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The Encounter

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Rating: 3.9/5 (7 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

The Encounter – This was one of the most refreshing Christian movies seen in a long time. This movie touched on real questions that everyone faces and the hard choices God makes, so that we might ultimately be saved. A powerful, must-see movie! Check out the CFDb interview with director David A.R. White.

The Encounter

Film Description:

The Encounter – Stranded in the middle of nowhere, five strangers find themselves marooned in a small deserted roadside diner. An arrogant businessman, (Steve “Sting” Borden), a lonely single woman, (Jaci Velasquez), a couple on the verge of divorce, and a youthful runaway, all come face to face with the diner owner who serves them more than temporal nourishment.

This very nice host called Nazarene, (Bruce Marchiano) who knows all of their secrets and possesses the answers to all of their problems, if only they would trust him. It is this miraculous Encounter that will leave them all changed.

The Encounter is an inspirational and intriguing faith-filled family drama about five people who are brought faced to face with Jesus and encouraged to examine the true condition of their lives.

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The Encounter
The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost
The Encounter 3:

The Encounter - Christian Movie, Christian Film, Bruce Marchiano


Indy Christian Film Review: by Zack Lawrence

Film Cast

  • Nadia Alexieva – Semjase
  • Steve Borden – Nick
  • Kass Connors – Officer Deville
  • Marc Davies – State Trooper
  • Danah Davis – Catherine
  • Madison Gibney – Kayla
  • Elizabeth Ince – Sadie
  • Bruce Marchiano – Jesus
  • Jamie Nieto – Hank
  • Jaci Velasquez – Melissa

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Pure Flix Entertainment Representative:
Phone: 1 480 991 2258 Fax: 1 480 473 9811
Email: Contact Address: 15300 N 90th St., Suite 900, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Film Details

The Encounter, 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Jack says
    05 June 11, 12:47am

    well I saw this movie on the Christian network after I watched it I feel so good in my soul God spoke to me as a believer God is so good.

  2. Tom and Cynthia says
    05 June 11, 9:39am

    We watched this movie on TBN. It was excellent and we highly recommend it. It was spiritually moving and gave a great portrayal of the love of Jesus and his infinite grace.

  3. Linda Turner says
    06 June 11, 11:16am

    I truly loved the movie The Encounter, saw it on TBN. will order it. It is a good witnesses tool to show people. Thank you for showing it, and thank God for allowing you to produce it.

  4. Richard DW Miller says
    10 June 11, 10:28pm

    Thank You to the film company that made this movie! I never get tired of watching it when it comes on JCTV! This is one of my favorite Christian movies. A lot can be said about what this movie conveys, But in my heart, I know I’ve met Jesus in a good many ways in my life.This movie may have a Twilight Zone type script to it, But that in no way takes away from the overall message. All I can say is: Thank You Jesus For Helping Make This Movie! & also to the actors as well.
    Richard ~~

  5. Pearlene says
    11 June 11, 2:42pm

    Good message, UNGODLY MUSIC

  6. Adeleine says
    28 June 11, 10:56am

    I have only heard of this movie. I am from Mumbai India and would like to have any info as to where can i get a copy of this movie. It surely would be a blessing to the church here,

    CFDb – Hi Adeleine, You can buy the film from the Amazon link, they will ship to you. Thanks


  7. Onomski says
    03 July 11, 2:10am

    This is one of the best christian movies i have ever seen. Such a powerful message portrayed in an unusual, unique manner. It is in my opinion a very effective evangelical tool. It shows all just how PERSONAL Jesus Christ can be to anyone who would receive Him. May God bless the cast and crew immensely…may your reward on earth and in heaven be great!!!

  8. James, O. F says
    10 July 11, 8:33pm

    I miraculously got this movie and God had used it to bless my life in unimaginable ways.
    It is indeed a great blessing and a must-watch for all Christians.
    God be praised!.

  9. Benny says
    20 July 11, 5:05pm

    Hi this movie really amazed me I was really touched by the message in this movie. I saw this movie on TBN TV. like nothing else to do I was just changing Channels n my remount then come across with this movie it was at beginning with the open up credit so I didn’t know it was the Encounter. I really will recommend this movie to everyone just so their can see how Jesus really want us to be safe and to be out of this sinful life we living. For the Kingdom Of God is coming soon.

  10. Elizabeth Taylor says
    24 July 11, 4:05pm

    wow!! i dont even know what to say. God bless you soo much. this movie has made such an inpact in my life. watched it at a youth programme in my church. it has helped me deal with my ‘Paul’, i love him but God loves him more. i pray that God would help me let Him lead me through the path He has planned for me. Amen

  11. Ayeh says
    31 July 11, 3:36am

    I have really been touched by this movie. I actually see it as a very deep revelation from God. This movie has really given me answers to so many questions that I would have by no means gotten answers to now. I thank God for the production team.

  12. Minister Bishop says
    31 July 11, 9:57pm

    Thank you….

  13. Shelley says
    05 August 11, 8:23pm

    Just watched this movie at “Date NIght” at our church and was very moved. Great acting and directing – wonderful quality! – most especially, the message was relevant and timely and genuine! Bless you for making an awesome witnessing tool that will bring glory to the Name of Jesus.

  14. Erica Sayles says
    08 August 11, 7:35pm

    Praise the Lord everybody, this movie was breath taking thank you Lord for the pleasure of watching this movie . This movie really touched my soul..God bless..

  15. theodora says
    13 August 11, 12:31pm

    this is a must see movie for everyone who belives in Christ,This movie gave me so much hope,faith and confidence in God.Please where can i buy it? i want it for keeps just not for renting :). i beleive it should be a must have movie

  16. Luiza says
    06 September 11, 7:15am

    I am from South Africa and got the DVD recently and watched it. Just want to say well done to the director/producer and actors for a lovely movie!!! I have watched it twice and I love the way Jesus is portrayed in the movie – I thought Bruce was excellent in his role! God Bless

  17. Natalia says
    12 September 11, 7:19pm

    Hi I want to know if the movie is in spanish

    CFDb – Hi Natalia, Sorry, I don’t think it does, all I see are English subtitles?

    They really should have added that.

  18. NEVATAP 808 says
    13 September 11, 10:43am

    Great movie…its on Netflixs just watched it last night…enjoy and I hope you’ll be blessed as much as I did. Aloha!!!

  19. NEVATAP 808 says
    13 September 11, 11:08am

    Another thing, it was interesting to see a part of me in each of the charecters. It was a so powerfull to here Jesus speak to each of them, cause it was like He was speaking to me. Aloha and have a great day!!! Mahalo Ke Akua!!! (thank you God)

  20. steven niehaus says
    14 September 11, 4:32pm

    I want to know where I can get a copy of THE ENCOUNTER. I would also like for you to give me any recommendations on Christian faith based movies. Thank you!!

  21. CFDb says
    14 September 11, 4:47pm

    Hi Steven,

    If you hit the buy button, there should be about 4 options that you can
    choose to buy the movie from different places.

    As far as recommendations it really depends on what kind of movie you are
    looking for. There are a lot of excellent
    Christian movies out there.

    The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is a really great one (kids like that one

    The ones made by Sherwood Pictures
    Facing the Giants
    (soon – Courageous)

    Flag of my Fathers (great for military)

    One of my favorites – To Save A Life – fabulous for teens and adults –

    You can e-mail us directly at and give us an
    idea of what you
    are really looking for.


  22. CFDb says
    16 September 11, 8:27am

    Thanks for the info in this and the 2nd post.


  23. Amy says
    17 September 11, 9:14pm

    It is excellent. If you have not seen it yet, I really truly with all my heart recommend that you do so. Time well spent.

  24. Sarah says
    19 September 11, 2:35pm

    Just saw this movie for the second time on TBN – it is always on late at night. This is a beautiful family movie – goes straight to the heart! I wish TBN would play it earlier. Do you know if this is also on Daystar?

  25. Annelie says
    19 September 11, 2:54pm

    It doesn’t look like this is showing on Daystar according to their schedule. Sorry we don’t have any more details on that. There is a link on the database if you wish to purchase the movie or rent it.

  26. Dan says
    20 September 11, 10:00am

    Excellant movie. This would make a good play. The concept maybe would make a good series.

  27. Nicole' Felton says
    22 September 11, 4:50pm

    This is an awesome movie! I love the music as it appeals to all ages. Definitely one I will keep in my library for therapeutic purposes. I have recommended it to many of my Christian clients and staff.

  28. HS says
    22 September 11, 5:24pm

    This movie was shown on tjc on multi tv ghana. I can ay it is really thought provoking.
    God bless every one.

  29. alx says
    23 September 11, 5:06pm

    Wow… this was awful….and as a Christian, embarrassing. I’m sure all the reviewers are too focused on the fact that it’s a “christian film’ to miss that fact that it’s a boring, predictable one act stage play and NOT a movie. And for the term “it was good “for a christian film”…. ugh… really??? does that make it immune from entertainment, intelligence or production value??? Come on people wake up! If you want to make a good “christian film”, don’t make this… make something more real, more thought out and frankly more entertaining. And don’t give answers to all the questions, let people discover them on their own, nothing you do or say is going to make someone believe, because it’s not up to you, it’s between God and that person…period. So stop trying to make ‘witness tools’ and just make good quality, respectable films that are just plain good… Not filmed church plays…. I would be embarrassed to show this to a non Christian. For crying out loud the name on the window is written in electrical tape!? the ‘mysterious diner owner’ is wearing a name tag but then reveals that he IS Jesus 2 seconds in…. Mystery goes out the window right then and there… build tension, set up questions and DON’t answer them all, at least not right away, and the characters were thin and predictable…
    Get a higher standard people, God made the universe, don’t give “christian filmakers” a lower bar than the rest of the world…

  30. Tammy says
    24 September 11, 9:33pm

    Just watched this movie it was great. Would like to know who the actor in the last seen with Jesus was? He looked very familiar.

  31. snapfusion says
    25 September 11, 9:21am

    Great, a film critic has joined the party, reminding us all that production value is greater than the message of god, Thanks for the “wake up” call alx!

    How ironic…….

  32. Rumpelstiltskin says
    25 September 11, 11:14am

    Hello Nick, I mean, alx. Sounds like you missed the real content of the movie while you were focused on details like how the name of the diner was implemented. I’ll bet 99.99% of those watching the movie never noticed that…or would care.
    Why get so caught up in your personal criticisms of the production details you ignore the real value? A one-act play? The setting was in one location, for one night. Do you think they should have been there for longer than overnight? Would that have made any sense?
    Let’s just enjoy the movie as it is, a gem. I watched it twice in a row on Netflix.

  33. Alx says
    26 September 11, 3:17am

    I’m simply saying that this movie does not deserve such high praise. I get the message, in fact I got the message in the first 5 minutes because they spilled the beans on the whole plot in that time. I’m just saying that Christians seem to accept a lower standard when we should be creating a higher standard. If everyone keeps saying low budget, thinly vailed stories are ‘awesome’ then there is no room to grow. I work in the film industry with big name directors and see the care and attention put into crafting good stories. Why should a Christian film maker be praised for doing an less than average job? We should be held to a higher standard than the world… As a movie, this was embarrassing to watch. If it was a church play it would’ve been ok…

  34. Rachel Klugh says
    26 September 11, 3:53am

    You can now watch it on Netflix, love it!

  35. Rachel Klugh says
    26 September 11, 4:07am

    Alx- “nothing you do or say”? Thank you God, Jesus didn’t have hat that same attitude or way of thinking we he came here to die, but before he died he served and healed others, he cared about their smallest needs.God can use anyone or anything, he doesn’t need an academic award winning film to reach the lost and broken. Can you honestly say that it was not part of Gods plan to make this movie, which I am sure it was. If it saved just one person from the pit of hell then thank you Jesus for speaking to the heart of the people who made this film. As a Christian who is struggling with my own life this film spoke to me and answered a lot of questions I had.I pray that the lord speaks to your heart and shows you how is hands are even in the smallest things even films that people don’t consider quality film. For the record you never know how God will touch a persons heart, he can do it in ways that you can’t even imagine.

  36. Frank says
    26 September 11, 11:16pm

    Really enjoyed this film, so did my family. I am curious what it cost to produce this film. Can anyone assist with real costs? Thanks. You know Alx, not every film is made to be an Academy Award winner, not every film has to be to your standards to deliver a message…sometimes keeping it simple and listening to the words has the greatest impact…I feel sorry for you…you missed the whole point…

  37. Earl says
    27 September 11, 4:45pm

    I randomly picked this movie on netflix out of a dead sleep. Woke up and thoroughly enjoyed the message. So much so that I had to share it with my coworkers. Thank you for producing the movie, its on my must have list.

  38. AAlva says
    29 September 11, 2:36pm

    I am recently divorced father of three. Whenever I get my kids I generally pick family-oriented, thought-provoking, or “classic” movies to watch in the evenings. I selected this movie while scanning through Netflix, and popped it onto the TV screen before my kids had a chance to protest. The movie started with a “Twilight Zone” feel to it and that immediately got their attention fast. I wasn’t disappointed – it held the attention of the 15, 12, and 4 year old throughout the movie. What grabbed me was the couple in the midst of marital strife. Their dialogue was word-for-word copies of the “conversations” my ex and I had in the last year of our marriage. That was me when Hank asked for Jesus to heal their marriage. And that was my faithless and unfaithful wife in the role of Catherine. It was quite an eye opener for me and the kids. Personally, it did not feel as painful watching it now as it would have been a year ago. But it did bring to mind my request to the Lord to “restore” my marriage many months ago. That has not happened but I continue to believe in His plan whatever the outcome may be. Overall, I would say the movie fulfilled its goal as “entertainment with a message”. True, it doesn’t have the huge production value that other movies have these days but it is the message that is most important to me. I recommend it to everyone.

  39. beanie says
    30 September 11, 2:28pm

    i am so blessed by this movie as it not only talks about the good things that Christ does, it also really describes that regardless of how tough life might get, all things work together for good those who love God and are called for his purpose. it also shows how living a dream doesnt necessarily mean that a person has it all. God is so gracious

  40. Julie says
    08 October 11, 8:11pm

    I just finished watching this movie and I am speechless.This is such a great movie!!! I was so moved by it. There aren’t any words to describe it. I highly recommend EVERYONE to see it. 🙂

  41. Julie says
    08 October 11, 8:18pm

    I so disagree with Alx. Watch it again only with your heart this time. Jesus tells us to be set apart. To be different than the world.What made it an excellent movie was it’s message. It was complete truth. As Christians, this is exactly what we should be looking for, but unfortunately we have been desensitized by the worlds way. I have seen low budget movies that were painful to watch, but this was not at all. I clung to every word and cried as I watched and listened. It was a wonderful representation of the character of Jesus. Thank you for making this film. Continue to glorify the Lord with the gifts He has given you for His glory alone. 🙂

  42. Chris Bekoe says
    13 October 11, 4:31am

    The first time i watched this christian movies, i was filled and touched by the Holy Spirit. I will share this movie with my friend and my church. Jesus is always near to us but we don’t see Him. Lord Jesus, grant me the spirit to hear your voice always. Amen!

    13 October 11, 8:48pm


  44. ken forbush says
    13 October 11, 8:50pm

    i live in so cal and am the president of my local chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship. i am so moved i invited bruce to speak at my chapter in nov. i am happy to say he is. if you are in the Corona Ca area on the 5th of nov at 8 am come to the hometown buffet.

  45. Biju John says
    16 October 11, 6:57am

    Great movie with a good value. I loved the way it is presented. Fantastic work and a good team has made it possible. Congratulations all who worked to make it possible

  46. hans says
    16 October 11, 11:09pm

    Is the movie available in the Philippines? I hope we could buy a copy here. (:

  47. CFDb says
    17 October 11, 7:58am

    Hi, I’m not sure what stores might carry this in the Philippines, but you can click on the buy links and buy from Amazon, I know they will ship to you for sure. Thanks

  48. 22 October 11, 1:04pm

    I have the movie trailer for this posted on my website. Can’t wait for an opportunity to see this. Is this movie on Netflix? Please email me the response at Thanks

  49. CFDb says
    22 October 11, 6:58pm

    It’s a Great movie and yes they have it at netflix, Thanks

  50. Marti says
    23 October 11, 1:58am

    Just finished watching this movie tonight. Great movie and the message is clear! Would like to know who sings the song that is played at the end of the movie. Can you please tell me? Appreciate it!

    I don’t think anyone answered this one – I am not sure about this answer – I hope you were able to find out.


  51. Jill Johnson says
    25 October 11, 6:46am

    I loved this film. I showed it to a group of teenagers who had lots of questions about Chrisianity and the love of God. I think it pretty much answered them all. I especially love how Jesus is protrayed. His love and compassion seem so genuine.

  52. Amanda says
    06 November 11, 10:44pm

    I just finished watching part of this on JCTV. I’m buying this movie!!!!!

  53. Botshelo Nicky Mothobi says
    09 November 11, 11:55am

    One of great movies that media won’t talk about, I was touched by the message and the movie depicted what is happening in our daily lives, the choices that we face, I loved how the father’s love has been portrayed and i will never be the same again, Lets keep the fire for winning souls i’m sure this movie will win many hearts

  54. 02 December 11, 2:54am

    need 2 know about any new movie u make

  55. Annelie says
    02 December 11, 9:34am

    The best way to find out about any new movie coming up is to sign up for our monthly newsletter – the link to sign up is found on any of our pages on the database.
    Another way is to go to Films coming soon page –


  56. rawle pierre says
    09 December 11, 11:01am

    Great movie. Very well presented and definitely makes you think about your relationship with Jesus. The idea though of people going to heaven when they die is not in the bible though and is I think the only failing of the movie. All the bible writers agree that they are looking forward to being resurrected when Jesus comes. (a.k.a. Job)

  57. Uncle Sam says
    16 December 11, 4:25am

    This is no doubt a movie any christian and non-christian must watch…so far i have watched it for the second time…Its thought provoking,thrilling and pure truth..God sent movie..

  58. Yana says
    22 December 11, 3:41am

    Great movie! I have just watched it. While watching it, there’s something that lifts me up. The words were so great. The words talk to my heart. People got to watch this movie.

  59. angelica says
    22 December 11, 11:10pm


  60. Curtis Schultz says
    27 December 11, 1:46am

    Does anyone know if this movie is available for purchase in Region 4, Australia?

  61. Annelie says
    27 December 11, 7:10am

    If you are interested in watching a lot of Christian films you would need to invest in a region 1 player because 99% of Christian films are
    only made in region 1 such as The Encounter. You can go to the film page and click on Official Websites
    and contact the company directly to see if they ever intend on making a Region 4 version.


  62. Sandy says
    04 January 12, 4:28pm

    Great Movie. A young couple was so impressed they brought it over so they could watch it again with us. We have since showed it to several other couples and know we will be sharing it a lot more in the future. What a comment when Jesus says He hardly recognizes the world He made. He wants so much more for us. Love the message! Thank you!

  63. Julian says
    06 January 12, 10:23pm

    I watched this movie tonight and for a long time I was like the guy who was stuck up and didn’t care to give his life to Jesus. But my mom put the movie on and I was still like so who cares but at the end I was like wow. I need to change cause like I’m pretty sure it was Nick but he had chances and he didnt know that he was goin to die that night and that could be me and I’ve done some stuff and I’m in my middle teens and I don’t know when I’m going to die. So I have accepted Jesus and when I got to church I’m talkin to my pastor about baptism. I am a Christan 🙂

  64. GoldenVine says
    09 January 12, 8:09pm

    This is a wonderful movie! I love the message and how the love and compassion of Jesus is so clearly depicted. I’ve seen quite a few Christian movies and none have moved me the way this one did.

    I plan to buy it and share it with everyone.

  65. Tammy says
    09 January 12, 8:18pm

    I love this movie, my husband and I watched it, then watched it again with our kids and they loved it also; so much that they now continue to watch it on their own. We have really spread the word about this movie. It is just like that person above said christian or non christian it is a must watch.

  66. Linda Jones says
    26 January 12, 3:05am

    I have seen this movie and I was really moved by it. It was like Jesus was talking right to you, like He was talking to me! I was moved by ti.

  67. Chinyere says
    26 January 12, 4:29pm

    I loved the movie. It moved me tears all through. God loves us dearly and wants us to make the right choice in following Him. Why would anyone want to spend an eternity in hell? I wish more thought provoking films like ‘The Encounter’ could be produced. The world sorely needs them.

  68. Chidera says
    30 January 12, 12:24am

    I watched this movie on the early hours of Sunday,it was enough sermon to me.I just love the Idea! feel like watching it over and over again!

  69. deb says
    11 February 12, 1:24pm

    @Marti – the closing song is called “Stars Tipped Over” by Chad Petree

  70. Jada Coleman says
    18 February 12, 7:14pm

    Just watched this movie at my church’s Movie Night and i LOVED IT! Jesus is awesome but he’s gentle too, this i knew but i saw how he really works an it helped me better understand him too 🙂 I’ll admit, the movie made me tear up on some parts, especially at the end when he told everyone he loved them <3 i know he loves us all, but hearing him say it just makes me believe it more that i am loved by the very one who created me.

  71. Angel says
    18 March 12, 8:43pm

    Why no MPAA rating. I need to know if it is appropriate for children.

  72. CFDb says
    19 March 12, 7:34am

    Hi Angel,

    Some films just don’t go for the MPPA rating, not sure why. Dove says “Recommended for
    ages 12 and over”.

    My sister’s kids have seen it and they are 8, 10 and 12 and they all loved it, they have watched it 3 times now. 🙂

    I would say it’s appropriate for older kids, as always, it depends on the child.

    The film has a great message for the whole family. I would watch with your kids then talk about it afterwords.

    Let us know what they think, so others will know.

  73. Jeff says
    20 May 12, 12:12am

    Thought provoking film. It is available on Netflix so in Australia maybe that is your solution. The actor that plays Jesus is excellent as is the actor that plays Nick.

    We do have a link under “Rent Film” to Netflix and Christian Cinema for renting the film.


  74. Janera says
    23 June 12, 6:27am

    I just finished watching and I cried. I am definitely going to add this movie to my collection. I needed to see this movie this morning and just to think I planned on sleeping late. Love it.

  75. Mickey says
    05 July 12, 6:08pm

    This movie was SOOOOOO amazing! I cried so hard, and it helped me realize how much Jesus loves me. All of the actors did fantastic! This is literally the BEST movie ever, and I hope to get it on DVD soon!!!!!! 😀

  76. Tom Cheek says
    22 August 12, 12:49pm

    I bought this DVD months ago. Just watched it for the 2nd time earlier today. A fantastic movie, absolutely love it! Answers a lot of questions people have in a unique and thought-provoking way. Bruce Marciano is an excellent choice for the role of Jesus! Can’t wait to see thew sequel!

  77. Richmond Amenya says
    02 September 12, 4:39am

    I love this movie……it’s awesome

  78. chrissythehyphenated says
    15 September 12, 4:43pm

    I just rented The Encounter from Netflix and I had to pause the movie to come online to rant about what an ANNOYING job you did of programming the disk!

    The previews cannot be sped up, skipped or menu’d past. Thanks SO much. I not only have seen ALL of those movies … I OWN THEM.

    When the feature (finally) started, I tried to use the subtitles to help my aging ears catch the dialogue only to find you used the SMALLEST FONT IN THE HISTORY OF SUBTITLES.

    Let me think. Old ears? Check. Old eyes? Double check. So thanks for nothing.

    I rent your films to preview them. I usually end up buying them. Not always, but most of the time. NOT THIS ONE.

  79. Annelie says
    15 September 12, 7:58pm

    Sorry for the disappointment and on a film that got such fantastic reviews. I’m not sure who is responsible for not being able to fast forward through previews. That can be quite annoying at times. Maybe that was Netflix. Not sure though. We don’t make any of the films, we just list them.


  80. Tony A says
    23 September 12, 5:01pm

    I have just finished watching fr the 3rd time in a month.
    This is interetas @ found myself situated right in the middle feeling His glory.
    a great movie by all standard. Accra, Ghana, West Africa

  81. Barbara says
    26 September 12, 5:47pm

    One of my friends let me watch it. I then gave it to another friend and we have just been passing it around. It really touches your heart. Wonderful

  82. 30 September 12, 1:06pm

    Musica do filme “Stars Tripped Over” by Petree from their album “Weakness Makes You Beautiful.”

  83. Mavis Asare says
    15 October 12, 2:01am

    This movie is meant for me. How can i buy it in Ghana- West Africa

  84. Maria says
    05 November 12, 12:15am

    Wow.. I have just watched this film.. It made me cried a long the movie..
    I’m so very thankful to God, because I think I’m going to die like Nick in this film if I didn’t got this film from my friend yesterday..
    God save my life with His own way.. 🙂

  85. Annelie says
    05 November 12, 9:29am

    This is SO wonderful that this film changed your life. If you ever need encouragement, e-mail us! We are here for you.


  86. Jonathan says
    06 November 12, 8:49pm

    I stumbled upon this movie on ebay, and read the outline.
    I never thought it was going to be that good!
    My wife and I watched it twice that same evening!!!!
    The next night I watched it with my folks.
    This weekend I’m watching it with my sister and brother in law.
    We bought three more to share with friends who still need to come into the Kingdom.
    And will probably buy more in the future…
    It is THAT good!
    It gives you a bit of a grip of what Jesus is like…
    It sure left us loving Jesus that much more!

  87. Annelie says
    07 November 12, 7:01am

    Thank you for sharing that! This movie has changed so many lives!


  88. Kanu says
    07 November 12, 10:00am

    A friend invited me for a fellowship and it was movie night! The Encounter was on and this movie helped me see Jesus’ true love for us! He is truly a gentleman! Would be sharing it with my church youth next week. thanks for the movie

  89. Tom Clary says
    30 November 12, 10:02am

    This movie is anointed! Bruce Marchiano has played Jesus in other movies and he does a wonderful job. I am a Minister in Aiken, SC and would recommend this movie for ALL to see. Praise GOD!! JESUS IS LORD!!!!

  90. Faith Anderson says
    27 December 12, 2:28pm

    This movie is the best i have ever watched. i accepted Christ two days after my 16th birthday this year and seeing this movie is a blessing. I’m going to share it with others so they can also see the light.

  91. Dominic says
    31 December 12, 7:27am

    This movie is just touching full of how we are loved no matter how far u go. i realized everything happens in one’s life for a reason. I felt the real passion of Jesus Christ. How in different ways speak to us. I pray i will have such a wonderful patient, love and kindness. The movie really lightened my path. Hallelujah !!

  92. Juliet Godwin says
    29 June 13, 11:40am

    This is the best movie i have ever seen. Please keep it up

  93. Rosita Verde says
    20 July 13, 7:31am

    In responding to alx’s comments, “You sound like screwtape in “The screwtape Letters”. Notice that I didn’t capitalize “screwtape”/
    Alx, you have a choice, I pray that you put aside your pride and cynicism in order to see that you are a hurting person and really need Jesus to search your heart to remove the bitterness and hurt you are/ have suffered. Remember, you have a choice..
    Hopefully by the time that you read this post your testimony will be different..If not, it’s your choice1
    You were mired in the small details.Don’t you know that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, therefore the wise things will confound the fool!

  94. Dyek Yohanna Dyek says
    08 August 13, 6:52am

    This is awsome and amazing.
    So many times we toy arround with our lifes as though we own it, but it’s really all about Him. Thank You JESUS. Please have mercy on me. Without you I’m nothing at all.

  95. Bernard says
    16 August 13, 7:39am

    Great Movie. I saw myself in one of the characters. I also love the way the Jesus Character answered all the questions that were thrown at him.With love and with wisdom. Yet its a wonder how we could miss the TRUTH when it is STANDING right in front of us.

  96. Uzochukwu Christian says
    08 September 13, 2:16pm

    Just yesterday, I felt like crying out loud. I gave my life to Jesus again, I welcomed Jesus I into my life. I wish to have a thousand copy of “The Encounter” DvD. I want to use it to reach out to people. I want them to be blessed by Jesus.

  97. Annelie says
    08 September 13, 3:11pm

    That is AWESOME – here is a link to where you can buy films – – if you literally want to give out a lot, let the company know and I’m sure they would give you a deal. 1-800-CHRISTIAN (1-800-247-4784) – Just tell them CFDb sent you.


  98. Eric-Kirk Agyemang says
    10 September 13, 6:07pm

    Nice movie. I like it

  99. Simeon says
    13 September 13, 4:47pm

    I never knew i could be moved in Spirit by a movie. This is a ministry on its own and questions that would have taken me time to answer as an evangelist was conveyed just with short words. as a matter of fact, i now have keen interest in more of such movies. I tried to convince myself that it is not real but this movie is too real to be unreal. I am seriously hungry for more of these movies at any cost as long as it reveals such heart lifting truth..may God strenghten the industry.

  100. Benny Rock says
    25 October 13, 2:24pm

    This movie is not based on speculations but spirit led! It help brighten the minds of those who never understood that Jesus loves us and has greater things in store for us. There’s no theological flaws at all. I love it and i wish the whole world would watch it. It is also amazing that the movie was produced under a low budget! Wooow!

  101. stephen says
    16 November 13, 12:49am

    i buy the movie in my church at warri delta state Nigeria, the movie is really thought provoking, after watching the movie 15/11/2013 at 12am at mid night, i discovered i need Jesus more than any thing in my life, i went on my kneels and ask him to come into my life and family and forgive me my sins, 16/11/2013 at 6:30am i re-watch it, tears roll down as Jesus told hauk to ask him to save his marriage, as hank did i started cry again and i prayed for my family and my young brother to receive Jesus. I called my young brother whom every one has given up on because of his attitude that has case the family series of shame, i called he and i told him in tears that i love him that he should give his life to Jesus and he said he will. thanks for this movie the encounter that has bless my life and has brought my closer to Jesus. thanks guys GREAT MOVIE. stephen iniovo from nigeria

  102. CFDb says
    16 November 13, 6:05pm

    This is so cool, thanks for sharing your story with us all. 🙂


  103. samuel aigbovo says
    23 November 13, 3:52am

    Hmmmmmmm .. Watching film the encounter has really changed my mindset about chritainity and off God bless u all 4 d message

  104. Liputra.D.S says
    07 December 13, 10:49am

    I Need to know where I can Get and Buy the Film,Where Your Store?????…….

  105. CFDb says
    08 December 13, 9:47am

    Hi, You can buy the film by clicking on the “Buy this film today” link on the cover of the DVD shown on each film page. I hope that helps and let us know what you thought are after watching the film, you can leave your thoughts on the comments, thanks.

  106. velance says
    08 December 13, 10:49pm

    Hey just an amazing movie!Really loved it ! Through such movies i believe we can win souls for christ thank you!

  107. Liputra.D.S says
    09 December 13, 10:19am

    Me Too Valence,And Sorry I Question DFDb Are You Have a store Or Whats The Name Youre Store???IF,YOU HAVE….???

  108. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    01 June 14, 7:32pm

    I saw this on Netflix. This is surprised me. It is a movie that only Christians would like and understand. It does have extreme over the top elements, and very cheesy moments. But it is good and will resonate with believers. How can anyone hate this Bruce actor, he plays such innocent and caring Jesus roles? The movie didn’t go into the same predictable ending like most Christian movies, and I liked that. When it gets going, it hold your interest.

  109. Keith Fontaine says
    06 August 14, 2:35pm

    Does anyone know who did the rockabilly music soundtracks in this movie? The singer reminded me much of Roy Orbison & the guitar playing was great. A great sound of a bygone era.

  110. Sue Yackell says
    06 September 14, 11:06pm

    My husband and I just watched this movie. We loved it. We are pastors and it so well done in such a loving, simple way.
    We were very moved and touched by this movie.

  111. Georgie says
    12 October 14, 8:30pm

    Awesome Movie, Powerful message!!! What is the name of the song/Artist that is played at the beginning of the movie?

  112. Nalubwama Christine (Tinah) says
    15 October 14, 12:58pm

    i love this movie it just inspires me and my family a lot if only the world could act a lot more movies like this greeting to Chermaine, Jopat and Christy…

  113. Reymarc Sagrado says
    25 December 14, 1:11pm

    Hi, Where can i buy a copy of this in the Philippines? Need urgent reply ASAP! God bless friends! 🙂 Merry Christmas! Badly need it in our FREE MOVIE for college students.

  114. Annelie says
    26 December 14, 7:53am
  115. Dennis says
    28 December 14, 11:12am

    Just saw THE ENCOUNTER on TBN. I was blown away. What a GREAT movie. Praise The Lord. Concerning the soundtrack…I understand a Latin group did the retro- sounding songs in the diner. What band does the GREAT Christian rock song at the closing credits. Thanks, Dennis.

  116. DeNise says
    22 January 15, 2:39pm

    Great movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can you please tell me who the man is in the very last scene? The gentleman who is sitting at the table and Jesus comes to him as his waiter?

  117. Annelie says
    22 January 15, 4:23pm

    David A.R. White – he is in the next Encounter movie too.


  118. glenda ramos says
    25 January 15, 10:06am

    I began trusting Jesus fully and having a life without worries.I began to realize that the Lord is with me all the time. thank you and God bless you,it is all God’s doing in personally encountering Him in the movie.

  119. Mike says
    03 April 15, 8:16pm

    Just watched this on Netflix with my wife and 11 year old daughter. Great movie. My daughter loved it. When it was over she drew a picture of Jesus as King, captioned ‘Jesus is the BEST’. Thanks to those who involved with this film!

  120. Christopher Roggers says
    14 October 15, 3:07pm

    the encounter is a great movie ….keep it up

  121. CHERYL says
    03 January 16, 5:11pm

    Loved the movie but in the scene where Nick and the Cop or Devil should I say drive away, they both flash a hand sign that means “Hail Satan”. Obviously David White is unlknowing of that.

  122. Lynn says
    03 January 16, 5:16pm

    I bet the producers didnt know that the hand sign Nick and “Officer Deville” flashed at each other is the sign for “Hail Satan”. And dont tell me it is the real actor Steve Bordons own hand signal. It is hailing to satan

  123. Reuben says
    11 August 16, 8:09pm

    this movie is inspiring… it has enlightened my relationship with the Holy Spirit. i will like to get those background background music

  124. Desiree says
    27 August 16, 10:40pm

    Hello Reuben,

    Thank you for reaching out to us, that is a very good question and a detail we hope to add to the film listing. I am uncertain of which song in particular you were wanting details for, although I have found the full listed soundtrack that you can preview and see details on here.


  125. Melanie Shubitowski says
    23 December 16, 3:19pm

    I absolutely love this movie and the series. Truly touching and inspiring, and I hope there are many more to come.

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