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The Encounter 3: TBA

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The Encounter 3: TBA

Film Description:

The Encounter 3: TBA, No Info Yet, we will “Post Here” as soon as we get any info, If you have info on this film, Please let us Know.

Currently in the writing process. No other info is Available! We will Up-Date this film page as soon as we get more info on this film. Thanks

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Film Cast

  • Bruce Marchiano – Jesus

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Email: Contact Address: 15300 N 90th St., Suite 900, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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  1. 12 February 13, 8:51pm

    I would like them to go back to their roots (the first Encounter), I do not care for unnecessary violence to tell a Christian story. If they feel a fight sequence is needed, keep it short, we do not need to see it played out “blow by blow.”

  2. Valerie Campbell says
    30 March 13, 4:18pm

    Hello Dave,

    I just read your comment about the violence in Encounter 2. I would just like to say that the violence in that movie pales in comparison to the violence that Jesus endured for us 2000 years ago. The Roman soldiers were relentless in their torture of our Lord and Savior. Sometimes it’s necessary to portray events in such a manner because the reality is we live in a violent world. The 12 disciples died violent deaths and told by Jesus they would have many troubles, but just trust in Him. The sad truth is that violence is part of telling about Christ and to leave it out would be like telling half of a story. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, I just wanted give a different point of view on the matter. Your sister in Christ, Valerie. God bless!

  3. kyle carpenter says
    08 May 13, 12:08am

    is there really a third one being made. That would be amazing. the first two movies are so impacting and a third one would be just amazing.

  4. CFDb says
    08 May 13, 4:52am

    That’s the buzz going around, I agree, I would love to see a number 3!

  5. Steven says
    16 May 13, 11:15pm

    I would love to see a new movie, one just like the first, the second one was good but the first was great and the actor who played Jesus is just perfect for the role. I hope they make a third, I would get it definitely.

  6. anon says
    06 June 13, 2:26pm


    I agree with Dave in that so much violence didn’t have to be in the movie. It WAS a bit much. Yes, Jesus went through alot of violence on our behalf, but he didn’t have it supernaturally taped for generations to come to view, and this particular violence had almost NOTHING to do with righteousness. Had the drug dealer actually been a Christian who was being tormented, then I could see it’s purpose. Yes, we live in a violent world, but that fact, to me is is all the more reason to leave out as much of it in the movies as possible. Christian or not, or portraying actual people or not, it is still used as a means of escaping reality for a reason. Passion of the Christ could be used as an example of the proper use of violence. In even remotely demonstrating what Jesus went through, nothing short of that movie would do.

    I think the first movie was actually better then the second. The second played way too much along certain denominational lines of thinking. I was, for one, very put off by the insinuation that a non repentent, whorishly clothed young woman could die of a drug overdose, and just sweep right into heaven. It flies right against everything the bible and Jesus himself said. The church today, along with the christian movie industry, is trying to soften the gospel and sugar coat everything down to where it is all warm and fuzzy, and politically acceptable to the world. This movie, though entertaining, is but an example of that. Not listening to sound doctrine, but having itching ears to hear more from the soft, and soothing Jesus.

  7. Angela says
    20 June 13, 3:51am

    Annon. I think you overlooked something. Do you not remember the story of the prodigal son in the Bible and how his father accepted hi,? Or the parable Jesus told about the all the labourers being paid the same wages at the end of the day despite the different times they each started their work? And the woman who lost a coin and searched the whole house till she found it and became happy, or the shepherd who left the ninety-nine sheep and went to look for the one lost sheep? Every soul is a soul, and it is very precious to God, no matter who or what they had been in the past. Jesus came to die for every one of us, and if only one would accept Him, all of his/her sins would be washed away? God sees right into every heart, and I think He has His own way of judging every single person, that is why He said we should not judge. I think The Passion of Christ is very good. If it can’t be compared with what Christ actually went through on earth, it can be a good illustration.there are people who actually gave their lives to Christ as a result of watching The Passion of Christ.
    Please look at it his way, you would understand it better. I hope you get me right.

  8. Tessatopia says
    12 July 13, 10:01pm

    What’s funny is I just got done watching #2 and was curious as to wether there would be a #3. This it’s what I found 😀 So truth be told I fast forwarded through the fight sceen it’s just toooooooooooooo long lol so I agree no need for such a long fight scene, and hopefully there won’t be one like that in the next movie. Oh and please no long drawn out car chases either blah.

  9. Jay says
    09 August 13, 9:31pm

    I would just like to say that I liked both movies, but the reality is that they actually improved on the second one. For one thing, the actors were great in both movies, but you really saw the drama unfold with a lot more impact in the second movie. I also think that the creators took too much time in the first one trying to spell everything out in the end. For example, was it really necessary to have the girl who plays Kayla to spell out who Officer DeVille really was? Not really. The audience got it right away. If they’d ended the movie at the car crash scene, there wouldn’t have been too many unanswered questions. Still, they did do a superb job, and I would LOVE to see a third movie. Now as for the violence thing, you can’t really fault either side. It has it’s pros and cons to be sure, but the fight sequence in Paradise Lost proved to us that this world we live in (in it’s flawed and broken state) is willing to do anything to find satisfaction. The Agent’s own brutality against the drug lord’s goon proves that. But in the end, it showed that he WASN’T satisfied. Even after he’d killed the man, it still didn’t bring him what he wanted. That was all there was to it. Really, I didn’t mind the fight sequence because it showed the long, drawn-out war we all fight within ourselves (believers, and unbelievers alike). We all struggle to be free from sin, but the unbeliever always loses even if he/she wins. That was probably the whole point of showing such a long fight scene (plus, have any of you ever tried to face a professional killer/bodyguard in unarmed combat? It’s not easy to take down anyone who’s trained to fight even if you are a trained fighter yourself). So no, I didn’t mind the fight, or the violence. We ARE in a war, you know (and no, I’m not talking about the Middle East). The war within each of us can sometimes get just as violent, or even worse. It’s disturbing, but real. Isn’t that what we want from a Christian movie? Reality? Those are my thoughts.

  10. whelan says
    12 August 13, 12:11pm

    I would love The Encounter 3. But agree with some of the posts above that it should be more like the first one. They really could make 100 of these, or better yet, please turn it into a TV show.

  11. chris says
    31 August 13, 5:50pm

    Christian movies have come a long way. in the past no one would give a Christian movie a chance due to low production value, inexperienced crew and actors, and advertising. now video is digital and it is easier than ever to make movies, not to mention established actors and directors have had the courage to stand up and announce their faith in publc, and work on Christian far as the violence goes,if it is part of the story, then I don’t see a problem with it. what used to slow down a Christian movie was when the story line would stop and 10 min. were spent talking about jesus or salvation, storytelling in a Christian movie has since gotten a better balance of both message and plot.

  12. anon says
    05 September 13, 10:23am

    Yes Angela I understand what you are trying to say, but the painful truth is that in our current society, we have diluted the word down to match the thinking of the world to the point that we are overlooking some very important points in the bible. Paul spoke of salvation being of grace only and not of works, but from the mouth of Jesus came the words, “you shall know them by their fruits”, also is the verse where Jesus himself says a person HAS to be baptized in water and of the spirit. This is not talking of the amniotic fluids either (otherwise we could make the case that unborn children don’t go to heaven.). This prevalant belief among the denominations that all that is required is a belief and no works of any kind are WAY off. I don’t have time to bring up more scripture, but that is just a few.

    The woman in the movie was in the middle of committing sin when she overdosed. Not JUST with the overdose, but with her apparel, and no doubt lascivous lifestyle needed to fund her habit. She had no time to repent of her sin and turn away from it. She had NOT been freed from sin, like what happens when you truly get saved, but was instead still in bondage to it. Therefore, according to the bible, and from the words of Jesus himself she was not a Christian. She simply COULD NOT have been. Since therefore, sin will not be allowed into heaven, neither would she.

    It really can’t be any plainer, and I think it is sad that many sincere and God fearing Christians can get blinded and confused in this day and age. Then again, the bible also speaks about that also.

  13. Jenny says
    07 September 13, 7:46pm

    I cannot wait for the third Encounter movie! Both Encounter movies made me cry. When there is a good Christian movie, it’s such a nice experience. I have never seen recent Christian Movies in a series like this and I love series. These movies get a little intense, but if you actually watch through it, there is a reason why, and it is so worth it. I knew there would be a part 3! I can’t wait!

  14. Angelica says
    25 September 13, 12:45am

    Even if you are a christian that doesn’t mean you are perfect and that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make mistakes. Who are you to say that she was living a whorish life. Maybe she was going to homecoming or prom. Maybe she was in her high school choir. You don’t know. The Bible says Judge not lest you be judged. You don’t know what was going on that night, so don’t be so quick to slap a label on somebody. You don’t know that she hadn’t been baptized. Maybe she backslide, but that doesn’t make her lose her salvation. How do you know that she was non repentant at the moment of her death? You have no idea what might have been going on in her mind at that moment. Do you know anything about clothes? If you did, then you would know that all dresses look like they are too short when you are laying down. If you actually saw the movie, you would know that it doesn’t show Jesus condoning the fight. They added the fight scenes to make it more appealing to the lost. Lost people love action movies.

  15. ace says
    27 September 13, 5:52pm

    i say a 3rd movie and much more are needed.
    put a car chase scene. put a bank robbery/hostage scene. fact is, people that need to be touched by Christ in our society, want to see things on film that COULD really happen. does this mean we are changing our values and compromising? no. nor are we making it unsafe to watch. anyone who sees this post and says, “hey i dont want my kids seeing that..” are your kids going to understand the first movie? let alone the second? exactly. this is catered to people who are of age to make a decision for Christ. as such, we need to use discernment and encourage the christian filmmakers to align these films to our daily life, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit right there in the midst of it all – a true spiritual battle that is always raging on. sure, we dont need gore and blood squirting, but to those who think real life portrayed affects the credibility of christians, i think not. passion of the Christ portrayed what Jesus went thru and was pretty gruesome for even christians. we need to be real with ourselves and not dumb down our witness. look real close on the second movie, they didnt even have one part where a fist was shown close to a face. they went to the next snapshot. chill out and realize the Lord is using these films as tools for His righteousness.

  16. Dustin says
    11 October 13, 11:42pm

    I absolutely loved the 2 movies. Had great meaning and purpose behind them. For sure looking forward to the third. Thanks for the action in the 2nd one kept it more upbeat and on your seat. Jesus was for sure glorified in these movies!!!!

  17. Rocklin Kenpo says
    26 October 13, 3:03pm

    I think the first one was the best and the second one had a good idea and message but was delivered as more of an action movie. If there is a 3.. maybe deliver a strong message such as one regarding guns in schools..its becoming an epidemic that needs to stop..problem is it might be a bit too soon considering the Sparks, Nv Middle School shooting… The actors in the first should all play in 3 ..thats my opinion.

  18. brittanie says
    27 December 13, 9:16pm

    Both movies were amazing, I just watched them both and the message that is sent through these movies is priceless. I was so hoping the third one was already out!! I’m definitely buying all of them. The situations and questions asked are what most people ask all the time and how he answered the questions was very powerful, the inner warmth and love that comes from these movies and the message sent is indescribable, I will recommend them to everyone! Can’t wait for the third movie.

  19. Caleb says
    23 January 14, 9:25pm

    Yes! I’ve seen the first and Second on Netflix… And when I heard “Jesus” Say “This is not over” As he looked in the camera, I jumped out of my seat and said “Yes! Another one!”

  20. Michael Rivers says
    08 February 14, 3:40am

    I like both.Encounter movies. I personally thought the fight scene drove home the violence of our fallen world in a tasteful manner. Both were very moving movies. I am grateful and will pray for many to come to faith through your ministry. God bless.

  21. Jesse says
    27 February 14, 9:10am

    I really like the first two movies and I really hope there is a third one

  22. CFDb says
    27 February 14, 10:26am

    I agree, I can’t wait!

  23. DeAndrea A. (Q) says
    14 April 14, 6:17pm

    I liked the 1st movie more because it had some funny parts in it(small/minor parts in the movie were funny). The 2nd movie was all seriousness. I mean I didn’t really mind it, but it kind of dragged on. Especially in the beginning when Ric Caperna was chasing Bruno. That took a while. Also, what I don’t understand is, in the 1st movie at the end, Jesus asks the guy(David A.R. White) what he would like to eat(something from the menu or a special). The guy in the end was the same guy who played the Ric Caperna. How would that be possible? He couldn’t possibly be the same character. It wouldn’t make sense…

  24. DeAndrea A. (Q) says
    14 April 14, 6:17pm

    I really got the message of both movies though.

  25. Bill says
    04 May 14, 7:21am

    The first movie was great, I have watched it many times. The second movie lost it’s footing, not nearly as good as the first. Hopefully they will go back to the original format. Heck, this diner could pop up anywhere and it would be good.

  26. Annelie says
    04 May 14, 3:15pm

    I agree entirely!


  27. zero says
    14 May 14, 4:57pm

    I would like for the encounter 3 to take place in a high school where some troubled students are in detention.

  28. Robin says
    26 June 14, 1:50pm


    I watched The Encounter, it was amazing and how moving it was. I just order the part 2 which I haven’t yet seen, but I will.
    Anyways, it would be amazing if there is a part 3 and more amazing as part one, same but more different.

    I agree with Zero, I watch movies that had students that were kept hostage and the gunman was dangerous but at the end he turn himself in and the students were free.


    Have a few students and they are facing a end times, it’s sort of LEFT BEHIND but the students are the ones who are facing some hard choices and believing in Jesus.

    Thank you.

  29. Valerie says
    16 August 14, 10:22am

    Hi Anon,

    I would like to respond to a post you made in reference to my comment to Dave on June,6, 2013. I know it’s been a while, but I was reading your post this morning about The Encounter 2 and felt the need to answer it. You’re right that Jesus didn’t have the violence supernaturally taped for generations to come and view, He put what He went through in the greatest book on the planet, The Bible and that has everything to do with righteousness. And as far as the young woman who was whorishly clothed and died of a drug overdose, who are any of us to judge that if someone was in that situation that in the last few moments before they take their last breath that they didn’t get to utter out of their mouth “Father, please forgive me for all of my sins” and walk through the gates of heaven right to the Lord. We’re all sinners and it’s not our goodness that saves us, but the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. What about those of us who have hidden sins of the heart that can’t be seen like a mini dress. The Lord says “Judge not lest ye be judged in the same manner you judge others”. Also,on one hand you say the church sugar coats the word for itchy ears and on the other hand you say there’s too much violence in portraying Christ. It may take violence in a christian movie to bring one person to Christ, whereas another person may need a peaceful christian movie to turn to Him just like there are all kinds of gospel music, country gospel, traditional gospel, gospel rap, etc. We’re all different and the Lord knows just what we need to come to Him. I think whatever the means, if it brings souls to Christ, I say go for it. Take care and God bless. Your sister in Christ, Valerie

  30. Frances says
    16 September 14, 9:20pm

    I agree with those who said you can’t tell what the sister’s situation was at the time of death. When the thief was being hung on a cross next to Jesus, clearly out of time to make any meaningful change in his life, he turned to Jesus & Jesus forgave him and told him he would be with Jesus that day in Paradise. Only Christ knows whether a person is truly repentant or not, our job is just to spread the Good News to all who would listen.

    In that vein, I hope there is The Encounter 3. I love watching these movies over & over. If I’m having a bad day, I can pull them up on Netflix & be encouraged and strengthened in my faith. But even better, they are actually decent movies that I can easily recommend to non-Christian friends and family. I’ve read that Bruce Marchiano is intentional about not portraying Jesus as this angry/sad/depressed/hyper-critical/overly serious character that is how Jesus is often cast in other Christian films. Jesus went to parties & hung out with all kinds of people & brought real joy to a great many of His followers, so it’s nice to see that aspect of Him portrayed in a movie — even a fictional movie — that aspires to communicate Truth about Christ. I would have liked to see the beginning scenes about the tsunami & the ending fight tied in a bit better with the middle part of the film, but I really liked both 1 & 2 and hope there is a 3rd film in 2015!

  31. Fregieray says
    14 October 14, 7:57am

    Yes, i agree about the fight scenes, please lessen them. We want to see more of Jesus. Truth is, I got so touched with the first film than the 2nd. Both are great though.

  32. Humberto says
    30 November 14, 12:59pm

    During the movie, i just learned that The Holy Spirit became a Body in the movie, nobody knows in earth, how God really looks alike physically in Heaven, so The Lord becomes a man on earth, It’s likely God choosed Mr Marchiano to act as Jesus in the movie, why? i am not sure how to answer that question, but i think, we have to keep watching the movies, over and over, to get an answer. I do hope, the third movie, is made by inspiration, a God’s Message to the viewers, God works misteriously, If the world uses the media to spread their propaganda against God, God will use the Media as well against the world. Even if the media was designed by the world, it doesn’t belong to the world at all, God mentions in the Bible, that everything the earth is made of, it belongs to him. What makes theses movies good, is not whose are in, but how the Holy Spirit touches the characters in the movies. Is not the same knowing your role and what to say, and letting the Holy Spirit work in the scenes, big difference, Your facial expression, the way how you say it, your voice need to have the power to touch the audience hearts.

  33. Annelie says
    30 November 14, 2:56pm

    Remember this movie is not a doctrinal movie, but a movie to touch your heart and increase your faith. The Holy Spirit is separate from the Father and the Son. I can’t remember how this movie portrayed the Holy Spirit. No man has seen God the Father at any time.

    God can definitely use a movie to touch someone’s heart, even sometimes movies that we wouldn’t think would do that. He is an all powerful God.


  34. Evans says
    11 April 15, 9:08am

    really love this movie

  35. fenner says
    03 March 16, 6:27pm

    The first Encounter was very good. Took much too long to introduce Jesus however. The Encounter 2 was, I guess the eventual step they had to take…. but it didn’t work for me. Still, I think we can all agree that this was a very very cool idea, and it could really be reboot with higher production values for a theater release.

  36. Jenna Sue Bennett says
    02 July 16, 4:27pm

    It looks like Bruce Marchiano just confirmed that the Encounter 3 movie has been filmed… take a look at his tweet –

  37. CFDb says
    06 July 16, 1:19pm

    Jenna, great news shared! Thank you!!

  38. Jenna Sue Bennett says
    20 August 16, 3:44am

    I just found this behind the scenes video on Vimeo… It looks like the next installment in the Encounter Series will be a TV Series rather than a film. It sounds like a series similar to Touched by an Angel, but with Jesus (Bruce Marchiano) appearing to characters in each episode, rather than angels. According to the video, the series will be on… And it appears that the first episode will be staring Morgan Fairchild playing a character called Bethany, a former actress who can’t let go of the past. Dave Stone (One Hit from Home) is producer of the series, and says that each episode is like a short film with a different set of characters… I’m pretty excited about this! Check out the video here –

  39. Allissa Halderman says
    01 January 17, 10:08pm

    I loved the first two Encounter movies, yes the violence in the second is a bit longer, but if you consider the world that Jesus is trying g to save Mimi and Bruno from it makes a little more sense. Also David A R White character Rik harbors a lot of anger and hate toward Bruno as well. Jesus taught us to love one another as he loved us. We all have some type of violence to endure in this life weather is be small or great. I think the song by For King and Country ” By our Love” speaks volumes of Our lords message. You also have to Remember that some people that watch some of these movies and new to the life of Christ and this in a way shows them that we can solve e our problems without violence. Just thought I would give my opinion. Love to all my brother’s and sisters in Christ. May God bless you all in this New Year.

  40. Becky Carlson says
    15 March 17, 3:19am

    Would love to see a third one, enjoyed the first 2, please let me know when/ if availible

  41. Jazmin says
    04 November 17, 11:57am

    Both movies came out great.Truly touched me to the point where I felt like some things were for me.Please keep on making these movies.Could you make a movie on pregnancy loss so women may understand why it may or may not happen?Also is there any way I could buy the encounter series on Dvd?

  42. Desiree says
    06 November 17, 9:53am

    Hello Jazmin,

    I’m glad you enjoyed these films, you can purchase the first two here!


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