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The Burning Hell (El infierno ardiente)

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Film Synopsis:

This film is a scriptural interpretation of what the Bible has to say about a literal hell. The film seeks to portray in graphic terms all of the horror of hell and how to escape its flames. Of central importance in the film is the incident involving the rich man and Lazarus. Millions of people have been saved in Spanish and English speaking countries through this film. The film is sixty minutes and in color.

“In this gruesome spiritual drama, Tim Ormond appears as a cyclist whose biker buddy denounces Jesus—and is promptly decapitated in a wreck. Tim makes his way to the Rev. Pirkle’s church, where he tearfully asks the minister if his friend is going to hell. Always the voice of Christian charity, Pirkle consoles him by answering that, yes, his friend is probably roasting in fiery torment that very minute. An Ormond colleague estimates that ‘a million-plus souls’ came running to devote their lives to Jesus after viewing the Ormonds’ films.”

  • Jimmy Robbins … The Rich Man
  • Tim Ormond … The Wayward Christian
  • Dr R.G. Lee … Himself
  • Dr Jack Hyles … Himself (Guest Preacher)
  • Dr Bob Gray … Himself (Guest Preacher)
  • Clarence Hendricks … Lazarus
  • Don Green … Moses
  • Carl Lackey … Abraham
  • Vaughn Denton … Korah
  • Mike Fine … Nathanael
  • Earl Farley … Phillip
  • Billy Kent … Narack
  • Buddy Mullinax … King of Babylon
  • Maurice Banks … The Killer
Company: Estus Pirkle Evangelistic Association
Contact Person:
Phone: (662) 988-2789
Fax: (662) 988-3111
Email: Email Contact

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  1. cierra says
    25 June 12, 12:26pm

    I Android trying to order a copy of “the burning hell” on dvd. Please tell me how because amazon does not have any more available for purchase day this time

  2. Annelie says
    25 June 12, 1:56pm

    just click on the banner that is across the picture. If not available at Amazon – try -direct from the Company. You’ll have to fill out an order form.


  3. Johnson chege says
    08 October 12, 12:16pm

    I watched this film many years back and two missionaries who had visited Kenya had this film. I’ve been looking for it all over in vain. I wish to request if I can get it for it sacred guys I know who were against the gospel and they confessed to me that they them believed hell was real.

  4. Annelie says
    10 October 12, 7:09am

    There is a link to purchase this film above. It’s the actual website where you have to fill out a form to order it.


  5. pastor charles says
    12 March 13, 8:02am

    please i will like to buy this film…Am in Africa i don,t know how i can get this film..Please do you ship your films to Africa,Nigeria .Please let me know and also how i can make the payment or do you have any address store in Nigeria where i can buy this film..God bless you. PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS YOU CAN

  6. Annelie says
    12 March 13, 9:06am

    You have to order through this website – – I’m not sure if they ship to Africa or not. You’ll have to fill out the order form or contact them to find out.


  7. Steven pillay says
    27 August 13, 12:11pm

    hello. my name is steven.i watched this movie wen i was eight years old n it moved me .
    i cant find this movie in any store in south africa.i belong 2 d name is steven n this film had a impact on my life since i was 8yrs der a way of my getting this movie now 47yrs n havnt seen it in south africa

  8. Annelie says
    28 August 13, 10:52am

    You will have to order the movie here:


  9. derrick brown says
    26 September 13, 1:17pm

    I saw this film around 1984 and the power that it had if I were not saved then this film would have done the job. It brings the reality of Hell to life.

  10. Samson Babatunde Ilesanmi says
    19 April 15, 4:15am

    We need a donation of burning hell dvd and believers heaven and other films to show to muslim populations in Nigeria that persecute Christians through bombs and mass slaughter.

  11. Annelie says
    19 April 15, 9:54am

    You can try contacting distribution companies for a donation of films – here is the link to different companies:

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