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The Butterfly Circus (Short)

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

A very powerful film that shows the power that love and faith can bring to the most hopeless of individuals…just like us all!

The Butterfly Circus

Film Description:

The Butterfly Circus – At the height of the Great Depression, the showman of a renowned circus leads his troupe through the devastated American landscape, lifting the spirits of audiences along the way. During their travels they discover a man without limbs at a carnival sideshow. However, after an intriguing encounter with the showman he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed.

“This film speaks to God having chosen people with a discoverable plan and purpose”

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This film is being made into a Feature Film – Here!

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Topic: Disabilities

The Butterfly Circus Film

The Butterfly Circus (Short)

The Butterfly Circus Film/Movie

Film Cast

  • Eduardo Verástegui … Mr. Mendez
  • Nick Vujicic … Will
  • Doug Jones … Otto
  • Matt Allmen … George
  • Connor Rosen … Sammy
  • Lexi Pearl … Anna
  • Bob Yerkes … Poppy
  • Mark Atteberry … Announcer
  • Kirk Bovill … Jimmy – Painted Man
  • Christian Pikes … Inspired Boy
  • Dion Slider … Inspired Boy’s Father
  • Eros Biox … Stilt Performer
  • Max Daniels … Clown
  • Natalie Foster … Inspired Mother
  • Holly M. Martin … Polio Boy’s Mother
  • Ezra Moore … Boy with Polio
  • Brady Ecklund … Polio Boy’s Brother
  • Melissa Disney … Shanty Town Mother
  • Sheri Pedigo … Woman in Bar
  • Michelle Caudel … Fortune Teller
  • Brad Abrell … Drunk Man
  • Lisa Steinmetz … Bar Madame
  • Corey David Thomas … Puppeteer
  • Natalie Foster … Inspired Mother
  • Nathan Christopher Haase … Stage Hand
  • Daniella Lopez … Puppet
  • Elisabeth P. Carpenter … Acrobat
  • Jared Day … Magician
  • Jon Phelps … Inspired Gentlemen
  • Esther Phelps … Inspired Woman
  • Judah Weigel … Tomato Thrower
  • Sylas Weigel … Boy with Tomato
  • Madison Hargrove … Siamese Twin
  • Mallory Hargrove … Siamese Twin
  • Jackie Zane … Baby Lulu
  • Mahoganie LaFranks … Bearded Lady
  • Paul Maniaci … Barker

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Film Details

The Butterfly Circus (Short), 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. 06 February 15, 8:43pm

    I found The Butterfly Circus to be a wonderful film and story (and beautiful photography). I am looking forward to seeing the feature film when it comes out.

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