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The Gathering

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CFDb Review:

Jesus is coming back soon.  Imagine having a vision of what was to come…

Film Synopsis:

Jesus is coming…Is He coming for you?

Michael Carey’s world turns upside-down when the successful marketing executive catches a glimpse of the near future. These visions could not come at a worse time for his marriage, his job or his friendships. Michael struggles to understand the meaning of the messages and must convince his loved ones that Jesus will soon return. Who will listen before it’s too late? Who will heed the warning? State of the art special effects captures the drama of the Rapture in this ultimate End Times story.

This spectacular movie will have you and those you love asking whether you are ready for Christ’s return.

  • Daniel Kruse … Michael
  • Lori Staley … Lisa
  • Julie Jenny … Alex Mathews
  • Joseph Marcus … Dustun
  • Bob Lauro … Pierce
  • Kera O’Bryon … Amy
  • Gary Payne … Gordon
  • Jay Ribson … Bob
  • Dan Vollmer … Doug (as Dan Volmer)
  • Rachel Hodges … Student
  • David Thew … Future Student
  • David Partie … Rabbi
  • David Lowe … Captain Lang
  • Robert Seymone … Bible Study Leader
  • Garrett Chester … Dr. Jones
  • Don Brooks … Christian Advocate
  • Gayre Kelly … Dean Simpson
  • Elizebeth Sublett … Cashier #1
  • Dennis Sublett … Person Checking Cashier out #1
  • Shannon White … Cashier #2
  • Frank Ludwig … Person Checking Cashier out #2
  • Chris White … Future Police #1
  • Dave Cummings … Future Police #2
  • Todd McDowell … Doctor (as Dr. Todd McDowell)
  • Eleanor Cassler … Underground Bible Study
  • Steve Joyner … Underground Bible Study
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The Gathering, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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