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The Freedom of Silence

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CFDb Review!

A pleasant surprise after the few minutes of watching the film. Some great moments of humor throughout even though it’s a serious film about the end times.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review

Film Synopsis:

The Freedom of Silence is a Christian feature-length film that is set in the near future when religious freedoms have continued to be taken away until Christianity is effectively outlawed – churches everywhere are closed & replaced with a Universal “less offensive” church.

The story chronicles one man’s journey, Zach Thompson, who makes a daring stand for truth. With the help of his friend Aaron, a Navy Seal with expert computer skills, Zach devises a plan to breach the government’s lock down on religious broadcasts. But his proclamation of faith comes with a heavy price.

Now, imprisoned by the ruthless government official Captain Johansen, Zach must fight for his life, his friends, and his precious wife and children. But even with death pounding at his door, Zach must complete his mission – a mission from which, he may never return.

The Freedom of Silence is a riveting story, one which will churn the fires for freedom in us all!

  • Zach Thompson ~~~ Tyler Messner
  • Aaron Willis ~~~ Chris Bylsma
  • Trisha Bassier ~~~ Lauren Miller
  • Kelly Thompson ~~~ Tasha Clark
  • Captain Johansen ~~~ Jeffrey Staab
  • Evelyn Thompson ~~~ Anita Cordell
  • Steve Thompson ~~~ Stephen Larson
  • Street Preacher ~~~ Steve Bright
  • Young Zach ~~~ Logan Glaze
  • Teen Zach ~~~ Shaune Hannen
  • Teen Kelly ~~~ Rachel Horne
  • Nurse Kopafele ~~~ Janie Forkin
  • Teen Aaron ~~~ Nick Bylsma
  • Jordan Thompson ~~~ Jordan Robertson
  • Jaycee Thompson ~~~Jaycee Robertson
  • Venesa Bassier ~~~ Jenesa Robertson
  • Teacher ~~~ Andrea Robertson
  • Security Guard ~~~ Mark T. Boone
  • Security Major ~~~ Diane Robertson



Name/Company: Robertson 6 Productions
Contact Person: Richard Robertson
Email: Email Contact
The Freedom of Silence, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. madhatter says
    23 June 12, 2:28am

    Oh my god, a revelation! I had no idea you could become free by locking yourself up and staying silent. I’m going to go close myself into my closet right now so that I can safely romp and runaround and play, and thank an invisible man no one has ever seen for my freedom!

  2. orderkeeper says
    16 June 13, 11:29pm

    Shut up madhatter, your ridicule isn’t doing anything besides provoking negativity and won’t make anyone budge at all, if you really want to do anything to us you will have to use physical force which you can’t fortunately because of the law. Ridicule is not rational at all and simply childish and a form of hate or flaming. The more you ridicule the less likely people will be willing to even listen to you. Find something else better to do than hide behind a computer screen and flame and hate and waste your time. Move to North Korea or Communist Atheist China where I guarantee you will be happy, it’s officially state atheist and preaching can get you killed there or jailed.

  3. 22 June 13, 9:39pm

    I just watched this movie (and posted a review on IMBd).

    Not bad at all, and not as outlandish as some would have us believe. My biggest complaint is that the movie was supposed to take place in 2030 and yet all the technology is distinctly 2010… there was even a CRT type TV set.

  4. Ctendell says
    28 June 13, 1:23pm

    I have to say, I only watched about 5 minutes of the movie and had to turn it off. It was like watching a fim students final project. The “persecution” of christians? laughable, the movie itself sounded great hackers, big government cover up, but 10 seconds into the opening I knew this was going to be bad. Sorry, hated it.

  5. Annelie says
    28 June 13, 1:34pm

    It’s hard when you only watch 5 minutes but I’ve done that with plenty of films myself. Persecution of Christians I wouldn’t consider laughable though. Not sure what you meant by that. It’s continually happening all over the world, and one day will be seen again, even in America.


  6. Mariah says
    10 July 13, 7:56am

    I am Pagan, and I felt the need to watch this movie. If Christianity can be targeted like this, then no religion is safe. Our First Amendment rights need to be supported by all believers. I believe this movie is pertinent to any First Amendment conversation.

  7. Karla says
    17 August 13, 3:52pm

    Mariah is right. I am a Christian & my closest friends are Pagan. These assaults affect everyone, not just Christians. If anyone were to pay close attention to what is going on in the world today they would see that Christianity has come under attack unlike any time prior in modern history. We are ridiculed at every turn just as with the poster in the first comment of the thread. We are coupled with the form of Christianity paraded about in the media but which has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. It is a false religion claiming Christianity as it’s belief system, but it is a sham set up to turn people from the truth and it is working. Note that in the movie it is stated that Christianity is being targeted, but if you look more closely it has set up a One World Religion that has replaced it . . . ergo, there is NO freedom of religion of ANY sort outside of the one the government of this movie has deemed acceptable. To practice ‘anything’ outside of their perimeter is to violate their law. This sort of thing happening in the states is very plausible and unfortunately it is right around the corner. Before too long one will not be able to differentiate between the atheistic countries around the world and the US . . . note, I have atheist friends as well and whether one wants to admit it or not, atheism is a religion as well . . . another one that will not be tolerated in the coming age . . . whether you liked the movie or not it is something to seriously consider . . . before it is too late for everyone.

  8. pet says
    30 December 14, 6:16pm

    my favorite part was right at the beginning where the horrible happens..the unknown president passes universal health care because as we all know a plan to help poor people can get health care is so unchristian..helping the poor? where they ever get that idea????

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