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The Cross and the Switchblade

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Film Synopsis:

Although the original events depicted in this classic from the drug infested, gang dominated streets happened over thirty years ago, the life-changing solution that David Wilkerson brought to desperate lives was just beginning. The beat goes on. The change in the life of notorious gang leader Nicky Cruz, as shown in the film, proved to be wonderfully lasting and real. Nicky continues today to reach young people around the world with the same life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that delivered him from violence and despair. And what about the skinny preacher, David Wilkerson, who braved the meanest streets of New York to tell desperate and drug crazed youth that there was a better way?

Now, three decades later, he is still at it with a ministry based in Times Square that is still changing lives and offering genuine hope to countless souls who had given up on life. Now in over 25 languages, The Cross and the Switchblade, starring Pat Boone and Eric Estrada, is one of those rare films that has shown its unique power to connect with the deepest hopes and fears of youth around the world. It remains today one of the most compelling stories of love, grace and the truth that no one is ever so far gone that they cannot find the way out.

(Parental Warning: Some Mild Language!)

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  • Pat Boone … David Wilkerson
  • Erik Estrada … Nicky Cruz
  • Jacqueline Giroux … Rosa (as Jackie Giroux)
  • Jo-Ann Robinson … Little Bo
  • Dino DeFilippi … Israel
  • Don Blakely … Abdullah
  • Gil Frazier … Big Cat
  • Don Lamond … Sergeant Delano
  • Sam Capuano … Mr. Gomez
  • Alex Colon … Mingo
  • Héctor Mercado … Moonlight (as Hector Mercado)
  • Stew Silver … Augie
  • Dorothy James … Mrs. Gomez
  • David Connell … Pusher
  • Michelle Galjour … Angela
  • Jackie Cronin … Norma
  • Virginia Alonso … Mary
  • Darryl Speer … Bottlecap
  • Thomas Mooney … Chance
  • Vince O’Brien … Judge (as Vincent O’Brien)
  • Jay Devlin … District Attorney
  • Paul Haney … Lawyer
  • Victor Bumbalo … Hugo
  • Stanley Finesmith … Trial Defendant
  • Sal Christi … Court Policeman
  • Andrew T. Murphy … Reporter
  • Kleg Seth … Photographer
  • Laura Figueroa … Mau Mau Deb
  • Jonelle Allen … Bishop Deb
  • Mark Dawson … Policeman
  • Norman Bly … Heckler
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The Cross and the Switchblade, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Annelie says
    26 April 12, 8:41am

    Do you have a link to the book about David Wilkerson?


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