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The Christmas Hope

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The Christmas Hope

Film Description:

The Christmas Hope – When lives intertwine during Christmas, hope is the one unifying gift. After suffering a personal tragedy, Patty Addison, a social worker, throws herself into finding homes for children in need.

With her marriage to Mark, an airline pilot, on the rocks, Patty feels it’s the wrong time to temporarily take in 9-year-old Emily, who has just lost her single mother in a terrible car accident. However, sweet Emily quickly wins over Patty and Mark. As the Addison’s start to reconnect with each other, it’s revealed that their teenage son, Sean, had perished in a car accident as well, two years earlier.

The ties run deeper at the same time in the very same town, Dr. Nathan Andrews, a father-to-be, struggles to find the parents of a young man who died in his ER. While Mark takes a troubled friend of Sean’s, the friend who ultimately holds the key to Emily’s special Christmas gift, under his wing.

In a twist of fate, all is almost lost when Emily runs away, but Patty and Mark come together to find her in a true measure of healing and faith.

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Christmas Hope

Film Cast

  • Madeleine Stowe ~~~ Patricia Addison
  • James Remar ~~~ Mark Addison
  • Tori Barban ~~~ Emily Adams
  • Mariam Bernstein ~~~ Sandra
  • Daniel Boiteau ~~~ Justin
  • Jayne Eastwood ~~~ Charlotte
  • Rebecca Gibson ~~~ Megan Andrews
  • Aaron Hughes ~~~ Larry Adams
  • Phillip Jarrett ~~~ Roy
  • Alicia Johnston ~~~ Mona
  • Omar Khan ~~~ Cop
  • Garth Merkeley ~~~ Sean Addison
  • Sean O’Brian ~~~ Joe
  • Susanna Portnoy ~~~Mandy
  • Devon Weigel ~~~ Traci Adams
  • Ian Ziering ~~~ Nathan Andrews

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Craig Anderson Productions Representative:
Phone: 323-463-2000 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


The Christmas Hope, 4.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. remz says
    25 December 10, 9:10am

    I just watched the movie and it was a great movie. It touched my heart!…I just want to ask what is the title of the song that was sang by Devon Weigel as Traci Adams with a lyrics line of “it’s all about love, it’s all about giving…” I love it..please let me know the song title…thank you so much!!!…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!…

  2. CFDb says
    01 January 11, 6:48am

    It’s called “All About Love”

    You gave me a gift, so I’ll give one to you. This song that I’m singing I wrote it for you ’cause the gift that you gave me is the look through your eyes see the world with its wonders oh that hope lullabay. We all are connected, the earth, stars and sea… As the moon reflects sunlight your light shines on me. It’s all about love, it’s all about givinig. Love has no end and no beginning. You live in me and I live in you… It’s all about love (4x)

  3. Dani says
    27 November 11, 6:50pm

    Love the song all about love is it possible to get a copy of the song

  4. Annelie says
    29 November 11, 2:37pm

    We’ve been searching around for this. Try this link:

    Let us know if you find it here.


  5. oneye says
    28 December 12, 1:09pm

    i really love this movie..
    teach me about love espcly in fmly..
    so touch..n love that song when emily mum sing…i reallly touched..
    tq for make this movie…

  6. nisa says
    29 December 12, 11:33am

    The story was amazing >< i was trying to look for the song that emily's mom singing but too bad that the song didnt support in my country T.T *cries* btw~ love the story 😀

  7. Jude Praveen says
    05 March 14, 6:25am

    Here is the link for the song.
    I didnt watch the movie. But heard it somewhere and its really beautiful. 🙂

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