. Then of what value is your or any like opinion.

    Do not be dismayed with the power of the Spirit. Milions are watching week after week. They are watching for a reason. A reason known only to them and our loving God. Is this not enough for each one of a Gods children. It really should be, because if we cannot trust God in everything, then what value is our trust?

  90. Darren says
    25 March 13, 4:28pm

    Guest, many seem to overlook what Jesus said would happen.

    Jhn 14:26 But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

    I truly hope that you have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, because if you do, then surely you are very aware of the two Greatest Commandments.

    Mat 22:36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

    Mat 22:37 Jesus replied: “ ’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

    Mat 22:38 This is the first and greatest commandment.

    Mat 22:39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

    Mat 22:40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    Do you not see the futility in speaking poorly of others, who maybe walking in Spirit, according to Spirit. Rather, is it not more loving to them as well as to God, to thank them for their effort, to thank the History Channel for giving them voice, and pray that God can use all of this to the greatest benefit to all. This is of course a lesson the Pharisees never learned.

    Oh ‘lovely’ in the pervious post should have been ‘lonely’ though God likely thinks a contrite heart as quite lovely. 🙂

  91. C says
    25 March 13, 5:00pm

    This miniseries was awesome even though some stuff were missing.. this is a fast paced drama and of course they don’t have time to do every details. But the basics are there so it will give people some biblical information and let God lead them. I don’t know why alot of people were saying its not accurate or poorly done.. do you know how long the series was actually made?? It will take them forever to fit every single details. Shame on those people who say this series is non accurate, the director tried his or her best to let this drama to be made. How about you guys direct this movie…. do you think you will fit every single bits of details in the movie? Of course not. and obviously they have limited time. So people plz be saying this kindly but really pissed off of those people who say this drama is inaccurate. Please watch this drama and if u guys think its not accurate.. bring out the bible and read it yourself and see.

  92. Fred says
    25 March 13, 6:36pm

    Those of you quoting the Bible and stating that the film is inaccurate might want to share which version of the Bible you are quoting, so that the rest of us will know why what you are saying does not mesh with what we are reading in our Bibles.

    Different versions of the Bible are, well, different. I have not tried to figure out which version of the Bible the film uses, but whichever one it was, it will be different from the version of the Bible many of you are using.

    Yes, the producers have taken a little license with the script. But overall I find the production to be well done. Even Cecile B. DeMille did not part the Red Sea. He turned two waterfalls sideways and printed one of them backwards. Moses would have been proud.

  93. Annelie says
    25 March 13, 6:40pm

    I didn’t know that about the Red Sea – that was a really neat fact. Thanks for sharing that!

    There is a note at the beginning of the film stating it’s an adaptation.


  94. Churchlady says
    25 March 13, 7:49pm

    Enjoyed the movie until I realized that the actor playing satan was an impersonator of the President of the United States. Disrespectful! And who says satan is black anyway. Our group was very disappointed.

  95. Annelie says
    26 March 13, 6:11am

    They makers of the film have come out and said that was not their intention at all. They are supporters of our president and wouldn’t have knowingly done that. The man that plays Satan is not a black man. I hope that helps.


  96. aaa says
    26 March 13, 1:18pm

    My first thought after watching 4 episodes:

    1.- Abraham moves to a promised holy land…invading others territory.

    2.- For being God’s people, they kill, betray and commit adultery way too much.

    No mean to disrespect but after these episodes I almost see Israel as a genocide and not god worthy people…

  97. 26 March 13, 6:43pm

    Oh – I have an idea! – let’s take some Bible characters and Bible stories – and make up our own versions of them! Let’s change it up a bit. I think we can improve on some of the characters and stories. People won’t know the difference anyway. We can make a really popular TV show, have some nice music in the background, and some really good special effects, and people will love it. (See my blog for reviews on all four episodes)

  98. Phil says
    28 March 13, 10:17pm

    I have seen many comments about the inaccuracies in the “Bible”. However, none of the comments that I have seen mention the ethnic and racial inaccuracies of the the biblical ages. How dare they make Jews and Arabs look like Europeans? This is an ongoing saga by European (white) producers of biblical movies. It was true in “Moses”, and “Sampson and Delilah”, They portrayed natives of Arab countries inaccurately. They were not NOT Caucasion. Why can’t movie producers be ethnically and racially correct? Those casting decisions were made by several casting staff and researchers. Please wise up Hollywood.

  99. Jah says
    31 March 13, 4:01pm

    Seriously disappointing!

  100. patty says
    01 April 13, 10:03am

    there may have been inaccuracies in the story but look what it has done. I mean my husband accually wants to go to church with me now he was never interested before. My kids started to read up on the bible and think it is a fasinating story and each asked if they could barrow my bible to read it. It got every one talking and that is a good thing. You have to remember it is hollywood they do what they do but they did a good thing here. It was a powerful story and I thank everyone who was involved for making it.

  101. MrsS says
    01 April 13, 7:22pm

    Regarding the racial/ethnic inaccuracies, that is to be expected. It is a mini-series made by those of European descent so there will be many European looking people in the show. I was a little disappointed by the extreme paleness of Jesus’ mother Mary but not surprised since, let’s face it, there was no way Roma Downey was NOT playing Jesus’ mother in a series created by her husband so of course young Mary had to be American looking. Not only that, there was no way Jesus was NOT going to be pale and brown haired as depicted in almost every Jesus picture displayed around the world and it would have looked weird to have a pale Jesus with an obviously ethnic mother. But I was pleasantly surprised that so many of the other players, like Sampson, were definitely not of European descent. Despite the inaccuracies, I loved this series and will buy it when it is released on DVD.

  102. Shawn says
    02 April 13, 5:12am

    So you agree with the idea that the ends justify the means regardless of the inaccuracies depicted in the telling of the bible on the history channel. Maybe I am idealistic, but I think the truth matters.

  103. Annelie says
    02 April 13, 6:12am

    The truth does indeed matter but the purpose of this film was to lead people to think about God and search the Scriptures for themselves and that is what has happened in a lot of cases. It’s the same with most Christian movies. They are not made with the purpose of teaching Doctrine but impressing people to change their lives and turn their lives over to God.


  104. Vincent says
    02 April 13, 8:56am

    FOA, sorry for my english. I just wanna say a thing about all the comments I read. I just buy the series on dvd, and I will recieve it in a couple of days, Im born again, im 22, and im in the miniterie in my church. I study the Word of God every day and my heart live for him, by his grace. I have a lot of fears and doubts about this series, because i’ve seen to much “christian mark” things be innacurate. But all the commentaries i’va read, saying thiings… there is no love in these. So much bad words.

    Maybe the series in disapointing, but we don’t have to sin because of that, let love each other and pray the Lord for His return. If we think that the series is a wall for the gospel, let preach the Gospel in our Home, in our Town, and we’ll not focuse anymore on tv shows.

    Preach the Word of God and people will come to His grace.

    Come back Lord, we waiting you. Sorry for our lacking of your Love. Guide us!

  105. Bess says
    03 April 13, 3:53pm

    I liked the movie and felt the Spirit while watching. No, it was not accurate in some instances, but it is a movie, not the Holy Scriptures that were inspired of God. This movie was created by fallible humans, such as we all are. I have read many negative comments concerning the racial background of the characters, the hair styles, even that Jesus’s mother had cosmetic surgery! If these are the kind of things viewers focused on, no wonder they missed the “spirit.”
    When God looks at His creations (us), does he see our race, our hair cuts, our wrinkles or effort to hide them? No, He sees our HEART! I never once noticed any of the things people have commented on, I was too engrossed in wondering how it would have been to be able to walk and talk to Jesus and the Saints in those days. I have been studying the Bible (the Holy Book) for many years, so I do know there were errors in this movie. So there are with any historical piece of work. The movie can actually be a good tool for contrasting the true Word of God with man’s vain attempt to depict it. In depth discussions could initiate an interest in the genuine source. Hopefully, many might decide to read the Word to learn the Truth. Isn’t that what all we Christians want? There were also many comments about the violence. It is what it is! These were very violent times and the truth is the truth. The Bible must be accepted as a Whole Truth, we cannot leave out parts that offend us, or shock us, or frighten us.
    I will send each of my grown children and their families the DVD and challenge them to locate all the inaccuracies. They have grown up in the Church and have studied the Bible; however, since becoming busy adults, some have neglected their studies. I believe this challenge will encourage them to dig deep into the WORD to rekindle their love and knowledge of the God they serve!

  106. Concerned says
    03 April 13, 9:48pm

    I have to agree. Everyone knows that movies never play out the same as the book. Which is the same for this mini series.

    Is this movie made with the intentions of getting someone saved. Probably not. The movie does open the eyes of people and allows the heart to want to know the lord better. It makes people get interested. Thus bringing them to the bible.

    I dont know about you all, but any help getting people right with god is a good thing. The movie is for entertainment purposes only. And most grown ups would understand this.

  107. Shawn says
    04 April 13, 7:05am

    I agree with the premise that the History Channel’s The Bible can be the catalyst for some to change their lives as they grow and get to know God. This is a positive thing. I just sometimes question the medium that is used by movie producers and executives.

  108. 07 April 13, 8:34am


  109. Darren says
    21 April 13, 11:06am

    I actually loved the series, I don’t understand why people are moaning about it ??
    Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

  110. Vic says
    21 April 13, 8:06pm

    What the actor look like is not really important! The more important in this movie is to reveal GOD’S GLORY and plan to man kinds. I watch a lot of biblical movies more of them is inaccurate base in the real story of the bible. But it don’t make since this is only a movie. You know what is the biggest problem for a most Christian believer? They are walking in their own understanding, discriminations of faith, claiming that their religion only will save when the day of rapture. It sad to say that some Pastor did not really understand the truth, because they defend only on their own understanding, Scriptures say: Trust in the lord with all your hearth and lean not on your own understanding.
    God send his son to the world to destroy the work of evil, and to SAVE man kind.

    JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Who are we to change this covenant from god?


  111. Kacey says
    12 May 13, 5:12am

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    hoping to check out the same high-grade content from you later on as well.
    In fact, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own, personal
    blog now 😉

  112. TF says
    29 July 13, 9:27am

    We live overseas right now and would love to view this mini-series, as we have heard so much about it. Is there anywhere that we can view it online? Even maybe buy the video online and download it to our computer? It is unlikely that we would receive the DVD here if we ordered it, as it would likely be confiscated as contraband. Also, are you planning on making it in other languages? If it is as powerful as it seems to be, we would love to show it to others around us. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon! 🙂

  113. Annelie says
    29 July 13, 11:27am
  114. 11 September 13, 12:08pm

    HI Friends,

    I teach Old and New testament at a high school I wanted to show a few clips of the bible, has anyone devised a chapter and verse method to where to find parts of the bible on the DVD? For instance, I want to go instantly to Abraham offering Isaac? How do I find out which episode it is and what time stamp it is on the DVD with out having to FF through an entire disc? If something exists, I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you!

    IN HIM


  115. Annelie says
    11 September 13, 12:18pm

    There should be an option for chapters and it should be the first episode so closer to the beginning. They go very fast through the scenes.
    The chapter search should be the best way and then write down the exact time for the Abraham/Isaac scene.


  116. ashish nandwani says
    02 October 13, 6:35am

    hello dear is you
    i want watch the bible film for dvd hd give in india for i can do buy let butb full watch dvd only. your come india dvd for people learn feel would have.

  117. Annelie says
    02 October 13, 6:59am

    You can purchase it here:

    Not sure where in India directly you could buy it though.


  118. audrey says
    06 April 15, 6:28am

    watched the Dateline interview and the AD episode. Only objection is to the commercial for erectile disfunct0n between these two segments. Have parental controls but unfortunately these control these type commercials even on the Disney channel. Don’t like to have young kids exposed to any sexual type commercials and feel these should NOT be part of any programming kids are exposed to.

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