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The Climb

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CFDb Review!

Fantastic Christian film with a powerful message of truly living a selfless life. Check out the CFDb Interview with Jim Schmidt.

Film Synopsis:

Go from heart-stopping to heart-warming and back. Two hotshot mountain climbers forge an uneasy friendship in order to reach their ultimate summit. A daring rescue just earned flamboyant Derrick Williams, the climb of a lifetime, but his dream comes with an unwanted partner. Safety man Michael Harris (Ned Vaughn), doesn’t hot dog, doesn’t blaze trails and rarely takes life to the edge.

Media attention forces training to take a back seat in their fire-and-ice relationship. But no amount of training can prepare them for the harsh reality of the Chilean Andes. The Climb escalates into a test of wills, character and sacrifice that pushes both men beyond limits.

  • Jason George … Derrick Williams
  • Ned Vaughn … Michael Harris
  • Dabney Coleman … Mack
  • Kyli Santiago … Cheryl Martin
  • David Stuart … Greg
  • Todd Bridges … Eddie
  • Christian Stevens … Josh
  • Christian Jensen … Newspaper Reporter
  • M. Scott Wilkinson … Carl
  • Eddie Matthews … Chopper Co-Pilot
  • Dawn Bluford … Nurse
  • John Shepherd … Pastor
  • Mindora Mini Mims … Rashane
  • Melinda Clarkson-Haynes … Donna
  • Robert Pierce … Doctor
Company: World Wide Pictures
Contact Person:
The Climb, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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  1. mother hen says
    06 May 13, 12:51pm

    Good movie !! I`ve watched 2 times and expect to watch it again.

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