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The Book of Esther

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This version of Esther has some unique moments. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

The Book of Esther


Film Description:

The Book of Esther – Good battles evil in this timeless story of Biblical heroism.

When Ester becomes King Xerxes’ queen, her Cousin Mordecai and that despicable Haman engage in a dangerous game of intrigue for control of the young Persian King Xerxes.

It’s not secret that Haman plans to exterminate the Jews, but Haman’s plan include something horrible for Mordecai and his people.  It is up to Mordecai’s cousin Esther to win the affection of the King, unmask Haman’s treachery and save the Jewish people.

Can Esther convince her husband to spare her people – even though she may be putting her own life at risk?

Based upon the book of Esther, this delightful retelling emphasizes the value of courage, faith and obedience.


The Book of Esther - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Bible Pure Flix 2 4

The Book of Esther - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Bible Pure Flix 2

The Book of Esther - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Bible Pure Flix 3

  • Thaao Penghlis … Haman
  • Robert Miano … Mordecai
  • Marco Khan … Guard #2
  • Mark Irvingsen … Gaspar
  • Hadeel Sittu … Zara
  • Jen Lilley … Queen Esther
  • David Pires … Noble #3
  • Russell Wolfe … Sardar
  • Carl Turner … Nobleman #1
  • Joel Smallbone … Xerxes
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The Book of Esther, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Johnny Payne says
    15 July 13, 10:46am

    This is one of the worst movie of the story of Esther that I have seen. The salute is that of a Roman Soldier salute (can we say how many generations separates the two Empires?) the clothing is those of the Roman time period as well. Historically this movie is wrong. The movie has Mordicai first suggesting to see Queen Vashti, this not correct. Memucan one of the seven counselors of the king is the one that made suggestion to the King to replace Vashti. The movie also has Mordicai as being one of the Kings counselors, this is not true. The book of Esther has Mordicai as being a scribe it was only after Haman’s plot is discover and he is killed that Mordicai is brought to a position of influence.

    Over all this was a nice attempt but the directors and witers need to study their Bible more and know the historical facts. While it was a low budget film it could have been done better and a little more time taken to ensure its stays true to the Bible and to historical facts. My wife and I turned off the movie about half way through because each of us ended up not liking the movie because we do know our Bible, the Book of Esther and the historical facts.

    Please hire people who are willing to do the correct research and who knows their Bibles.

  2. Phyllis says
    29 July 13, 5:49pm

    Agree with Mr. Payne. The movie was a big let-down. It was not historically correct or even worse, Biblically correct. King Xerxes was presented as a young boy. A lot of Biblical facts were left out. This was a low-budget film and the acting followed suit. Jen Lilley is lovely and played her role beautifully.

  3. Fabiola Summers says
    02 August 13, 8:29am

    Perhaps mr peyne can hire his own directors and writers and do a better job himself. In my opinion the plot was great, i was intrigued with esther’s courage, thank God for movies such this. It is tiring to see secular movies, it is written if you have nothing nice to say say none at all.

  4. The Tishbite says
    05 September 13, 12:52am

    This movie was a mockery of God’s holy Word. A big joke. People who have no clue what the Word says like that movie. My wife and my kids shut this comedy off after 10 minutes.

  5. Brenda says
    30 March 14, 9:40pm

    I have not seen this movie yet, but a friend of mine recommended it to me as a close portrait of what is in the bible. I am going to watch it this weekend and will comment in full detail afterwards.
    NOTE: If you think this is bad you definitely will not like the new “NOAH” movie 2014.

  6. Connie Bausell says
    06 April 14, 8:44am

    Where to start? Very inaccurate. We watched the entire movie, then recaped the true story.Xerxes was cute and likable. He was neither. The real story is SO much better!

  7. Julie says
    24 April 14, 10:02pm

    This was an excellent movie. I have watched it many times, and read the story of Esther many times.
    It was a job well done.

  8. Sarah Feildings says
    15 September 14, 7:24am

    This is the best movie ever. It is so well put. It is a little different from the way the Bible tells it, but not much. every one in our family loves it.

  9. Sarah Feildings says
    15 September 14, 7:26am

    This was a wonderful movie! It is close to the biblical account in the book of Esther. My family and I also love the movie ‘the book of Daniel’. You see a lot of the same actors and actresses in both. I think the movie is very well done! And maybe it will point the ones who don’t like it toward reading God’s word!!

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