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The Great Commandment

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Film Synopsis:

All of Judea is groaning under Emperor Tiberius and the outrageous taxes that the merciless Roman tetrarch Herod and governor Pontius Pilate are subjecting them to. In a small village near Jerusalem, the fanatic Zealots study their scrolls and predict the coming of a King from the lineage of David, who will save the Jewish nation from the yoke of Roman oppression.

However, when news comes from afar that Jesus, the son of a Nazarene carpenter, is being proclaimed the awaited Messiah, the Zealots ridicule the notion. “Can any good come out of Nazareth?” asks head scribe Lamech (Maurice Moscovich) . The Zealots want a fighting leader, and none more so than young and headstrong Joel (John Beal) who also happens to love the beautiful Tamar (Marjorie Cooley) and hopes to marry her. His father Lamech, however, has other plans and arranges a marriage between Tamar and Joel’s brother Zadok (Warren McCollum) .

When the Roman centurion Longinus (Albert Dekker) arrives in the village on the eve of the holy Sabbath to collect the tax, a few of the poorer one attempt to escape and are captured. A disillusioned Joel decides to go to seek the man Jesus and find out for himself if Israel has now got a king. Following her heart, Tamar wants to follow him – but Joel is thinking of greater issues than his own happiness now. He seeks the freedom of his nation.

  • John Beal ~~~ Joel
  • Maurice Moscovich ~~~ Lamech
  • Albert Dekker ~~~ Longinus
  • Marjorie Cooley ~~~ Tamar
  • Lloyd Corrigan ~~~ Jemuel
  • Warren McCollum ~~~ Zadok
  • Ian Wolfe ~~~ Tax collector
  • Olaf Hytten ~~~ Nathan
  • Anthony Marlowe ~~~ Singer
  • Lester Scharff ~~~ First Zealot
  • Marc Lobell ~~~ Judas
  • Harold Minjir ~~~ Andrew
  • Earl Gunn ~~~ Wounded Man
  • Albert Spehr ~~~ Second Zealot
  • George Rosener ~~~ Merchant
Name/Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
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