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The Frontier Boys

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CFDb Review!

This really brings out peer pressure and is very realistic in so many ways. You won’t be disappointed when you watch this one! Highly recommend for youth and especially for a discussion starter. Read the CFDb Movie Review.

The Frontier Boys

Film Description:

The Frontier Boys is the story of four high school boys whose undefeated basketball season and their friendship is threatened after a drive-by shooting leaves one of them in a coma and one of them with a secret. Brent Fencett, Jed Bracken, and T.J. Lewis are star players on theCharlevoix High School Basketball team; Jackson Carlson is their most obnoxious fan. They are unbeaten on the court and inseparable off it – until Brent gets caught up in his older brother’s mixed up life. The consequences of Brent’s choice leave T.J. in the hospital, and Brent’s soul in turmoil.

With performances by Big Kenny (formerly of Big & Rich), Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James, former Olympic boxer Earthquake Kelley and a cast of young talent, The Frontier Boys is classic storytelling that still breaks through in the midst of a post-modern world.

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Topic: Sports

Film Cast

  • Brent Fencett … TIMOTHY LOFING
  • Jackson Carlson … JAKE BOYCE
  • T.J. Lewis … TAYLOR DEROO
  • Mike Fencett … GREGORY MYHRE
  • Sean O’Sullivan … RODNEY WISEMAN
  • Frank Snelling … SAM KENNY
  • Bucky Potter … TED SWARTZ
  • Butch Kooyer … EVAN KOONS
  • Kevin Bracken … BIG KENNY
  • Judy Bracken … REBECCA ST. JAMES
  • Coach Howell … KEITH HASKE
  • Sheriff McDonald … MARK BOYD
  • Deputy Davis … ANDY RATHBURG
  • Jordyn Lewis … TIYANA ESPUET
  • Earl GREG … CULVER
  • Lois Fencett … HOLLY McCLURE
  • Gang Guy 1 … RYAN McDONALD
  • Mike’s Girlfriend … MELISSA BROCK
  • High School Girl 1 … LARA LANDON
  • High School Girl 2 … ELIZABETH SMALLBONE
  • Game Announcer 1 … SCOTT BOSS
  • Game Announcer 2 … MARK KROESCH
  • Dr. Boss TERRY … L. APPS
  • Nurse Sandy … LYNDSI DANWELL
  • Dr. Beyer HOWARD … E. BYRNE III
  • Minnesota Girl’s Mother … JUDY JAMES
  • Minnesota Girl’s Father … TERRY STARR
  • Minnesota Girl … SAMANTHA MATTHEWS
  • Dr. Evans RONALD … J. KOONTZ II
  • Fresh Air Aviation Pilot … KEITH S. TEAGUE
  • Sean’s Bodyguard … SHAWN KAMERMAN
  • Referee … DAN ULRICH
  • Mrs. Sanchez … APRIL FISHER
  • Maria Sanchez … MARIA JOSE LOPEZ
  • Mr. Sanchez … LARRY R. FISHER
  • Sanchez Daughter … LARISSA FISHER
  • Jackson’s Mom … SHARI BONAR
  • Waitress … CANDACE KOOLE
  • Young Brent … MICHAEL NESBERG
  • Young Jed … JOSHUA CARLSON
  • Young Jackson … JOE McCRANEY
  • Newspaper Reporter … ROGER NESBURG
  • Worship Band Keyboard … DWIGHT BEAL
  • Worship Band Guitar … JOHN GROOTERS
  • Worship Band Drums … DANNY REYES
  • Worship Band Bass … DAN MAAT
  • Funeral Singers … LYN WALKER

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Destiny Image Films Representative:
Phone: (717) 530-2132 Fax: (717) 532-9291
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

The Frontier Boys, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Brad Doll says
    30 January 11, 2:43am

    Went to the premiere of this film shot entirely in Michigan and loved every second of it! Hearty congrats to John and Judy Grooters, Dick Rolfe, Doug Pearson, and all of the other talented individuals who helped make this powerful and moving film.

  2. nicollete franz says
    13 March 12, 7:27pm

    May you produce a lot of inspiring movies that we can learn and add lesson that can be our guide in our quest of life in this world.
    From this movie i learn how to persevere,developed my courage and how to be a good companion to others. Congratulation! GOD BLESS the works of your hand.

  3. Waldenir says
    09 September 12, 12:19am

    Amazing this film… congratulations a Grooters Productions!

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