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The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost

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Rating: 3.7/5 (3 votes cast)

CFDb Review!

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost – What an amazing thing to imagine, Jesus coming to speak directly to each of us and as a result of prayer. Check out the CFDb Interview with David A.R. White.

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost

Film Description:

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost – In this explosive, challenging sequel to the faith-based sleeper hit “The Encounter”, a retiring drug smuggler (MIANO), his drug-addicted wife and his ruthless bodyguard (DANIELS), find themselves trapped by a suspended DEA Special Agent (WHITE) at a Thai resort owned by a troubled former Wall Street investment banker (Hutton) and his wife, who mourn the loss of their only son in a devastating tsunami.

It is an explosive mix of personalities. Violence looms, but a mysterious guest, claiming to be Jesus Christ (MARCHIANO), arrives to offer each of them one final chance at redemption in this inspiring, thought-provoking thriller.

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The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost - Christian Movie

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost - Christian Movie 2

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost - Christian Movie 3

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost - Christian Movie 4

Film Cast

  • Gary Daniels … Charlie Doles
  • Robert Miano … Bruno Mingarelli
  • David A.R. White … Rik Caperna
  • Bruce Marchiano … Jesus
  • Cicero Salmon III … Actor (voice)
  • Rif Hutton … Chris Ward
  • Sahajak Boonthanakit … Joseph Weinholt
  • Kass Connors … Mr. Deville
  • Steven Clarke … Timothy
  • Noppawong Khamtonwong … Soldier
  • Shelley Robertson … Helen Ward
  • Ammy Chanicha … Mimi Mingarelli

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Pure Flix Entertainment Representative:
Phone: 1 480 991 2258 Fax: 1 480 473 9811
Email: Contact Address: 15300 N 90th St., Suite 900, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Film Details

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Karen Brown says
    29 December 11, 1:03pm

    I saved this movie to my netfix. I love this movie and it’s strong witness for the Christ. I can’t wait to purchase the Encounter 2. There should be more movies like this. The people are getting worse and we got to tear down satan evil forces it has on people. Thanks!!

  2. Doris says
    18 February 12, 10:59am

    My husband and I just watched this AWESOME movie on Netflix! I loved it…and it’s message…so much that I shared about it on facebook! I hope that some of my friends will watch it and pass it on. It also would be a great movie to watch together in a Youth group or Bible study group and I can’t wait to see the sequel!

  3. CFDb says
    19 February 12, 10:56am

    This comment is for “The Encounter” no.1, Thanks for the comment, we also loved it, looking forward to the 2nd film.


    03 March 12, 12:30pm

    The movie is awesome!!! l have never in my life watched a movie like this. i have watched it more than three times and even with friends. the scenes always on my mind and they speak to me. the movie have rekindled my faith in Christ and the need to be steadfast in his love. the actors did extremely well. God bless them. l cannot wait to watch encounter 2.

  5. Andrew Lamm says
    29 March 12, 8:07am

    I have watched this movie over and over and over again its like I can’t get enough of it. I love the way Bruce Marchiano portrayed JESUS and used scripture throughout the entire movie. This is most definatly one of the greatest movies i’ve ever seen. Awesome job to all the actors and actresses.

  6. Pam says
    11 April 12, 9:20pm

    My grandson is so going to be excited to hear this! Just this evening, he asked me if Bruce Marchiano was working on any movies besides the new Jesus Movie. He loves the Matthew video and The Encounter. I told him, “No…I don’t think so.” He’ll be excited to hear this! He and I both enjoy watching those movies before he goes to bed. I’d say (not exaggerating) we’ve probably watched Matthew at least 100 times over the last year, and The Encounter at least 40 times since we found it last fall.

  7. Annelie says
    12 April 12, 7:43am

    We are excited for this film to come out as well. In our April Newsletter we actually linked to a Silver Dove Interview with Bruce Marchiano. Your grandson may want to watch it as well. Here is the link to the newsletter:


  8. Brian says
    14 June 12, 1:39pm

    The Encounter 1 was such a great movie, I am so looking forward to this next one. I really enjoy David A R White.

  9. Anna says
    19 June 12, 9:07pm

    I love ” The encounter”. I love God, thats probably why(lol). Does any one know if there is a soundtrack. In the first or “The Encounter” with Jaclyn Valasquez , the scene when she is picking up kayla, there is a song playing in the back ground, does anyone know the name of it it……………Its like “ill be waiting for you”…………….Its so beautiful. I was trying to get the artist name so i can find it and buy it. If anyone can help out that would be great . Thanks!

  10. Annelie says
    20 June 12, 1:12pm

    I would contact PureFlix @ 480-991-2258 and see if they know. That would be the best way to find out for sure. We could not find anyone that was selling a soundtrack though.


  11. Gisel basantes says
    23 June 12, 9:21am

    I watched this movie this morning, it was very moving to say the least. The Holy Spirits presence fell on me very hard. I have had several encounters, the part that most moved me was when the husband heard the voice of God telling him to stop to pick up the young girl, and he did not. Similiar things have happened to me and i did not obey, and i saw each and every person i had not stopped to pray for in my mind. It set my priorities straight , I was going to start focusing more on business and work. and i felt. ‘GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD’!!. Amazing film. I am going to give it out to friends and family let it speak for itself.

  12. Timothy Briggs says
    05 July 12, 11:17pm

    I’m excited for this, the first one is my favorite movie. 🙂

  13. Tuwana says
    10 July 12, 3:14pm

    I thought this was a great movie!!!! I watched it twice and all I do is tell other people about it. I am happy to see another part to it coming out. 🙂

  14. Mickey says
    16 July 12, 8:42pm

    I LOVED The Encounter, and I have no doubt that I will love Paradise Lost even more. I’m so exited, I can’t even wait for two months…I’m SO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Rebecca dinguis says
    01 August 12, 10:34am

    will this be made available on netflix as well. I’ve watched this movie twice so far and important touched each time. would love if more people ‘stumbled’ upon this to get a good image of Christ love for ua.

  16. Annelie says
    01 August 12, 10:52am

    You must mean The Encounter – the first one – here is the link:
    If you go to that page and click on rent this film, it’s offered by Netflix and Christian Cinema rentals.


  17. unchen says
    13 August 12, 5:46am

    This movie reminded me that God loves me and that all the terrible things happening in my life right now, is God’s plan for a better future. Thank you God

  18. donald says
    12 September 12, 11:34am

    I LOVED The Encounter!!! I have told everyone about this movie. I love how the character, Jesus uses scripture to counter the devil’s tactics. I cannot wait for The Encounter II. I hope it comes out in early 2012!

  19. raul says
    14 September 12, 7:04pm

    dose anyone know were i could watch this i realy love this movie but i still cant find were to see part 2

  20. Annelie says
    14 September 12, 7:10pm

    It is being released on a few days, there is a buy this film today link across the picture at the top of the film page. You can also click on the Buy the DVD button underneather the trailer.


  21. 21 September 12, 9:45pm

    This movie is definitely a great witnessing tool. I thank God for christian ministries that are using their talents and resources to bless those that haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as well as the church of Christ. Great movie!


  22. Concerned says
    22 September 12, 8:06pm

    Love the first encounter just watch the second 1. The violence is not needed, unhelpful, and distracts from the word. On top of all this they put a part in the movie where it has the actor that plays Jesus tell someone because his sister got saved at 14 that when she died of drug overdose of 18 she went to heaven. I am not a final judge but this teaching is unbiblical that’s like saying because I got baptized as a child I could die of alcohol poisoning Partying and go to heaven. I’m sorry that this happened because I really like the movies

  23. Donald says
    23 September 12, 10:26pm

    Wow, I was highly disappointed with the Encounter 2. The pureness, simplicity, and intricate character development of the first film are missing here. Instead we have a pseudo-Christian film that wants so badly to be a secular Hollywood action thriller instead of a movie glorifying Christ. Why do we need such senseless violence and gun play in a Christian film? A girl overdoses on heroin but she still goes to heaven because she gave her life to Christ when she was fourteen? Huh, does that make any sense?? I left the first film feeling encouraged and uplifted. After watching this movie I wanted to repent. Don’t waste your time on it.

  24. dennis says
    25 September 12, 7:57am

    i love this movie. i pray that it reaches the ends of the world to transform lives and change man’s perspective towards life. God bless you Mr. Murphy.

  25. Annelie says
    07 October 12, 11:14am

    We just saw this film last night so we couldn’t make any comments about the drug overdosed girl going to Heaven. I wish they would have made that one more clear. Perhaps she was drugged and didn’t overdose herself, if that makes sense. If they would have made it a point to make it clear, it really would have left us without any confusion. We agree that this part should have either been left out or made clear.


  26. Sharon says
    19 October 12, 1:11am

    Both The Encounter and The Encounter: Paradise Lost have their perfect place as evangelistic outreaches. Each will appeal to persons of different backgrounds and experiences, and both will appeal to someone like me, who believes God uses His infinite understanding of our human differences to prepare vehicles that will touch those whose hearts have been prepared by the Holy Spirit to be drawn to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of where they are coming from.

    I must respectfully disagree with those who feel the character of Jesus in the Paradise Lost film implied anything inappropriate when He said the law enforcement officer’s twin sister who died at 18 of a drug overdose was in Heaven because she had accepted Christ when she was 14. If you re-watch the scene and pay careful attention to the conversation, Jesus is not suggesting ‘cheap grace’, or in any way implying that some “ritual decision or act as a child” made this possible. He is stating that her conversion was REAL and not just a formality. Sometimes we forget that the Word of God says Christ died on the Cross for the Sin of the whole world…..not sins of the whole world……ORIGINAL sin, which is the sin that condemned humans to separation from our Heavenly Father, is what the perfect Lamb of God paid for on Calvary, and that is a permanent transaction when recognized, acknowledged and accepted by those who profess that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God, and ask Him to forgive them and save them.

    Jesus also died for the sins that are of breaking God’s laws, and we are wise to keep short accounts with Him, for we all sin every day that we live (for none was ever perfect but Jesus Himself), and we lose the joy of fellowship with our Heavenly Father when we do not keep a repentant heart before Him. Still, such sin is not a sin unto loss of Salvation if the Bible is to be believed. Therefore, if this young woman truly believed that Jesus is the Christ, and had truly and properly trusted him as Saviour, even though she fell into addiction and sin it does not necessarily follow suit that she recanted her belief and denied her trust in Him. That being the case, God’s Word would support the position of the Jesus character in the film that she possessed eternal life. Her soul was saved, even though we have no way of knowing how her failures might deeply affect her rewards.

    Why do we so easily forget that the gift of God is “ETERNAL life”? There is nothing eternal that can become temporary. If it could, it would mean it was never eternal to begin with! Look up the definitions of the word eternal, think and pray about it, and see what you conclude. When the Word tells us that we can KNOW that we have eternal life, it means it 🙂

    Peace and joy, beyond explanation, to you all >

  27. Tom says
    16 December 12, 1:18pm

    Sorry this movie is VERY seeker sensitive and waters down the gospel. Not to mention it will prob make some false converts if they only accept Jesus for the reward of seeing family in heaven (like the one man was persuaded to do). The scene with the cops overdosed sister maybe not be clear but I dont think it wrong to question the validity of a conversion when you turn from it to drugs. Not saying its impossible to be saved then to some how get into drugs, but the way you get into would make it very clear if you had a true conversion or not (just taking up drugs as opposed to maybe having to be on them from a surgery or something then becoming addicted) Philipians 1:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” I don’t think someone allowing themselves to get into a situation of an overdose, allowed Christ to began any work in them. I could be wrong but thats my take on it.

  28. 06 February 13, 1:02am

    Well, I must say I enjoyed the first film and I thought I was going to enjoy the second.. but when you get to the last 15 minutes, there is some VERY BAD doctrine that is NOT Biblical…
    “JESUS” said that the Twin Sister is in Heaven because she accepted him as a Child…. But yet, she was a HEROIN addict and OVERDOSED at the age of 18. I am sorry folks but that is not Biblical.
    I would personally like to know whether David A.R. White believe this way and if so why. I had been a HUGE FAN of several of his movies (and enjoyed “Run On” even…except for the one gentleman using the SLANG for ‘pee’ twice which was awful) but unless I find out his personal view on this, I don’t know as I (or my church) should really be watching these films. I don’t want my congregation to be misled by bad doctrine.

  29. Annelie says
    06 February 13, 7:14am

    Hi Pastor Jacob, there are a few comments about this same fact. The idea for Christian films is NOT for doctrine. These films can bring someone to Jesus or strengthen someone’s faith but shouldn’t be used for any type of Doctrine. I admit this one was a real disappointment for us as well because it was such an obvious confusion as to what Scripture says. We should be praying for these filmmakers that want to bring glory to God and bring others to Jesus because it must be difficult to get everything just right. Prayerfully they will learn from their mistake from this one and not make that one again.


  30. Princess Nyamedie says
    07 June 13, 5:48am

    This movie is awesome. I enjoyed watching every bit of it. GOD bless the producers. Lets keep spreading GOD’s word to the people of the world.

  31. Mark Fleming says
    06 July 13, 8:59pm

    Great movie! Everyone can see a part of themselves in the different characters.

  32. Nicola says
    12 July 13, 11:32am

    Well said Sharon. Who are we to DARE to judge? Only God knows the truth of the human heart. Only Jesus is judge. I totally agree sometimes christian films go OTT with certain stuff. Like they think we the general public are stupid and that God can’t open our eyes without them needing to nail it so hard and obvious. And actually, I think it was Oral Robers or Billy Graham- one of those guys, whos son DID die of an overdose, after giving his life to the Lord, and he just was not well enough to keep on the straight path. God told his mother the man had gone to heaven. I know of someone else who did similar. So please do not judge. How do you know the road that has brought someone to the foot of the cross? Jesus came to save the sick, not the healthy. and sometimes sick people are so unwell that they act in unrightous ways still and things go out of control, surely that is Christs problem and not ours? Repentance and coming to the cross are the first baby steps to heaven. Paul talks about us becoming Mature in Christ- it is a jouney, not an instant result. Sometimes the journey goes awry. Again, it is God who judges the living and the dead, not us.Simple.

  33. Gadzama says
    17 August 13, 5:37pm

    How i wish we have alot of movies like this. God bless the actors and the producer. May God help us all

  34. Preachard Sibanda says
    25 October 13, 10:43am

    May the good Lord look after us

  35. Diane Bryant says
    02 November 13, 10:13pm

    I just watched The Encounter on Netflix. That was so beautifully done!!! To put Jesus in the midst of a volatile situation and to speak to each individual and reach the depths of their hearts! And He was speaking to each of us, as we watched and listened to His words, at the same time! The genius behind this movie is the Holy Spirit! Cinematography was beautiful, the acting was beautiful. But this was superb! Loved it, loved it, loved it! It really spoke!!!

  36. DoNotBelieveTheLie says
    01 February 14, 1:14am

    Praise God for Bruce Marchiano and his film making gifts.

    Christian films sometimes stray from the Gospel message for the sake of plot but both The Encounter and its sequel, The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost, have stayed true to the scriptures. I’ve watched both films several times and I can find no glaring doctrinal errors. I pray that many, many, many of the lost are able to view both of these films.

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